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God and Social Media The New Frontier

Who has not heard of Facebook or Twitter. They are the leaders in the ever-present social media. Now people of all ages, races, and walks of life are constantly checking their friendship on those medias. As a vintage lady even I can boast that I have over 600 friends on Facebook and Twitter and can’t really say how I have been blessed with so many virtual friends. So what’s the point of this blog post….simply this what I have found is that God has taken this form of fellowship as his own. Now more and more saints of God have found each other and are preaching, declaring, encouraging, mentoring or just simply talking about His Word and Ways. I look at it as Christ’s new marketplace. When we read the Gospels we find that Jesus was always in the marketplace teaching and serving the people there. Many of the leaders of His day felt that He was not doing what a Leader should be doing. He was claiming to be sent by God Almighty yet he was right there with the common people. Here again we find that Lord Jesus showed us that He came here just for us. During this season of our lives Lord Jesus is again in the marketplace of our lives. He wants us to spend time with him and allow us to fellowship with each other where we don’t have to physically be there or know the person in the flesh. All we know is that we love our Lord and want to let others know more about Him. So I say HALLELUJAH AND THANK YOU LORD. Again what satan may have attempted to corrupt for himself YOU TURNED IT AROUND FOR OUR SALVATION AND OUR HEAVENLY FATHER’S GLORY. So when you take the time out to visit your Facebook family or your Twitter family or both don’t forget to BRING LORD JESUS ALONG WITH YOU.


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