THE WIFE OF NOBLE CHARACTER…PRO. 31:16-18 Marriage series


By the works of our Proverbs woman we can discern that her family’s social position is high. She is a very smart and intelligent lady. Looking at our next three verses in our marriage series we observe that this lady makes a plan to improve the status of her family’s income and acts on it. The first thing we notice by looking at verse 16 is that she has her own earnings. “SHE CONSIDERS A FIELD AND BUYS IT; OUT OF HER EARNINGS SHE PLANTS A VINEYARD.” From the previous verses we noted that she earned a living by making things with her hands. Now we see that she takes those earnings and sets about making them work more for her family. She looks at real estate and considers what can be done on it and then she buys it. She doesn’t go to her husband and ask for money, she has what she has made and takes what she has with the gifts that GOD has placed in her head and uses them to improve the finacial status of the entire family. Ladies I’m not saying run out and buy real estate. What I’m saying is if GOD has a business venture in your heart then do your homework, get your monies right and speak your thoughts to your husband. Stay in prayer and do what The LORD has instructed you to do. Even if you fail at first go back to the drawing board, rework the venture and keep on going. In the long run it will benefit you and your family and GOD will get the glory. The second thing I see is that this great women is  physically fit. Verse 17 ” SHE SETS ABOUT HER WORK VIGOROUSLY; HER ARMS ARE STRONG FOR HER TASKS.” This lady makes up her mind then she starts her work with enthusiasium. She works hard but she knows that she has already maintained her body to do what she needs to do. What I see is that not only does she take care of her family she first takes care of herself. She knows that she has to put out a lot of energy to do the business she has in her heart and that it will take a toll on her body if she is weak. This woman helps us look at ourselves in the sense that we need to make time for ourselves. I was a victim of this for many years. I put everybody before myself. I felt that as long as my husband and children were taken care of I didn’t matter. It took me laying flat on my back to see how quickly my household fell apart. Each of my children and my husband came to me and vowed that they would help me take better care of myself. They stated that I was the heart of the household and if I was not there the family would fall apart. I recovered with faith and rest, however I learned something I had to be my own best friend. I had to put myself first and do what was necessary to keep my health intact. You will not be able to do what GOD has called you to do to benefit your family if your arms are not strong enough for the tasks. We must make time to take care of our spiritual, mental, and physical health. Now I’m still attempting to get the physical  where it should be but I’m getting stronger and stronger and its paying off. Our LORD put what seems like a lot on us but HE knows that HE HAS EQUIPPED US FOR THE TASKS THAT HE HAS CHOSEN FOR EACH OF US TO DO. Third this lady of noble character in verse 18 evaluates what she has set in motion and sees that she has made the right choices and that they are  making a profit. “SHE SEES THAT HER TRADING IS PROFITABLE, AND HER LAMP DOES NOT GO OUT AT NIGHT.” Since she has brought in large sums of extra money the family does not have to worry about their bills. She always has the lights on in other words. These three verses are so inspiring to me because over the years of our marriage I was always creating business ventures that most times helped the family and then there were some that didn’t do that well. When we ran into bumps along the way JESUS guided me in directions and created job opportunities that I could get to aid my husband. You see I called him the rock. His income was always so steady. However mine could change as we needed and how I worked. WE worked as a team. When I needed to help more I worked more and he helped with the children, then when I didn’t have to I slowed down and just manged the home. I would always come up with ways to make us more independent. Then as we became closer to JESUS and decided to do HIS WILL our family became more stable. In these three scriptures as we make it our goal to become this wife of noble character I see that from these three we learn the following:

1. We have to be good stewards of the monies that the LORD has given us. We need to look for ways to invest what we have earned so that we can help the whole family. We have to seek GOD for his directions. If he has placed a business or investment or ministry in your heart then start your work and set your goals. Only listen to what GOD has to say to you. Many will try and discourage you and make you seem as if you have not heard from GOD but don’t let them lead you astray. As you do HIS WILL HE WILL SHOW YOU JUST WHAT YOU NEED TO DO.

2. Take care of yourself so that you will be able to do the task that you have been given. Be your own best friend. Start an exercise program, eat healthy, give your self time alone to relax, and most of all spend time with the LORD. Meditate on the WORD OF GOD DAILY. Sit before the KING OF GLORY GETTING YOUR DAILY DIRECTIONS. Then go out with enthusiasm and vigor setting about doing your task knowing that you are strong in all areas to do what has been given to you to do.

3. Evaluate often what you have put in motion and see if what you have been doing is making a profit. Not just financially but in always. This way what you have been doing will not pull resources and funds from your home base. Your goal is to improve the home and add to your family. You should also make sure that what you do GIVES GOD THE GLORY.

As wives we must remember that we are not super sheros. We think that we have to do it all. We think that we have to be the martyrs and give our lives for our family’s. That’s not the way that GOD PLANNED IT. HE WANTED MAN TO HAVE A MATE THAT WAS SUITABLE FOR HIM. HE KNEW THAT IT WAS NOT GOOD FOR MAN TO BE ALONE. Man’s wife was created to be a helpmate. That does not mean that as wives we forget that we are people too. We must do what we have to do for our husband and children and we must seek out GOD FOR OURSELVES. As we learn more about the wife of noble character and strive to become more like her we will find out that we will fulfill the plan of GOD for our own lives. As always sit with this word and ask LORD JESUS WHAT HE WANTS OF YOU. If you have a goal on your heart then do what the Nike commercials tells us  “JUST DO IT!!!” But don’t just do it….DO IT GOD’S WAY!!! As always leave your comments or questions we welcome them.

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