Lately I have to admit I have been watching a show on HBO called True Blood. At the same time I have been reading a four book series known as Twilight. Now why am I telling you about these two fictional issues you ask??? As always good question!!! The thing is both are suppose to be love stories. So since I’m writing about love I felt I should speak on these love stories that are so popular at this present time. Now what the two have in common other than the fact that they are suppose to be tales of love is that both are about vampires….yes vampires. Never thought in my wildest fantacies that I would be seeing that people would romantices about loving and belonging to a evil creature of the night. True blood takes place in a small town in New Orleans. Vampires are coming out of the closet (no pun intended) and letting the world know that they exsist. They are immortal and have super skills and ablities. Not only that it has been found by many of the people that associate with the vampires that if their blood is ingested by a human that the person who takes it becomes strong and has a beautiful trip just like taking LSD. Not only that their blood is addictive. The reason the vampires can let the world know that they exsist is because somewhere they have invented a synthetic blood known as true blood and so if the vampire takes this true blood he/she does not have to kill humans to live. Most of the women start falling for the vampires because they are suppose to be such good lovers and can make a women feel loved. The main character who was a virgin saving herself for the right person falls in love with the vampire and gives herself to him. Likewise in the Twilight series again we have a virgin teenage girl who falls in love with a teenage vampire who is really about 90 years old. He is handsome and possesses superhuman abilities. Unlike True Blood these vampires still require human blood but they choose to feed on animals because they have a soul. Why again in the world should I be reading and watching these things and yet blogging about it on a Christian blog site??? First of all its important to see what is being presented to our children and to the world. Second of all both the TV show and the books are done well. Third as females we are always looking for love. The sad part is that now we are being told that the only way to fine a true man is to be with some mystical man that is not alive. Many people are running around taking these productions serious. Not looking for a vampire but looking at evil sources to bring us happieness. Both the TV show and the books focus on the fact that the true life source is in the blood. However its not the blood of humans that will make an evil vile make belive creature of the night a source to be desired and loved. We should not be fanticizing about giving up our lives to live with a dead creature of the night and this is the only way we as women can find love or immortality. For those of us that love CHRIST we know that HIS BLOOD IS OUR SOURCE OF IMMORTALITY….that by his blood we will rein and live forever with HIM. As I watched the show and read the books I thought to myself why is this such a big deal??? It’s just make belive. It’s just something to entertain us….we can’t be serious all the time. Really this is not a big deal so why am I making it such….Now I know why. We are living in a world where there is so much evil that everyone is looking for love and peace. Most can’t turn to the church because we have become so worldly and mean in our behavior that the world does not want to be a part of us. Really to some people we are the only CHRIST they will ever know. For most of the ladies they want to have a true mate. Someone who will put them first and love them unconditionally. At this point and time they can’t find that man in the world and when they turn to the church we look down on them if they come with any baggage or if they don’t then they run into the church wolf. So what do they have left??? …you are right the world of make belive. The beauty of being a woman is the fact that we have a vivid imagination. We see things in our mind’s eye and we attemp to live that way. Many of us read romance novals and attempt to find that person somewhere out there who will ride on that white horse and take us away to live happily ever after. Growing up we had the knights in shining armor to contend with now we have abnormally handsome immortal super vampires who will make us want to give him our life force of blood to keep him with us to show us love. LADIES THIS IS JUST ANOTHER FAIRY STORY..TO KEEP US WANTING SOMETHING THAT’S NOT REAL!!! This is just another trick of satan the very same one that he tricked Eve with in the garden. Do this and you will be just like GOD!!! We can not look to hollywood or the warped imagination of black magic to give us the peace and love we need.  We have to fall in love with JESUS. That’s the only way that we as women will be able to fine true love. It is the SHED BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST THAT IS TRUE!!!….You can’t go looking for some evil source to bring you happiness. Blood is our true life source. It is what keeps us alive. We should never in anyway think or want to drink the blood of any source animal or human. Not even in our imagination. We should not think that something drinking our blood is romantic or loving. There are women reading this story thinking what a man…sorry a dead cold make believe man. These stories are aimed at our teenage young ladies who are at a very tender time in their lives. They act on things to try and see if they are real or not. They become twisted in their belief. They will attempt to experiment with things such as drugs, gothic wear and make-up, even joining so called vampire clubs where they play with each other’s blood. These things are extremely dangerours because true our blood is our life force it also holds deadly diseases that one must be careful  not  to contaminate themselves with. Our true blood is the BLOOD OF CHRIST!!! Its HIS BLOOD THAT WE NEED TO BECOME CONNECTED WITH. Taking communion with your church is a way to stay connected with this life source. Reading about HIM attempting to allow HIM TO GUIDE OUR LIVES WILL ALLOW US TO MEET THE MAN OF OUR DREAMS. GOD has already picked out our mates. We just have to know where to position ourselves to meet him. The only way to know this is by listening to GOD’S WORD. As we do the assigned work that is ours alone to do we will not have time to worry about Mr. Right. As we place our focus on HIM OUR LORD WILL place us in the position that we need to be so HE CAN PLACE HIS CHOICE FOR US IN OUR PATHS. We will be busy doing OUR FATHER’S WORK and look up and there standing before us will be the Adam to our Eve, the Boaz to our Ruth, the Joseph to our Mary. Ladies read whatever you want to….watch whatever you feel you want to see…but remember this is make believe and you should never want a part of evil in any way. JESUS IS OUR ROCK AND OUR FOUNDATION. Turn to HIM and HE will provide the love that you need. As for me I will continue to watch and read what’s out here that might appear innocent but indeed hurt us in the long run. I will report on this and blog on this and teach all who will listen. Part of my job is to see what’s in the world that could harm us and give it to all so that we are not hiding our heads in the sand. Or secretly wanting the subsitutes that the world has to offer us. Not only that we can’t just only watch and read the religious stations and attempt to hide out and not see. Really we are not of this world but we live in this world. We have to first grow strong in CHRIST so that we have the right foundation so we can build our house on the rock. This way whatever comes our way we will be ready. I will continue to look at and read what the LORD leads me to… always looking for HIS TEACHINGS IN EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED TO DO. Am I telling you not to look at True Blood or read Twilight…no not really!!! What I’m saying is that you must know JESUS so that you can see and recognize what you are watching and reading. You must know that you know who HE IS AND WHO YOU ARE IN HIM. YOU MUST NEVER TURN TO HOLLYWOOD’S FANTASY TO FORM WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IN YOUR NEED FOR LOVE. GOD IS LOVE AND ONCE YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH HIM YOU WILL NEVER NEED ANYTHING ELSE. ONCE HE KNOWS YOU ARE READY THEN AS HE DID WITH ADAM HE WILL PRESENT YOU WITH THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. IT IS ALL ABOUT LOVE AND HIS TRUE BLOOD!!!

As always spend time with JESUS so you know what he wants you to do with your life. Remember to put more of HIM IN YOU then what’s offered out here in this world. As ladies we need and want love more than anything. But as ladies we can not get caught up in someone else’s concept of love. We must know who’s love we need first and that is OUR LORD JESUS. Spend time with your pastor and elders. Talk about things with your Titus women. But most of all spend time with LORD JESUS and he will direct you in all of your paths and will give you the understanding to deal with all that’s around you. As always leave a comment or ask a question. We are here and offer all that we have to enlighten you to the truth of GOD. We don’t pretend to have all of the answers but we will offer what has been given to us so that we can become closer to CHRIST. In this New Year determine to come closer with the will and way of OUR LORD…TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!….its all 4hiswill.

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It’s a most wonderful time of the year!!! This is the beginning of a Christmas song that I like to hear sung by Johnny Mathis. Although I like the song what I love most is the reason why this is the most wonderful time of the year….no matter what the world wants to say now the reason is that at this time the entire world stops to acknowledge the BIRTHDAY OF LORD JESUS CHRIST. Some of the stores have informed their employee’s that they are not to say “MERRY CHRISTmas” but they are to tell their clients happy holidays. Again there would not be any holidays if it was not for GOD COMING TO EARTH IN THE FORM OF MAN TO BRING SALVATION TO A DYING WORLD. When my husband and I were raising our children it got to a point where the children forgot who’s birthday it was. They were so busy wanting everything they saw on TV and becoming upset if they could not get the latest must have toy. We looked at the direction they were going in and realized if we didn’t change their focus and place it back on CHRIST they would be lost and so would our someday grandchildren. So we made a rule that they could get four gifts…three they could keep and one would go to a child that would not have anything for CHRISTmas. We also put the day’s focus on JESUS by actually having a birthday party for him with our dinner and setting the table with a place at the head for him. We gave them the example that how would they feel if it was their birthday and everyone except the birthday girl/boy got something? That on their birthday they had to give the gifts and everybody else got a wonderful party. Just how would they feel? Our children to their credit understood and gave lovingly and with joy to others during the holidays. They appreciated what they got and really got into the dinner birthday party and stepped to another level knowing that JESUS was at the table at his own birthday party. Now that they are grown adults and have families of their own they still continue with the focus on CHRIST. We as a family give to each other all year and now at CHRISTmas time we celebrate HIM BY GIVING TO OTHERS. We do give of ourselves during the year but during this wonderful holiday we focus more than ever on others needs and on those that we love in our church and community. JESUS IS LORD AND THE ENTIRE WORLD KNOWS WHO HE IS AND THAT HE STILL LIVES. This is why this holiday is so important. During this time of the year I personally love to read the account of his birth from the book of Luke. Dr. Luke did not walk with Christ as Matthew and John did, and for that matter even Mark. Mark was not a disciple but he was around as a young man during that time and he was able to watch and see for himself. But Dr. Luke was not there at all so he had to interview those who were there. One of the many that he spoke with was Mary herself. When you read his account of the birth you can feel this mother recounting all that happened to her from start to finish. Its so personally and loving. It speaks from a mother’s heart. One of my favorite verses is found in Luke 2:19 “BUT MARY TREASURED UP ALL THESE THINGS AND PONDERED THEM IN HER HEART.” Those of us that are mothers never forget our first pregnancy. There are things that even if we have others that we just can never forget. Mary gave birth to the KING OF GLORY how could she not remember everything that took place? As she pulls it back for Luke to record you just feel all that she felt and saw. Sometimes I just like to read the first three chapters of Luke and see OUR LORD AS ONLY A MOTHER CAN SEE HIM. It makes him more real to me than any other time. During this busy season remember why you are so busy!!! Your family is important but what’s more important then anything is THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!!! Put HIM FIRST!!! Let the world know if they can’t put CHRIST BACK IN CHRISTmas that you won’t spend your money in their stores. Only shop where that business acknowledges WHO HE IS!!!  You will be surprise how things would change when the business community sees that we are not going to tolerate the slight. Take the time to sit down and read the first three chapters of the book of Luke for yourself. Its great!!! Then share the birth chapter with your family and friends when they come together to celebrate this holiday season. Once you put CHRIST on your mas you will find that your life will change for the better in the next year to come. In fact don’t just stop at CHRISTmas include HIM IN YOUR NEW YEAR CELEBRATION AS WELL. BRING IN THE NEW YEAR ON YOUR KNEES AT YOUR LOCAL WATCH NIGHT SERVICE. We have a difficult year coming and our nations needs all the prayers that we can put up. As our core scripture states ” GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST, AND ON EARTH PEACE TO MEN ON WHOM HIS FAVOR RESTS” Luke 2:14 NIV

Spirit of Abba International thank you for being a part of our ministry by blogging with us and attending our mini-retreats. We ask that GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU and that at this time of the year you KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTmas. Bless your family with reading the birth of LORD JESUS as found in Luke 2. As always we welcome your comments and questions. We send love out to each and everyperson that visits our site and their is so much more to come in the new year from us. Please keep watching and participating as we continue on 4hiswill!!!

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CONGRATULATIONS AMERICA!!! We did it!!! We stepped outside of ourselves and returned to the foundations from which this country was founded on. This is the first time in a long time that I can truly say I’M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!! But before I get too carried away I would like to say that I’m glad to be a CHRISTIAN AMERICAN!!! I don’t want to say that I never thought that I would see a black man as president of the United States of America. In my heart I always believed it would be so. I don’t want to say that I could not imagine the first family of this land could not be a family that looked like me!!! You see growing up as a child of the 50’s I got to see my grandfather and his friends go door to door to sign up our people so they could vote. I watched him go down to the  mall to listen to Martin Luther King’s speech “I have a dream”. I saw how excited he got everytime he saw a black person on TV. I watched his tears during the riots, after the deaths of Martin, John, and Bobby. I watched him travel south and march for freedom. I watched him and the other Elders fast and pray for the healing of our land and people. So I knew that he and others like him were planting seeds for the growth of this day and time.  So while I’m happy glad about where we are I know that now is our time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. This man can not do it alone. He is coming into office at the worse time ever in the history of this country. Unlike Abraham Lincoln who had a nation divided by civil war and the issue of slavery on his hands he was not hit with these issues and more not only affecting America but the entire world. He has two wars that we should not be in. He has the worse economy since the great depression. He has racial, sexual, and gender hatred. He has people loosing their jobs, homes, life savings, and unable to pay for their children’s college tuition. We have a large aging group who will not have social security to help them. We have people illegally crossing our boarders taking our jobs and taxing our school systems, and health care services. We have a dependency on foreign oil causing our gasoline prices to soar sky high. We have the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer and the middle class holding up both ends only to crash. Then to top it off we have those who want to KICK GOD OUT THE COUNTRY AND STAND FOR NOTHING!!! In other words he really has a mess on his hands and it will only get worse before it can get better. The only way that he will be able to handle this and clean it up is with GOD ALMIGHTY’S HANDS!!! Now that’s where we come in. Looking at our scripture we see that LORD JESUS is counting on us to do our part. Its time that GOD’S PEOPLE STOP MARCHING AROUND CANAAN AND DO OUR ASSIGNED TASK. We are the only ones that can heal this land, and the good part is that OUR FATHER GOD HAS TOLD US JUST HOW TO DO IT. Looking at the first part of the scripture”IF MY PEOPLE, WHO ARE CALLED BY MY NAME” stop right there. Just what is the LORD SAYING WITH THOSE FEW WORDS???  Our LORD is calling on HIS PEOPLE. Not the people of the world. HE is very specific on whom HE’S placing the work on. HE WANTS HIS PEOPLE AND IF WE DON’T KNOW WHO WE ARE HE STATES “MY PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLED BY MY NAME”. We are CHRISTians. HIS NAME IS ON US. Anyone that hears that name knows who we are and who we belong to. So HE’S NOT ASKING THE MUSLIMS, BUDDHIST, CONFUCIANS, HINDU’S, OR THE ATHEIST!!! HE SAID MY PEOPLE CALLED BY MY NAME. This to me means Israelites and the CHRISTians. We are the people who’s attention HE’S trying to get. HE WANTS US TO DO SOMETHING. HE’S given us a job to do. HE then gives us four things to do first humble, pray, seek, and turn. “WILL HUMBLE THEMSELVES AND PRAY AND SEEK MY FACE AND AND TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS”. Stop!!! GOD judges HIS PEOPLE during times of moral decline, worldly compromise,and spiritual apathy. GOD’S JUDGMENT during these times is drought (our current economy), barreness (lost of homes, life savings, jobs), and plague (illness, drug epidemic, lawlessness, disobedience towards parents). HE demands that HIS people after experiencing HIS JUDGEMENT  meet these four conditions for revival of spiritual life and restoration of HIS HOLY PURPOSE AND BLESSING.


We as GOD’S PEOPLE must recognize our failures. We must show sorrow for our sin and renew our commitment to do the WILL OF GOD.  In order to humble ourselves before GOD AND HIS WORD we must recognize our own individual spiritual poverty. We must come back to the word and learn what we need to do. We must renew ourselves with his word on a daily bases so we can remain humble before our LORD. Studying and learning HIS WORD will lead us to HIS TRUTH AND WISDOM. With HIS KNOWLEDGE we will be able to follow HIM with an open heart and stand before HIM SEEKING HIS DIRECTIONS. Our humbleness will show our respect of HIM and show the world who we belong to.

2. “PRAY”

Now more than ever GOD’S PEOPLE must cry out desperately to HIM FOR MERCY. We must completely depend on HIM AND HIM ALONE. We must trust HIM FOR HIS INTERVENTION. We must pray earnestly and daily. We must ask HIM TO WATCH OVER AND TAKE CARE OF OUR FIRST FAMILY AND OUR COUNTRY. We must ask HIM to HEAL OUR LAND. Our praying must be sustained until OUR LORD answers from heaven. We will know by the changes that will take place. We must pray that not only the first family but those who are put in office to assist do the righteous thing. We must pray that drugs, lawlessness, and evil of all kinds be held at bay by THE ALMIGHTY. We must push and push until we have achieved the victory. GOD IS LISTENING FROM HEAVEN AND HE IS WAITING FOR THE FLOOD OF HIS PEOPLE TO STORM HEAVEN WITH THE NEED OF AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.


With all our hearts people of GOD must daily diligently turn to HIM. We must long for HIS PRESENCE. We should make a commitment to spend time with HIM seeking and obtaining HIS ANSWERS to our lifes problems. We must come before HIM and just love up on him. Letting him know that we do belong to him and we would rather be with him then anybody else. We must not rush him when we are there. We should wake every morning running to be in his presences and sitting at his feet before we go to bed at night. Just like a child that sits by the window and can’t wait until their parent comes home we should be the same way watching and waiting to SEEK HIS FACE.


As GOD’S PEOPLE we must genuinely repent by turning from specific sins and all forms of idolatry. We must renounce conformity to the world. By drawing near to HIM HE WILL give us HIS mercy, grace, and forgiveness. HE WILL cleanse us from inside out. HE would begin to direct us in the way we should go. We would become more aware of our ways and continue to change and improve.

Once we have met these four conditions GOD GOES ON TO SAY “THEN WILL I HEAR FROM HEAVEN AND WILL FORGIVE THEIR SIN AND WILL HEAL THEIR LAND.” When we do what we have to do first on behalf of the entire country then OUR LORD WILL HEAR AND WILL FORGIVE the sins of our country and will restore and bring about a true revival in America. Nothing will happen until we the church stop being lazy and complacent and do the assignment given us. Really its not that hard. If we are who we say we are its a matter of doing what THUS SAYS THE LORD!!!. We have the bible to guide us and leaders to help us understand but the bottom line is that we have to first do something. That something as we have seen before is humble, pray, seek, and turn. GOD WILL TURN AWAY HIS ANGER from this country and HIS people. HE WILL LISTEN to our desperate crys and be attentive to our prayers. HE WILL KNOW that we trust him and are doing what HE HAS ASKED US TO DO. HE WILL THEN SHOW US THAT OUR COUNTRY WILL BE SAVED BY OUR OBEDIENCE TO HIS WORD AND WILL. The first evidence of revival is that OUR LORD BEGINS TO HEAR US AND THUS ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS FROM HEAVEN. HE THEN BEGINS TO SHOW COMPASSION FOR HIS PEOPLE. Next HE WILL for give us and cleanse us from our sins. HE WILL restore HIS favor, and presence. HE WILL give us HIS peace, truth, righteousness and power. HE WILL ALLOW HIS ANOINTING TO RAIN DOWN UPON US. We will see that by physical healings and blessings. We HIS PEOPLE will receive a greater spiritual awakening that we will give to those who are among the spiritually lost. There will be a revival the likes of which we have never seen before. When we read further in verse 15 it says:”NOW MY EYES WILL BE OPEN AND MY EARS ATTENTIVE TO THE PRAYERS OFFERED IN THIS PLACE”. OUR LORD IS WAITING for us to do our part so that he can bless us. HE WANTS to heal this country because this country was founded on HIM. We can not allow the enemy to kick GOD OUT OF AMERICA. We can no longer sit back and have those who don’t LOVE THE LORD dictate to us how we are going to live. We sat back and allowed them to kick GOD OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS and the children and this country began to go down hill from that point. Our new president is bringing a new look and feel to our present conditions. Its time that we stop sitting around singing about power and use the power given to us by CHRIST’S VICTORY ON THE CROSS!!!. We look weak and this country needs true strength based on the entire word not just parts that some of our christian leaders want to throw out at us so we could vote the way they wanted us to. SIN IS SIN WITH GOD!!! HE DOES NOT SAY THAT THIS SIN IS OKAY BUT THIS ONE IS TOO BAD!!! We must open our eyes and think for ourselves. The only way that we will do this is by sitting at the feet of THE ALMIGHTY AND BEING OBEDIENT TO HIS ENTIRE WORD. So listen up GOD’S PEOPLE now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of our country. We have to make an all out effort to diligently humble, pray, seek, and turn as we have been instructed to do. Come on CHRISTians…we know what to do…. NOW LET’S JUST DO IT!!!

We as Americans have a lot to be thankful for. Let’s start doing the will of GOD. With this new change in our country now is the time. As always re-read this scripture and seek the LORD for yourself. Vow to be an active part of change for our first family, our country and as THE PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLED BY HIS NAME. We always want to hear from you so leave your comments, concerns, or questions. Lets remember who we are and the power that we have. Continue to fellowship with us and please tell others about our blog.

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Doubting the Character of GOD…….Bible Study Series


There is so much going on in the country and world today it gets to a place that you just don’t want to listen to the news. You try to live as GOD WANTS YOU TO and it seems like the unbelievers are getting more of the benefits. They appear to be doing well and work less. They are getting all of the money and then when they mess up we are bailing them out. To top it off when we bail them out then they go and spend over $400,000.00 of our money and go and have a spa weekend with golf and we don’t have 400,000 pennies. With the economy being so bad and people loosing their homes, jobs, retirement and life’s savings it makes you wonder if its really  worth it to be a Christian. I do understand what you are feeling and can relate. However all that glitters is not gold and we have so much more. The beauty of it all is that when we find ourselves in these types of situations we can always turn to THE WORD OF GOD AND HE WILL HAVE THE ANSWER WE NEED. It has been said that there is nothing going on now that hasn’t been done already. If you live long enough you will see the same things over and over again. Prime example is clothing. The styles that I grew up with are now the latest designers must haves. Many times my own daughter will say “Mom why didn’t you keep that dress, sweater, or shoes?” My answer would be “I never thought I’d see that outfit again ever!!!” So with this bible study we see a time that reflects much of what we are seeing today. When the prophet Malachi wrote it was during the time when the post-exilic Jews in Palestine were again experiencing adversity and spiritual decline. The people had become cynical and were doubting GOD’S love and promises. They were questioning his justice and disbelieving  that there was any profit in obeying his commands. Because of this their faith began to dim. As their faith dimmed it caused them to become mechanical and insensitive in their worship observances, indifferent to the law’s requirements and guilty of all kinds of sins against the covenant. At that time not only the people but the priests had become corrupt and people were not giving their tithes and offerings. They were breaking their laws where marriage was concerned and the men were divorcing their Hebrew wives to marry pagan women. It appeared to them that they were better off not serving GOD in the way that he commanded. From what they could see those who were not of GOD lived better and had more. This was not the golden age of the Jews and they didn’t have the wealth that would come later. They begin to doubt GOD’S CHARACTER. As far as we know Malachi’s message was proclaimed sometime between 430-420 b.c. However this sounds like what’s happening today in 2008!!! But as always I’m getting ahead of myself. Looking at the above scripture, I personally like the way the New International Version says it “YOU HAVE SAID HARSH THINGS AGAINST ME, SAYS THE LORD. YET YOU ASK, WHAT HAVE WE SAID AGAINST YOU? YOU HAVE SAID, IT IS FUTILE TO SERVE GOD. WHAT DID WE GAIN BY CARRYING OUT HIS REQUIREMENTS AND GOING ABOUT LIKE MOURNERS BEFORE THE LORD ALMIGHTY? BUT NOW WE CALL THE ARROGANT BLESSED. CERTAINLY THE EVILDOERS PROSPER, AND EVEN THOSE WHO CHALLENGE GOD ESCAPE.”  The majority of the people felt like this. What is the point they said to serve when they were not seeing the material benefits. Why couldn’t they have the younger prettier pagan wives??? Why couldn’t they keep the tithe and offerings after all they needed it more than GOD, HE WAS SUPPOSE TO ALREADY OWN EVERYTHING ANYWAY??? And then really….just look at the priests who were suppose to be the spiritual leaders!!! The priests had corrupted the ministry to which GOD had called them into. These very priests no longer revered the NAME OF GOD. They no longed feared HIM in other words they had lost respect for HIM. They failed to proclaim HIS word or to live a good and righteous life. They showed partiality to the rich and influential, allowing them to continue in their unjust and sinful ways. Instead of confronting them with GOD’S WORD OF WARNING. The priests were chosen from the tribe of Levi. GOD ALMIGHTY used Levi and his faithful descendants as examples of what ministers should be. They must show love and respect for GOD. They must live honestly and righteously. They must preach the truth of GOD with power and conviction. Then they must live in such a way that their lives are examples and their words would turn many from sin. These priests were doing the opposite. They embraced the corrupt and welcomed the dishonest. They loved those with money and rebuked those who were attempting to serve the LORD in the right way. They didn’t care that the people were robbing GOD. The more they robbed GOD the more money kick-backs they got. Wait are we still talking about 430b.c. or 2008??? Again nothing new under the sun!!! We are seeing the very same things. Our leaders both religious and political are cozing up with the rich and putting the little guys down. If you are not one of the big tithers in your church you will be ignored. We tolerated those who hate the LORD to put prayer out of our schools. We tolerated same-sex marriages and unions. We tolerated big business giving people homes they knew they couldn’t afford and watched hard working people loose everything they had worked for. We watched a president send our sons and daugters to die in a war that was not our fight but to look the other way and not go after the people who killed our people in 911. We tolerated a political party to steal the white house with corrupt votes. We even see our country go back to bigotry and hatred because a black man is running for a chance to live in the white house. Oh but I’m not done yet. We are seeing that the very words on our money and the reason that this country was founded is being challaged and the evil ones want to take GOD OFF OF EVERYTHING. And we wonder why things are going so horribly wrong??? Like the people during Malachi’s time the people were doubting that GOD really loved them. We too are wondering the very same thing. After seeing all this disastrous things going on there are those who are accusing GOD OF BEING UNFAITHFUL TO HIS COVENANT PROMISES. There are many of his church leaders who like the priests during Malachi’s time are showing contempt for GOD by offering him their least instead of their best. As leaders of Christ’ church we should be a living sacrifice to him. We should choose the choice time of the day for prayer and bible study. Not when we are too tired to do anything else. The priest were bringing the crippled or diseased animals to GOD as a offering, this was against GOD’s LAWS. HE told them to bring the first fruits the best. Just like today we put him last. We get stuck in religion instead of relationship. We don’t tithe with our money or our time, and when we do its just busy work and we want to be rewarded for giving what belongs to GOD. They kept their tenth of their earnings and did not give to GOD AS THEY SHOULD basicly they robbed HIM. OUR LORD ALWAYS PROVIDES FOR THOSE THAT LOVE HIM. HE STATES in verse 10 “BRING THE WHOLE TITHE INTO THE STOREHOUSE, THAT THERE MAY BE FOOD IN MY HOUSE. TEST ME IN THIS, SAYS THE LORD ALMIGHTY, AND SEE IF I WILL NOT THROW OPEN THE FLOODGATES OF HEAVEN AND POUR OUT SO MUCH BLESSING THAT YOU WILL NOT HAVE ROOM ENOUGH FOR IT.” Bottom line then and now if we would repent, and return to GOD, and, as a sign of our repentance, begin to support GOD’S work with our tithes and offerings we would be abundantly blessed. In times like this we must turn with all our hearts to HIM. We must take the money that we do have and bless HIS house. HE said if we don’t believe him to just try and prove HIM. Its almost like when you were a child and someone said I dare you. OUR LORD IS SAYING DON’T DOUBT ME OR MY CHARACTER. PROVE ME FOR I AM GOD ALMIGHTY AND I DON’T LIE. WHAT I HAVE SAID IS ALREADY DONE!!! Now look at verse 16-18 ” THEN THOSE WHO FEARED THE LORD TALKED WITH EACH OTHER, AND THE LORD LISTENED AND HEARD. A SCROLL OF REMEMBRANCE WAS WRITTEN IN HIS PRESENCE CONCERNING THOSE WHO FEARED THE LORD AND HONORED HIS NAME. THEY WILL BE MINE, SAYS THE LORD ALMIGHTY, IN THE DAY WHEN I MAKE UP MY TREASURED POSSESSION. I WILL SPARE THEM, JUST AS IN COMPASSION A MAN SPARES HIS  SON WHO SERVES HIM. AND YOU WILL AGAIN SEE THE DISTINCTION BETWEEN THE RIGHTEOUS AND THE WICKED, BETWEEN THOSE WHO SERVE GOD AND THOSE WHO DO NOT.” This is the part we need to focus on…there were still a few who honored GOD. In contrast to the majority who were doubting his character. This small group still loved and respected GOD and when they came together they talked among themselves encouraging each other to follow GOD’S WILL. This lets us know how important it is to gather together and encourage one another. It also gives us accountablity one to another. Together we can keep our focus on the things of GOD. That’s not to say that we don’t evangelize, we can’t keep the world out but the more we gather and encourage one another the better we are. This passage assures us that OUR LORD obseves and records our faithfuness to HIM and our love of HIM. There will be a time in heaven when we will have to stand before HIM AND HE WILL REMEMBER OUR DEVOTED COMMITMENT AND TREAT US ACCORDINGLY. THE DAY OF THE LORD IS COMING AND HE WILL BRING DEIVERANCE FOR ALL WHO LOVE AND SERVE HIM. LORD JESUS has already given us salvation. In HIS KINGDOM OUR LORD’S GLORY AND RIGHTEOUSNESS WILL SHINE LIKE THE SUN, BRINGING TO HIS FAITHFUL PEOPLE THE ULTIMATE IN GOODNESS, BLESSING, SALVATION AND HEALING. Everything will be made right, and we will leap for joy. Our LORD JESUS has told us that while here our HEAVENLY FATHER will provide all our needs. So in these hard and bad times, when money is low and everything appears to fall apart set your eyes ON JESUS. You don’t have to know how HE’S going to do it just know that HE WILL AS LONG AS YOU ARE OBEDIENT TO HIS WILL. Malachi’s people doubted GOD’S CHARACTER and as a result GOD DID NOT SPEAK TO ISRAEL FOR 400 YEARS!!!. It wasn’t until John the Baptist came along who is the last known prophet and alerted the people that the Messiah was coming did Israel here from GOD again. After that LORD JESUS came on the scene and we all know how they acted with that. As these times prove to be challenging and sometimes downright frightening don’t worry or be afraid draw closer to JESUS. Pull out your bible, study and meditate on HIS WORD. Talk to HIM. Ask HIM what you need to. HE WILL LEAD YOU IN THE WAY YOU SHOULD GO. Speak to your pastor and elders in your church. If you don’t have a church leave questions for us and we will answer you to the best of our ablity or direct you to where you will be able to get help. These are the times to turn to those who KNOW THE LORD. These people will be able to lift you up with encouragement or directions on how to rest in his peace. I know for sure that this too shall pass. This is not the time to focus on the world. This is not the time to wonder why they appear to have it good when you are following THE LORD AS BEST YOU CAN. Don’t stop doing what GOD HAS ASKED US TO DO!!! Don’t stop living the way he has taught us to. Don’t do like the people of Malachi’s time. We must keep atuned to HIS VOICE and pay attention to HIS WILL. Just wait and see the GLORY OF OUR GOD.

As always we ask you to go back to the word and see what THE LORD IS TELLING YOU ABOUT THIS BIBLE STUDY. Malachi is a short book and we have covered many parts of it. I suggest that you read the entire book. Please let us know if this study has helped you in any way or if you have any questions or comments (good or bad) they are always welcome. Below are some questions you can focus on or answer during your study time.

1. What do you think caused the people in Malachi’s day to distrust GOD?

2. In what ways did the priests show contempt towards GOD?

3. Compare the priest in Malachi’s day to the Pastor’s of our day do you see any similarities?

4. How do you feel about the way the men of Malachi’s day divorced their Hebrew wives for younger/prettier pagan women?

5. Why should we follow GOD’S PLAN during times of trouble?

6. How do you feel about the people robbing GOD of HIS tithes and offerings?

7. When you have financial difficulties do you still pay your tithes and offerings? If so why?

8. Why do you think GOD stopped speaking to Israel via HIS prophets during Malachi’s day?

9. Do you think GOD WILL DO THE SAME THING WITH US today?

10. With the events going on in this country and the world today how would you tell someone about trusting in GOD TO PROVIDE ALL THEIR NEEDS when it appears that they are going to loose their job,home,and life savings?

11. During these days of possible recession examine your current walk with GOD.

12. What does it mean to Fear the LORD?

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LOVING THE SAME MAN…………Bible Study Series


As a Christian woman I never thought I would be writing a blog about loving the same man. This topic seems best for the romance novels. Or for the soap operas that come on everyday. Those stories where you sit glued to the television to see if Marty is going to be with Jill or Sue and now days even Bill…but that’s another story. However there was such a drama as this in the early days of the Israelites. We read this in Genesis where Jacob while living with his uncle Laban falls in love with his youngest daughter Rachel. He works for his uncle without pay for seven years so that he can have Rachel as his wife. When the time comes for him to lie with her after the wedding ceremony he does with joy and wedding bliss. Their custom was to have a huge ceremony and then the couple would be together for seven days and consummate the marriage. The bride arrives in full veil and the groom takes her to the place where they will stay with the veil still on. Also during the celebration there is fun, food and wine…so I’m thinking Jacob was not in the right frame of mind when he took his bride to the wedding chambers.  When Jacob woke up the next morning he woke up to see that he was with Leah and went to her father demanding his rights. Laban informed him that their custom was that the oldest daughter had to marry first before the youngest and if he would complete the seven day ritual and then work another seven years he would give him Rachel. He loved Rachel so much he did just that and when he layed with Rachel he was extremely happy and worked another seven years for her. Now this is where the story gets good. See just like a soap opera!!! Jacob was now with his true love Rachel. He showed it to all. She was his rib. However he still had Leah. Poor Leah she was described as having weak eyes and Rachel was described as being lovely in form and beautiful. (Genesis 29:17). Now what that means to me is that Leah was alright. She was not the beauty in the family and because she was the oldest and Laban knew nobody would work for her he had to get rid of her somehow. I think that when Jacob came there that Leah liked him as well as Rachel. She knew she could never get him and was thrilled when her father made the switch. But the poor baby was never loved by the man that she loved. She would always come in as a reject to her sister for her husband’s love. Being a man Jacob really had the best of both worlds and he indeed layed with her. Then GOD stepped in and blessed Leah because she was not loved by her husband (Genesis 29:31). That’s the part I really liked it says that “WHEN THE LORD SAW THAT LEAH WAS NOT LOVED, HE OPENED HER WOMB, BUT RACHEL WAS BARREN.” GOD blessed her with children and held Rachel back because he knew that Leah needed unconditional love. Leah however didn’t realize that this was GOD’S WAY OF BLESSING HER AND LOVING HER so for the first three sons she named then in honor of her husband so that he could see that she was the one that needed to be honored and loved. However it wasn’t until the birth of the fourth son did she realize that Jacob still didn’t love her no matter how many sons she gave him. You see in those days and in that part of the world having sons was a great honor for a man and the woman that had them. I believe he was proud of being the man with all of these sons but they were from the wrong wife. He wanted the sons by the wife that held his heart. Now I’m getting ahead of myself and I will get to Rachel in a moment. Meanwhile as they say it in the soaps back to Leah. When she had her fourth son she gave GOD THE HONOR AND NOT HER HUSBAND. With this child she said “THIS TIME I WILL PRAISE THE LORD. SO SHE NAMED HIM JUDAH” Genesis 29:35. Then right after his birth it says that she stopped having children. LOOK AT GOD!!! He made her highly blessed and because she praised him with this child it was this tribe that OUR LORD JESUS CAME OUT OF!!! Now back to Rachel. First of all I can’t imagine my sister and I being married to the same man. We would be fighting everyday all day!!! There isn’t a man alive or dead who could put up with the two of us on our best day, heaven for bid on one of our worse!!! So poor Jacob was caught between two upset sisters. It says in Gensis 30:1-8 that Rachel saw that she was not bearing Jacobs children and she became jealous of her sister. She then went to her husband and demanded a child. Jacob told her he was not GOD. So she decided that since she couldn’t have any that she would give him her maidservant to bear her children and thus Jacob layed with her and she ended up having two more sons who were considered Rachel’s. The custom of those days was that your maidservant’s children belonged to the owner. So these children were not the servant’s but Rachel’s. With the first child given to her by her maidservant she said GOD has vindicated me; he has listened to my plea and given me a son. She then said because of this she named him Dan. The next son that her maidservant had Rachel said I have had a great struggle with my sister, and I have won, so she named him Naphtali. Jacob now has two more sons not by his wives because of jealousy. Now if Jacob was hoping for peace he could forget it. When Leah saw that she had stopped having children and then to one up her sister took her maidservant to Jacob and she had a son for Leah. Leah said what good fortune so she named him Gad. Then her maidservant had another son and Leah said how happy I am. The women will call me happy, so she named him Asher. Jacob has eight sons. Four by his wife that he does not love. Two by Rachel’s servant and two by Leah’s and the one he doesn’t love is still ahead of the one he truly loves. Before I go further don’t feel sorry for Jacob still he’s the one having all the fun!!!. But on the other hand he’s still dealing with these two sisters and no matter what the laws said these other ladies are now in the mix. To make matters worse and to appear to Rachel that she was loosing the baby war Leah made a deal with Rachel for some mandrakes. Leah’s oldest son went out to the field and caught some mandrakes and Rachel wanted some. Leah said to her sister in Genesis 30:15 “BUT SHE SAID TO HER, WASN’T IT ENOUGH THAT YOU TOOK AWAY MY HUSBAND? WILL YOU TAKE MY SON’S MANDRAKES TOO?” Rachel said ” VERY WELL, HE CAN SLEEP WITH YOU TO NIGHT IN RETURN FOR YOUR SON’S MANDRAKES.”  You see after Leah stopped having children Jacob did not feel the need to be with her. He loved Rachel and spent his time and his bed with her. The only time he did not do this was when he was given the other two women by his wives. Now for any of the men reading this…for this reason GOD SAID ONE WIFE TO EACH MAN!!!…Okay moving right along….When Jacob got home that night on his way to see the love of his life, his wife whom he didn’t love met up with him and let him know that he had been brought and paid for by her from her sister and he had to stay with her. This he did. And GOD HAD LISTEN TO LEAH’S CRY OF PAIN AND LONELINESS. She was blessed with having her fifth son to the beloved Rachel’s none. Leah then said GOD has rewarded me for giving my maidservant to my husband. Leah got to lay with her husband again and had another son and said GOD has presented me with a precious gift. This time my husband will treat me with honor because I have borne him six sons. Then some time later Leah gave birth to Jacob’s only daughter. Now lets look again at the two. Leah is the unloved by her husband. She is the one that wants the love of a man so bad that she keeps trying to win his true affections. She never gets it from him however, she gets it from GOD. OUR LORD shows her that when man can’t do what is needed for you HE WILL STEP IN AND GIVE YOU LOVE AND HONOR. The only time that she saw this with her heart was when she had her fourth son and gave him to the LORD and this was the son that GOD TRULY HONORED HER WITH, BY ALLOWING OUR LORD JESUS TO COME FROM THAT TRIBE. OUR LION OF JUDAH!!! The ladies because of their jealousy created more children then I think GOD intended and added more ladies then was needed. As for Jacob he was not totally innocent because really he was reaping what he had sowed. You see Laban did him wrong by tricking him with Leah for Rachel and then made him work to get the one he really loved. However remember Jacob had pulled a trick on his brother and stole the birthright from him. You see OUR LORD SAID HE WOULD NOT BE MOCKED. WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN YOU WILL REAP. So these women troubles are directly brought on by things that he had put in place. And lets face it Jacob didn’t really have to keep going to bed with these ladies just because they said so…he was enjoying the benefits of all the physical contact as well. So no I personally don’t feel sorry for him. This study however is not complete until we see about Rachel. She was the beloved. She had the man’s heart and she was the number one wife. Her sister was the first but not the one wanted. She was the wanted one. He worked actually 14 years to get her. He put up with her sister just to be with her. What he wanted most was to have children with her. Really they would have been very happy if it was just the two of them. She would not have given her servant to him if she could have borne him children. She was the pretty one, the most sort after and the one that he loved and spent his time with, but she was the one that GOD DID NOT GIVE CHILDREN. The custom of that day was that if a women could not have children she was a subject of shame and ridicule. Was it her fault that Jacob loved her and not her sister??? Was it her fault that her father tricked her husband into marrying her oldest less attractive sister??? Was it her fault that she was born the youngest??? No none of it was her fault, but she could have been kinder to her sister. Seeing that she did have the man’s heart and that Leah never would have. But if I was in that same situation I’m not sure that I would be so kind either. Why??? Because sister’s talk and Leah knew that she loved Jacob and she should have protested when her father cooked up that trick. After all that was her litttle sister.  Just telling the truth!!!. Rachel was the beloved but she sought the LORD as well. What she wanted most she could not have. And this is what I love most about OUR LORD HE IS SO FAITHFUL TO OUR NEEDS AND WANTS. One sister was not loved or honored so HE SHOWED HER LOVE AND HONORED HER WITH SONS SO ALL COULD COUNT HER BLESSED. The other sister was loved but was disgraced because she could not give her husband a child. Not even a girl child. So she cried out to the LORD AND HE LISTEN TO HER. Genesis 30-22-24 says “THEN GOD REMEMBERED RACHEL; HE LISTENED TO HER AND OPENED HER WOMB. SHE BECAME PREGNANT AND GAVE BIRTH TO A SON AND SAID, GOD HAS TAKEN AWAY MY DISGRACE. SHE NAMED HIM JOSEPH AND SAID, MAY THE LORD ADD TO ME ANOTHER SON.” If you read on we know that THE LORD answered that request as well. Like her sister Rachel’s son Joseph became a mighty man of GOD. But unlike Leah’s sons and daughter and the maidservant’s sons Joseph and his brother were the beloved sons of Jacob. To sum up this bible study we note the following

1. It is very difficult to be married to more than one woman!!!

2. You do reap what you sow.





This concludes our first bible study lesson. Please read the lesson in Genesis 29:14b-35 30:1-24. Listen to what GOD has to say to you about the lesson. Ask him for your own personal word to help you grow. Below are question you can answer or use to further your study:

1. If you were Jacob how would you have reacted to Laban’s deception?

2. Would you have been a husband to both ladies?

3. How would your life be if you and your sister were married to the same man?

4. Why did you think GOD honored Leah by allowing our LORD JESUS to come from the tribe of Judah?

5. Do you think Jacob was fair to love Rachel’s children more than the others?

6. Should Rachel have been kinder to her sister Leah?

7. Should Leah have expected Jacob to love her because of the children?

8. How do you feel about the wives having their maidservants have sex with their husband and produce more children?

9. If you were Rachel would you have married Jacob after the trick that her father played on him?

10. Do you fault Leah for going along with the deception of her father?

We pray that you have learned and are inspired to continue to read the bible and be a part of our blog bible study. As always your comments and questions are welcome. Please let others male and female know about this new way to fellowship with OUR LORD.

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We have made it to the end of this series at last!!! However we have only looked at witchcraft in reference to the flesh, we must now look at witchcraft in the church in the supernatural. The New Testament warns us that witchcraft is going to infiltrate the church (Revelation 2). So as always our LORD gives us warnings and solutions in his word. As true believers its our job to study his word, receive the information and act on it. Sometimes its things that we really don’t want to know about, but as I said before we can not continue to worship as usual its time to change and begin Kingdom building. We must recognize that not all supernatural manifestations come from GOD. A lot of them come from satan. As far as we know there are only two sources of the supernatural available to men: GOD or satan. Any supernatural power that does not come from GOD  does in fact, come from satan. Our FATHER GOD’S KINGDOM IS A KINGDOM OF LIGHT. In HIS KINGDOM, WE ARE AWARE OF WHOSE WE ARE AND WHAT GOD IS DOING BECAUSE IT OCCURS IN THE LIGHT. The illegitimate kingdom of satan is a kingdom of darkness. In that kingdom, we are not aware of what is manipulating us, what is controlling us, what is driving us because we can’t see it. Why you ask??? It occurs in the dark!!! There are three main branches of the supernatural aspect of witchcraft. They are witchcraft, divination, and sorcery. These three cover the whole field of the satanic supernatural. Witchcraft is the power branch. Its product is power, and it operates through such activities as curses and spells. Curses is the single most powerful weapon of the two and its a very old practice. We see it many times in the bible. In Numbers 22 we find the story of Balaam who we might refer to him as a witch doctor. In verse 10 Balaam is actually explaining to GOD the proposition he got from Balak (refer to Numbers 22:10-11). The thing that gets to me is the fact that this was standard practice in the cultures of the bible. It was no big deal for a king who was going into war to seek the assistance of the supernatural to help him win the war. They would simply go and get their witchdoctor to curse their enemy. So in a certain sense ancient warfare was not just a conflict between nations but it was viewed as a test of power between the gods of those nations. The second branch is divination or fortunetelling. Divination is the knowledge branch of witchcraft. The product is not power but knowledge. Believe it or not it was this branch that led man into sin. This is what Paul and Silas encounter when they first arrived to preach the gospel in Philippi (refer to the story in Acts 16:16-17). Paul was no longer dealing with just satan’s kingdom on the natural,physical plane but consequently satan’s kingdom in the heavenlies. The third branch is sorcery. Sorcery operates through objects such as potions or charms.  This basically would include anything that is called lucky, such as a horseshoe, a rabbit’s foot and all things that people carry to bring them luck. Sorcery also operates through love potions which is very common. Believe it or not sorcery also operates through drugs. The Greek word for sorcery is directly formed from the Greek word for a drug. We see an entire generation affected by drugs today and this culture is a clear example of sorcery at work. Looking at our scripture we see that sorcery goes with sexual immorality and violence. Just looking at what’s going on in America today is a direct result of sorcery. We have extreme violence, sexual immorality and drug addictions of all kinds. The sad part is that all of this and more is in our churches to a point that we look just like the world or worse. Witchcraft in the church puts the carnal over the Spiritual. In old Testament terms this is like putting Ishmael over Isaac. Anything that we do of our own initiative that is not initiated by GOD through the HOLY SPIRIT will be an Ishmael. Our LORD JESUS never did anything by HIS own initiative. HE SAID IN JOHN 5:19 “THE SON CAN DO NOTHING OF HIMSELF, BUT WHAT HE SEES THE FATHER DO”. The moment we try to do something that isn’t started and initiated by GOD, we are going to produce an Ishmael. We are still dealing with this problem today from the choices that Abraham created and the supernatural world keeps problems coming between the seeds of Abraham as we see in the Middle East. Witchcraft produces theology and sets it over the revelation that has been given to us by GOD. This is one of the major problems of the church. Most of our problems in the church result from exalting human thinking above divine revelation. This is found in our churches and sadly also in many of our seminaries. Witchcraft in our church exalts education above discipling. Becoming a student in many of today’s bible colleges or seminaries we would receive a whole lot of head knowledge. For three or four years receiving this type of knowledge would just allow us to be puffed up thinking more of ourselves then of CHRIST. Our LORD didn’t do that. What he did was allow his disciples to follow behind HIM and serve. HE knew that the combination of teaching, training and serving was the only way to safeguard against giving people knowledge that would puff them up above the MOST HIGH GOD. Witchcraft exalts psychology above discernment. Basically what it does is place psychological treatment over a legitimate word of GODLY knowledge. A good example of this is when JESUS was speaking with the women at the well. He told her certain truths about herself that only she would know. She knew that HE spoke a word of knowledge. In other words a word of knowledge eliminates a whole lot of psychology. Witchcraft exalts reasoning above the walk of faith. Our GOD leads us step-by step in a walk of faith. HE does not lead us by reasoning. HE does not tell us the whole plan of where we are going, just as he did Abraham. Nor does HE tell us whats going to happen. What HE does do is simply say THIS IS YOUR NEXT MOVE…and as we walk in faith we have the supernatural attestation of the HOLY SPIRIT with us. However witchcraft exalts reasoning thus allowing us to rely on our own self and all we receive is what reason can produce. Last but not least witchcraft exalts legalism above love. Haven’t you ever noticed that most legalistic, religious people are very unloving. We try to stay away from them. They come up with all of these unrealistic rules and are very critical of others who can’t keep them. What they don’t seem to realize is that what really  matters most is faith working through love. Not the theological kind of faith nor a faith that majors on doctrinal hairsplitting. It is a JESUS KIND OF FAITH THAT OPERATES THROUGH LOVE. This entire mini series of the true nature of witchcraft allows us to open up our eyes which have been blinded by  our enemy satan. It is satan’s diabolical strategy to obscure JESUS’ CRUCIFIXION. Once the church loses sight of the cross and what was accomplished there it will no longer administer JESUS’ VICTORY OVER satan. Ladies witchcraft has blinded the eyes of our churches to miss this essential, fundamental truth. LORD JESUS HAS GIVEN US THE VICTORY AND HIS POWER AND WE HAVE TO USE IT. We must make a determined effort to throw off the veil of witchcraft and fix our gaze on the work of the CROSS. Continue to STUDY THE WORD OF GOD, PRAY AND DEVELOPE A RELATIONSHIP WITH LORD JESUS, ALLOW THE HOLY SPIRIT TO LEAD US TO ALL THAT IS TRUE, STAY ON THE BATTLE FIELD AND FIGHT TO DEVELOPE KINGDOM BUILDING. During these evil times we must stay focus and be alert. We all have a job to do. The time for sitting back and resting is over the harvest is plenty and the workers a few. Its time to work on behalf of GOD’S KINGDOM!!!

 This concludes our mini-series on the true nature of witchcraft. As we have seen this evil has invaded our churches and we must open and eyes and hearts to the wisdom knowledge of GOD. Let us know how you feel about this post and the entire series. We welcome your comments

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To continue on with our mini-series of witchcraft in the church, we will be talking about the three expressions of witchcraft in the flesh. When you read our scripture reference the last word sorcery is termed witchcraft in the King James Version of the bible. However regardless of which version we use the meaning is the same witchcraft is a work of the flesh. It is an expression of the unregenerate nature of the fallen man. It is what naturally comes out of our fleshly nature. We have witnessed that you never have to teach a child how to act negatively. They just naturally do it. Given a chance a child would lie without thinking about it or act selfishly when ever he/she sees fit. This is all a part of our fallen nature. In our fallen nature we desire to control other people. Our desire to get people to do what we want very often cause us to use illegitimate means to make that happen. In this operation of witchcraft there are three key words or expressions. They are dominate, manipulate, and intimidate. When these three activities are happening whether you realize it or not, it is an encounter with witchcraft. The end product is control or the need to dominate. To achieve this domination, depending on the situation a person will either use intimidation or manipulation to do it. Witchcraft  as a work of the flesh operates in every area of society. Now remember we are still talking about  witchcraft in the natural not the supernatural yet. Before we look at some examples of this let me again explain some things. We must remember whether we like it or not our GOD  has ordained a certain structure in the family. The husband is identified as the head of the wife (refer to Ephesians 5:23). No matter how people attempt to turn this around this is GOD’S order for the family, the father as head, then the mother and the children to the parents. Witchcraft plays into this by  either manipulation or intimidation  to disrupt GOD’S divine authorized order. The thing about this natural form of witchcraft is  that even a child can use it and we never really realize what’s happening. For this reason it has invaded our homes and churches and we are not really aware that it is dangerous or destroying our society. Simple examples of this are seen everywhere. We will start with how we see this in children. A mother has stated to her children that they can not have any more sweets. They obey and don’t ask for any thing else. Now that seems all well and good but the children know that their mother is having the women’s ministry over for a meeting and is setting up the house for the meeting. She is putting out sweet treats for her guest and as they watch they know that as soon as the ladies get there they will ask their mother in front of the ladies for a sweet treat. Knowing that their mother will not want to look bad in front of her guest she will allow the children to have the sweets. The moment she gives in the children have manipulated her and the divine order has changed. The children are now in control and have dominated her no matter how small this appears. Once this domination is done using manipulation then they are acting in the realm of  witchcraft. Mothers and fathers also use this form to dominate. The most common way for witchcraft to operate in a women is manipulation, and in men it is intimidation. Both the man and the woman have the same aim and that is to control the other. Example if the wife does not get her way, she throws a tearful fit, withholds affection and makes her husband’s life miserable. In the end he gives in and the domination of the divine order is changed. For the husband he may be a brute both physically or mentally. He takes control of his wife and children by keeping them on edge. The one thing they don’t want is to make daddy upset because they don’t want to hear his mouth or incur his wrath. Dad on the other hand just really wants his way and dominates the family because he can with intimidation. He doesn’t have to do this because he is the head of the household but according to GOD’S divine order if there is a problem in the household the couple should talk it out face-to -face. They should sit together and talk about whatever the issues are, then turn to the word of GOD, once that’s done they should pray. This is how GOD wants our family and our church to operate in peace and with his divine order. Now the samething goes on in our churches. There are leaders from the pastor on down that will use intimidation and manipulation to dominate or basicly have their own way in the church. They are using witchcraft to keep a stronghold on the church. They want to dominate the people of GOD and have their way to do the things that pleases them. The more this is done the more that intimidation and manipulation is used to dominate and guess what???….we now have witchcraft taking control over the church. The worse of it all is that its done in a way that no one is aware that witchcraft has taken over. Then when some of the wise find out about it no one belives them and even the wise can’t put their fingers on how witchcraft has entered into the house of the LORD. The thing with manipulation and intimidation is that it never faces the real issues. It goes behind the issues and  the real problems are never brought into the light. So the church begins to fall and the body can’t figure out why. Some of the greatest examples of witchcraft in the bible using manipulation and intimidation in GOD’S people for the sole purpose of domination were Delilah and Jezebel. When you read their stories we see witchcraft at its highest. So let’s sum this up…we see that witchcraft as a work of the flesh has three trademarks: manipulation, intimidation, and domination.  Whenever we encounter these activities, behind them is the power of witchcraft. These are real and relevant issues when we open our eyes to the reality of these factors operating in our churches and our homes it makes it easier to deal with and to put out. We can take authority of this type of witchcraft and change our ways and bring CHRIST BACK INTO OUR HOMES AND CHURCHES. Witchcraft never came to do any of us any good. We must remember what LORD JESUS SAID ” THE THIEF DOES NOT COME EXCEPT TO STEAL, AND TO KILL, AND TO DESTROY” John 10:10. If we entertain the thief, we can expect him to do exactly those three things….to steal our joy, to kill our church and to destroy our church and our homes. We have the power and now we know the problem. Witchcraft is real and we see its present in our churches and homes. We have taken a look at it in the natural. Our next post in this mini series will focus on witchcraft in the church in the supernatural. We can no longer just sit back and pretend that these things are not happening. Ladies we must learn for ourselves. We are the hand that rock the craddle. JESUS is depending on us to help him. The best way we can do this is by studying his word, seeking his face, developing a true realationship with him, establishing a prayer life and then giving all that we have learned to our mates, children and to the world. Time is short and we need to prepare for OUR LORD’S RETURN. We have to know for ourselves what’s of GOD and not. We must open our eyes and take this role we have seriously and be about KINGDOM BUILDING….remember JESUS IS COUNTING ON US!!!

This concludes us discussion on witchcraft in the church from the natural…but we are not done the next post will continue with this topic. We will then focus on witchcraft in the church from the supernatural.

We welcome your comments so feel free to leave one or two…..if you like or don’t like tell others about this blog

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We find ourselves in the last days and times. Our LORD is coming back. I personally feel that he is walking earth now seeing how his bride the church is doing. Sadly I don’t think that we will get a good report. There is too much of the world in the churches at this time. Our enemy satan knows he can’t win so he decided to invade the house of the LORD. He came in as the angel of the dim blue light. Most could not see him until some of the wise noticed that there were many things going wrong in our churches. We have been given great power by LORD JESUS however the church is very weak. We can’t seem to get ahead. We are not spreading the word and saving souls. We are acting like a bunch of separate cults instead of one united family or body. We are fighting against each other within denominations and fighting each other in our own home churches. So being the LORDS appointed detective I just had to find out why we are the way we are. I want to know why we are looking so much like the world that even the world does not want any parts of us. So what did I do…you ask? You know you really do asks very good questions. I went to the source of course….I prayed and went to the word. What ABBA showed me was simply witchcraft in the church. No this can’t be in our churches you declare!!!  Oh yes its true!!! This subject of witchcraft in the church is one that can not be done in just one post so we will do a mini series on this subject until we have full understanding. Witchcraft has two aspects, a natural and a supernatural. This first part of the series will focus on the natural aspect. Looking at our scripture it comes from 1st Samuel 15:23 in these words the prophet Samuel is speaking to King Saul, he makes two comparisons addressing two very sinful attitudes. They are rebellion and stubbornness. In this scripture it reveals GOD’S evaluation of them both. To GOD rebellion is a twin of witchcraft and stubbornness is a twin of idolatry.  We will look at stubbornness first. The verse says stubbornness is a form of idolatry. Looking at this in our churches how does this occur? Now sit down and listen to this!!! THE STUBBORN PERSON MAKES IDOLS OUT OF HIS OWN OPINIONS. Ouch!!! Let’s just shine the light of GOD on that so we can really see and consider our attitude on this in our church today. As a body of CHRIST we will not accept drunkards or openly immoral people in our church. We would have a fit if that person sat on the pews and pulled out a bottle of wine and began to drink. He/she would be kicked out at once. Likewise we would not have a couple fornicating on the pews as well, but take a look at this… many stubborn people do we have in the church??? But that person is just stubborn what’s the big deal??? IN GOD’S EYES THOSE STUBBORN PEOPLE ARE IDOLATERS!!! Well its not like that person brought in a wooded idol and fell down and worshiped it in front of everyone…if they did the church would not stand for this at all….no way!!! That person is just stubborn….no big deal right???…WRONG!!! WRONG!!! WRONG!!!…..THE BOTTOM LINE IS JUST THIS…..IN THE SIGHT OF GOD THOSE STUBBORN PEOPLE ARE THE SAME AS IDOLATERS.!!!! THEIR VERY OWN OPIONIONS ARE THEIR IDOLS AND THEY WORSHIP THEM RIGHT IN FRONT OF US AND WE TOLERATE IT.. TO GOD THIS IS WRONG AND ALLOWS EVIL TO DOMINATE IN OUR CHURCHES….Still sitting down?…Now lets look at rebellion. In the scripture it indicates that the root of witchcraft is rebellion. We must face it wherever you find rebellion you can anticipate witchcraft. What does rebellion do? Simply stated rebellion rejects GOD’S LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY. We cannot exist in life for long without authority. So if we don’t have GOD’S LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY, we replace the void with illegitimate authority. Where we have illegitimate authority, it has to be supported by wrongful power. This illegitimate power that supports rebellion is none other than old witchcraft. So wherever we find illegitimate authority being exercised, we need to be prepared to deal with witchcraft. It is almost impossible to be deeply involved in rebellion without coming sooner or later under the power of witchcraft. When you read 1st Samuel you see that King Saul in that story was disobedient and did not slaughter all the animals that he had captured. Instead, he kept the best to offer to GOD. This was not what GOD wanted him to do. GOD told him that  ” I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR SACRIFICE, BECAUSE IT COMES OUT OF DISOBEDIENCE”….and what is disobedience??? You said it REBELLION. As the king of Israel, Saul had actually put out all of the witches from that land…(1st Samuel 28:3)…..Now look at this….when he could no longer hear from GOD because of his disobedience or rebellion….he himself sought a witch out of desperation. That was no accident; simply cause and effect, wherever there is rebellion, sooner or later there will be witchcraft. Now this is really a lot of food for thought so we will stop here. We will continue with this subject in the next post. My eyes opened up when just this aspect was revealed to me. We must study and focus on CHRIST. HE will lead us to all truth. The days have gone by when we can just sit in the church and act like church as usual. We can’t allow any one to dictate to us their take on the WORD OF GOD….we must study for ourselves and build a relationship with THE LORD so we will be able to know the truth for ourselves. Even with this blog read, pray, develop your own walk and ask him what he wants you to do. Once you know just do it. Stay alert….don’t let satan rob you of your joy, peace and love. So ladies remember what has come into our churches and vow not to allow anything to to dirty or soil THE BRIDE OF CHRIST-THE CHURCH.

What do you think about rebellion and stubbornness?     Leave a comment

****Next in the series of the natural aspect of witchcraft in the church….the three expressions of witchcraft in the flesh*****

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Seatbelt of Faith By Autumn Rouse

When the world gives you lemons you should throw them back to the world and yell “suck it world”. Life has a way of giving you a big plate of hectic salad with a side of crazy to wash it down with. Often I find my self on the edge of “I can’t take it anymore Cliff “. Wobbling away from the Cliff I abruptly turn and get smacked with the wall of “Surprise” where there is often a new bill that needs to be paid and of course they all say final notice. Life is definitely a rollercoaster ride but the secret of getting through the ride with your sanity is to wear your “Seatbelt of Faith”. Here are some of the ways to keep your seatbelt of faith in tacked and ready for the ride

1.     Don’t press “ignore” on God. When the lord is trying to tell you something listen. Simple as that!

2.     When in doubt pray. Every time you think about something that is negative about your life counter act that thought with a prayer.

3.     When you are facing hard times remember its okay to cry. God created your emotions; but he did not create the spirit of despair. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Look for the silver lining.

4.     Know that God will lead you to the person or persons who will give you the lift you need. Even if it’s not a physical connection. It could be a song on your iPod or a book “remember there is always the bible that is filled with pick me ups.”

5.     The road to success is not a one lane one way street. No matter what your idea of success is know that you were born with the key and his name is Christ.

6.     God created pleasure for a reason. As long as it is in the perimeters of Christianity enjoy life’s gifts. There is nothing wrong with a shopping trip or a spa day. Most of the time our main focus in life are surrounded on the problems in the world instead of the pleasures.

7.     The last but defiantly not lease keep the faith just know that God will lead you to the place where you need to be. He will lead you to the person that you need to talk to. He will lead you to the career that will help your finances. He will lead you to the diet or workout program that will help you loose weight. He will lead you to the motivation that will keep your children focus on the right path. God will lead you just let him lead “keep the faith”.  Just remember he promised he will take care of your needs wants and desires; and remember God is not deceptive he always keeps his promises.

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I had been reading a really good book and there was a question asked that made me stop in my reading and really think.  The question asked was :WHERE ARE YOU RIGHT NOW? ARE YOU HANGING AROUND ON THE BRIDGE? OR ARE YOU REIGNING IN LIFE WITH JESUS? Now I had to stop right there and look at just where I was at this moment in my life. I know I am saved and love THE LORD WITH ALL MY HEART, but am I reigning in life with JESUS at this time in my life or am I still just hanging on the bridge. Before I get to where I am let me talk about the process. Looking at our scripture it states that by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners. Let’s look at that statement. We all know what was done in the Garden. But do we really understand how man found himself in this situation? When satan was the archangel Lucifer GOD HAD BLESSED him with being perhaps the wisest and most beautiful of all GOD’S creatures. However scripture tells us that Lucifer’s heart was lifted up. After growing prideful of his wisdom and beauty he began to hatch his planned rebellion against THE MOST HIGH. For his disobedience he and those angels he corrupted were cast down from the presence of GOD. He lost his status as an archangel and thus became satan our enemy. So why is he our enemy? We didn’t cast him out of heaven. Good question? To counteract the effects of Lucifer’s rebellion our FATHER GOD devised an alternative plan. Since pride had been the root of Lucifer’s rebellion, GOD’S RESPONSE was to make a different kind of creature. This new creature was destined to take Lucifer’s place. This new creature devised for this purpose was man. GOD created Adam unique from any other creature. Adam was made special by the mode in which GOD CREATED him. Adam was made from a source different from any other created being that we  know of. He was the very lowest, the very humblest yet GOD made him capable of becoming the very highest. If we look at the creation of Adam in Genesis 2:7 ” AND THE LORD GOD FORMED MAN OF THE DUST OF THE GROUND, AND BREATHED INTO HIS NOSTRILS THE BREATH OF LIFE; AND MAN BECAME A LIVING BEING.” GOD MADE man to have person to person fellowship with him, by imparting himself into man. HE BREATHED HIS VERY OWN DIVINE BREATH INTO THAT BODY OF CLAY KNOW AS MAN. With his new creation GOD has established his alternative plan to the created fallen cherub satan. To undercut the tendency toward pride GOD created man from another kind of source which was the earth and then breathed HIS OWN DIVINE LIFE INTO HIM. Now I know you are saying still why are we the enemy? I’m getting to that!!! Along comes satan who is now the enemy of GOD. He has a particular enmity against man for two reasons. First of all he really wants to attack GOD but can’t. So he can attack GOD’S IMAGE which is man. As he attacks GOD’S man he feels that he is getting to GOD. The second reason he’s our enemy is that we were created lower than him but the fact remains that we were created to replace him. Our destiny is to take the place of the greatest archangel ever created in heaven. So from the very moment of our creation satan saw us as a rival whom he needed to eliminate. His way so he thought was by causing us to fall in the sameway he did. Pride was the first and worse sin that was done in heaven by satan before he was ever cast down to earth and it was pride that he tripped Adam and Eve with. He caused then to reach up to try to be like GOD and not need GOD. By reaching up they fell just like him. There satan was wrong. He thought that by stealing what was Adam’s he would cause GOD to abandon man. GOD IS GOD AND HE ALWAYS HAS A PLAN!!! Man had fallen and was alienated from him a rebel. Our enemy satan sat back waiting for GOD TO ABDONDON man, but in HIS MERCY AND GRACE HE DID NOT ABANDON MAN. HE KNEW WHO CAUSED ALL THE PROBLEMS. So GOD DID ONE THING TO SOLVE THE ENTIRE SITUATION. HE SENT LORD JESUS WHO BECAME GOD AND MAN AND WITH ONE SACRIFICE REDEEMED US BACK TO GOD. And the good part was that was all it took just one act by THE LORD. HE DID IT AND THEN JESUS WENT BACK TO HEAVEN AND SAT DOWN. He sat down because it was done. Nothing else was needed after that act…..HE SAID IT…IT IS FINISHED….DONE. Then it was time for JESUS TO TAKE HIS SEAT AND WAIT FOR US. He created that bridge for us to walk across. That bridge that took us from the side of darkness into the LIGHT OF GOD.  By crossing that bridge we can live and reign with CHRIST RIGHT HERE ON EARTH AS WE LIVE NOW. So after all of that I get back to my original question, where am I now. See the majority of us accepts JESUS AS OUR LORD AND SAVIOR and we walk onto the bridge. The problem is that we get on that bridge and just stay there. We don’t continue the walk to the other side. This is the side that JESUS died for to allow us to get to the kingdom of light. He said that he came so that we would not just have life but have it more abundantly. He doesn’t just want us to stay on the bridge he wants us to go over into the kingdom and reign with him. That is our destination to cross that bridge and go into the kingdom of light thus becoming kings and priests to rule with LORD JESUS. So after over 900 words I have to say that I am no longer standing on the bridge just happy to be saved. I have crossed over into the kingdom of light and my plan is to learn how to live each day to build that kingdom. He didn’t want us to wait until death to live in his kingdom. He wanted us to cross that BRIDGE OF CHRIST AND TO BUILD THE KINGDOM HERE ON EARTH. People of GOD its time to get off of that bridge and go into the kingdom to claim our destiny. Its time for us to  live with, fellowship, rule with, and become as CHRIST LIKE as we can while we are here. Its time for kingdom building and that can’t be done as long as we stand on the bridge. We have to keep walking into the kingdom now and start our true work of building that kingdom here on earth. The other part of our scripture states that by the obedience of one many shall be made righteous. CHRIST HAS DONE JUST THAT. The bridge is made and its time to not just step on and stay but to keep walking into the kingdom. Once we have done just that we will enjoy the rest of our lives here with more abundance as we live, rule, and work along side our LORD. Now I ask you the same question…..WHERE ARE YOU RIGHT NOW…..ON THE BRIDGE OR WALKING ON TO THE OTHER SIDE INTO THE KINGDOM OF LIGHT?

Let us know …..leave your comment

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