The Wife of Noble Character.Pro.31:10-12…Marriage Series

Every Christian wife that could carry her weight in gold has been compared to the noble wife in Proverbs 31. I have read that part of scripture and really many times I have given it a good old college try to become this woman. Failed, failed, and failed again!!!. The good part is that I still keep trying and telling myself that she must be a combination of many women, because nobody is that good. So in our marriage series we will dissect this wonderful lady and see how we can become her (or as close as we can get). In this our first marriage series we will break this woman down in seven parts. Starting with the first three scriptures. From the New International Version it states the following “A WIFE OF NOBLE CHARACTER WHO CAN FIND? SHE IS WORTH FAR MORE THAN RUBIES. HER HUSBAND HAS FULL CONFIDENCE IN HER AND LACKS NOTHING OF VALUE. SHE BRINGS HIM GOOD, NOT HARM, ALL THE DAYS OF HER LIFE.” Proverbs 31:10-12. Let’s begin this in a different way. Looking at the very first verse I decided to look up each word in that sentence and just see really what its saying. Doing that we get the following as taken from Webster’s dictionary:

A= one, each, anyone

Wife= married woman

Of= being or coming from , belonging to, having or containing, concerning, about, during

Noble= highly moral, grand, splendid, person of high rank

Character= moral nature or strength, reputation (moral= of or dealing with right and wrong; virtuous)

Who= what person? which person?

Can= ability, likelihood, permission

Find= come upon; discover, learn, something found, decide

?= inquiry, thing asked, doubt, problem, point being debated, challenge, impossible

The author of Proverbs King Solomon puts the question out there that a wife of noble character is hard to find. While looking up the sentence we see that the noble wife possess many high qualities. He lets any man looking for a wife or any man that has a wife of this standard know that he possess the most expensive item in the world. The very next line states “SHE IS WORTH FAR MORE THAN RUBIES”. When we look up the word ruby it means:deep-red precious stone (with the operative word being precious). Looking at the word precious it means:of great value; beloved; too refined. Notice he didn’t say a wife that physically looks good or has money or has many college degrees. He said a wife of noble character!!! Looking at the word noble the meaning: highly moral, if something is highly its above the norm. The word moral means: of or dealing with right and wrong; virtuous. Looking at virtuous we see moral excellence; good quality; a moral one; chastity. Now lets look at character: moral nature or strength; reputation. What I see over and over that Solomon feels is necessary for a wife is that she is above the norm in her morality. When you walk with GOD learning and studying HIS WAYS you begin to establish relationship with HIM. Once you start LISTENING TO HIM you change from the person you were before. You begin to walk in HIS CHARACTER and your moral outlook changes. Once a man sees you as GOD SEES YOU then he knows then that you are a woman that should be honored and would treat you accordingly. A wife with above moral character will always do the right thing and will teach her children the same. A wife with above moral character will show it in everything that she does and others will come to her husband and let him know what a wonderful woman she is. She maybe physically unattractive but her inward beauty would be so outstanding that she would radiate from the inside out and would appear to be physically beautiful. The world we currently live in has placed morality low on the totem pole. Women are seen as objects of sexual perversion, as the modern day slaves, as babies mamas, as punching bags and worse of all as having no anointing to do ministry other than cook and sell dinners for fundraisers. Its a sad state of affairs when men look at their wives, mothers, or sisters as creatures lower than an animal. The media has us in skimpy clothing showing everything that should be covered. They have us as physically beautiful only if you are a size 2 with large breast and a protruding behind and showing all of that while possessing the intelligence of a flea. A strong woman that is smart, classy and stands up for HER LORD and what is right is seen as another name for a female dog. We as women walk around with low self-esteem because we can’t look like and act like these so called movie stars. But what Solomon is saying to the men and to us you don’t need any of that as long as you have the morality of THE LORD. Being HIS and acting accordingly will make you more precious than anything that we see of value here on this earth. Once you are seen as this wife the next line states that “HER HUSBAND HAS FULL CONFIDENCE IN HER AND LACKS NOTHING OF VALUE.” Her husband sticks out his chest and does not worry about what she would do. He trust her and has confidence in her in every way. Sticking with our definitions lets look at the word confidence. According to Webster’s dictionary confidence means: trust, assurance, self-reliance. There is nothing better than to get up each day and know that you know that your mate can be trusted. That assurance that you don’t have to worry if she will take your money and run, or be with another man, or poison your children’s minds, or tell your family secrets. He lacks nothing of value and will make sure she has all that he can possibly give her because he holds her as the most valuable thing in his world other than GOD. This is the man that looks at you with love as you sleep. This is the man that beams a smile as bright as the sun when you walk into a room. This is the man that other men look at with envy because they too can see what belongs to him. This is the man that is thankful to THE LORD AND LETS HIM KNOW HOW GRATEFUL HE IS THAT GOD HAS BLESSED HIM WITH SUCH A RARE GEM!!! This is the man that after many years of marriage gets excited to come home to his wife everyday. This is the man that still calls his wife on the phone really to talk about nothing because he wants to hear her voice. This is the man that holds her in his arms and cuddles her in a way that shows she is so delicate he does not want to break her. This is a man that would fight the world on her behalf and would not allow anyone to touch her or speak to her in a way that would hurt her. This man would give his life for her because he is aware of what he has been blessed with. Moving to the next line and the last one of this study. It says “SHE BRINGS HIM GOOD, NOT HARM, ALL THE DAYS OF HER LIFE.” That says it in a nutshell!!! She being a woman of great moral character brings nothing but good all the days of her life. She would never harm him and when she has to speak about something that she sees as wrong its for his good not to hurt or harm him. This does not mean that she will walk around in a dream world and nothing ever happens. This also does not mean that the couple may have some differences. What this means is that whatever she does its for his good and the good of her household. That if she makes a mistake she will be able to take his correction without feeling wounded or see it as a personal attack. Because of who she is she would know that he loves her and that he too would only want the good for the whole of their relationship. There will be problems but because of her strong sense of right and wrong she will know how to take it and make it work for the good of the family. Ladies of GOD for the most part I feel the majority of us as wives have mastered these first three verses of this scripture. If not we are actively working on them. You will know by the way your husband treats you when you have received an A+ on this part of your assignment. Even I have gotten this far. These first three verses of this part of the scripture are based on  a women with her whole life centered around a reverent fear of GOD. A woman with compassion for those in need and a faithfulness and love toward her family. If that is the only part of this wife of noble character that we can acheive in our life time then we have obtained the best part of the entire Proverb 31 woman. But come on really don’t we want it all??? We will continue next month with the second part of this marriage series of the wife of noble character. As always in your personal time with THE LORD meditate on these first three verses of our scripture lesson and ask HIM how you are doing. Ask HIM to show your strengths and faults and how you can with HIS HELP correct them. Start showing your husband each day the valuable gem that he has been blessed with and before you know it he will be beaming like the sun whenever you are near him. He will let you know that you are the rarest and most valuable find in all the world. Continue to pray each day over your husband, yourself and your children. Pray over your marriage and then thank THE LORD DAILY FOR WHAT HE HAS GIVEN YOU. Leave a comment or ask a question our role is to help build each other. As our leader of our Christian Women’s bookclub stated…WOMEN SHARPENING WOMEN!!!

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