The Wife of Noble Character…Pro. 31:13-15 Marriage Series


We are back again looking at our marvelous woman of noble character. Moving right along we will look at the next three verses. Taking verse 13 “she selects wool and flax and works with eager hands”. As I was preparing for this verse I thought to myself that this was not something that a modern woman needed to focus on. Really none of us makes clothing for their family. So I really was thinking about skipping these next three verses. However as I was looking at that verse I began to see myself as this woman in today’s terms. Many people look at the clothing that our teens and youth are wearing and will make a negative comment. I have done it myself. I think to myself how in the world could she/he come out of the house looking like that??? A noble wife in this era may or may not make her families clothing but she should have a say in what they wear and how they should look. Where the children are concern she should be able to know the stores to get the best quality for their money. She should make sure the children (and yes teens are children) are dressed in the best of taste. Since she is a woman of noble character she would consider their likes and taste for their age and peer group but it should be understood that she has the last say so in how they should appear. Likewise she is essential in how her husband should present himself to the world for his best intrest. She is needed there to encourage and guide and just to add the finishing touches. It is said that most woman like to shop (which is true!!!) and since this is something that we tend to do well we also know a good bargain when we see it. We do shop with eager hands. Verse 14 states “SHE IS LIKE THE MERCHANT SHIPS, BRINGING HER FOOD FROM A FAR.” now in this day and times we don’t have to set sail and go to the orient in search of good food. What she does do is do her research on good nutrition. She shops for quality products that will keep her family healthy and she knows how to cook them to bring out the best in taste. She makes sure that her budget allows for the best for her family. She knows that preventive care will keep her family healthy. She pays attention to what GOD has to say about our nutrition and prays over all things that goes into her families bodies. Our last verse for this segment states “SHE GETS UP WHILE IT IS STILL DARK; SHE PROVIDES FOOD FOR HER FAMILY AND PORTIONS FOR HER SERVANT GIRLS.” This woman gets up early to get her day started. What I see with this is that she takes the time out first thing in the morning to spend time to plan her day and make sure her entire household is provided for. What I personally think is that this noble lady gets up early while her household is still asleep, while the world is resting and gives quality time to her LORD. I learned years ago that it was better to start my day praying. I could never get it in during the day and by the time I got home after work it was time to do my next job which was taking care of my husband and children. I realized that I didn’t have time to sit at the feet of CHRIST, that my day would not go well and I could not focus and do the best for my family if I did not take the time to be with our SAVIOR. I’m not the type of person that likes to get up early in the morning. It took prayer and direction from GOD that showed me the best time ever to spend time with HIM was first thing in the morning. Waking early while its still dark and quiet in the world allows you time to talk to HIM and for HIM TO TALK TO YOU. You have a sense of direction for your day and how you should proceed to take care of your family. These three passages I use to think were not the most important parts of the Proverbs 31 woman. I felt that they were nice but out dated and really just put here to give fluff to this passage. Many people have the mistaken idea that the ideal woman in the bible is retiring, servile, and entirely domestic. When I read these three verses I thought the same thing. Just reading them at face value you see a woman who’s sole purpose for living is to make clothing and cook food. While these things are very important what I now see is that this woman of noble character is capable of doing the everyday in such a way that she’s not stressed out. She has a plan given to her by GOD and she follows it. She places priority to her family and still she has time for herself. In order to do these things she makes a plan, however before implementing it she wakes early and sits at the feet of GOD and obtains direction for the rest of her day. It also shows me that this woman takes each day as it comes. She has a plan but makes sure each day she gets up to assure that she has the best for her family. This noble woman with her strong moral character, has great wisdom, possesses many skills and has great compassion. The greatest strength of all is her diligent reverence for GOD. As we dissect this great lady we see that at this point we are closer to her than we think. Our focus today should be just like hers CHRIST FIRST, FAMILY NEXT, AND THEN OUR COMMITMENT TO THE WORLD. So ladies lets hang in there!!! We are going to be the best wives of noble character because we are not going to give up until we become with GOD’S HELP GUIDANCE AND DIRECTION that Proverbs 31 wife!!!


Stay tuned to the next edition of the wife of noble character. As always read these scriptures for yourself and seek OUR LORD on his direction for your life. We always welcome your comments, opinions, questions and even criticism. We want to study and become the wife that GOD CREATED IN THE GARDEN. We are not trying to do something that we can’t do. GOD NEVER GAVE US DIRECTIONS THAT WE COULD NOT ACHIEVE WITH HIS ASSISTANCE. That is the key we need HIM as the leader of our marriage. HE never said it would be easy but HE SAID THAT HE WOULD ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR US!!!

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