What is up with our Christian Children?…Parenting Series


I was recently invited to a church social at one of my friends church. The only person I knew there was my friend and she was busy helping with the event. So I found a place to sit and watch the interaction and fellowship of this big and active church group. To my surprise I saw something that just got under my skin. The adults were fellowshipping and talking and the children were running around like they were on a playground. No one was watching them, guiding them, or correcting their behavior. Many were doing things that would be considered dangerous but since they had no adult guidance they continued to do as they pleased. As parents and adults our role is to raise our children in a GODLY WAY. This means that we are suppose to teach them how to behave. As Children of Christ our children are to OBEY THEIR PARENTS. However if the parents are not teaching, guiding and disciplining them properly than the children have no choice but to act according to their basic nature. Ladies the majority of the work is up to us and I’m with you I know just how hard it is. Many of us who have husbands still have to do the majority of the work with bringing up the children and for those of us who are single parents its triple the work. However the bottom line is this we are THE HANDS THAT ROCK THE CRADLE….meaning that its up to us to make sure that the next generation is intact. It’s not the same as it was for some of our mothers who could stay at home and make sure that all of their time was spent on taking care of the family and home. In my day mothers worked but certain ground rules were put in place and you knew what you could do and could not do. Punishment was sometimes harsh and you did not have a say in the matter. Children knew how to behave around adults and accepted their place. You never spoke to adults as your equals or ran around the church as if it was a playground. You were not only disciplined by your own parents but any adult that was around you could put you in your proper place. While I feel that somethings of those days were too harsh…somethings should have been kept. For one- children need structure and discipline….two-proper behavior and reverence in the house of the LORD must be maintained and taught….and three-children are not adults and should not be allowed to speak to any adult as if he/she is their peer. Both the old and new testaments agree that children have only one known responsibility in the family and that is to obey their parents. This is explained well by good old Paul in Ephesians 6:1-3 “CHILDREN, OBEY YOUR PARENTS IN THE LORD; FOR THIS IS RIGHT. HONOUR THY FATHER AND MOTHER; WHICH IS THE FIRST COMMANDMENT WITH PROMISE; THAT IT MAY BE WELL WITH THEE; AND THOU MAYEST LIVE LONG ON THE EARTH”. Now remember ladies in order for our children to do what they are suppose to do then we have to do what we are suppose to and raise them as CHRIST WANTS US TO!!! The next time you are at church just look at the behavior of the children….I pray you don’t see what I seen….but if you do then look at yourself and see what you are and are not doing.

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