One of the many hats that I have to wear is that of being a Registered Nurse. For the majority of my nursing practice I have worked with adults. However for the past six years I have been working as a school nurse in an elementary school. I thought it would be a nice change of pace to work with the young who were not deathly ill (I normally work as a critical care and emergency room nurse), and who could allow me to get back in touch with the young at heart. So as I write this I am surprise at the state of affairs that our children are presently in. Many of our children as young as Pre-K are dealing with issues that most adults can’t handle. Many children are being medicated on a daily base so they can just sit in class and learn. Not to say that there are those who have a medical reason to have medications and need them to live, they are not the ones that has grieved my soul. I’m talking about the so called normal average American child. What I have notice is that the majority of these children are raising themselves. It doesn’t matter what color, back ground, ethnicity, age, how much money the family has or does not have…what I see is that parents are no longer doing the job that has been assigned to them by GOD. Saints of GOD our children are suffering and the sad part is that many parents feel they are doing it right. Who am I to criticize???…You ask!!! I know you and your husband didn’t do it all right!!!…That is a correct statement. We did not do it all right…in fact there were many things that we did wrong and I wish I could go back and correct them. We all know that hindsight is 20/20 vision. So since I can’t go back and make corrections with my own as a Titus 2 woman its my job to pass on what I have learned to parents who are currently trying so hard to raise their children during these difficult times. Children today are not allowed to just be children. They are not allowed to live an innocent life. There is so much that they have to deal with on a daily bases that we would never think about. They see violence constantly so much so that it does not cause them to react in anyway. Their games are violent, their TV shows are violent, they react to each other in a violent manner. Most have not or was not ever introduced to THE LORD. They are told to study and become a straight A+ student. Grades are the only thing that they know. They are allowed to join everything they want and parents don’t set rules and provide direction any more because then your child would not like you. You won’t be their best friend. Children are given to many choices as to what they can have or do, and if they don’t like any of the choices offered then they let the parent know just what they want or will do. Children are given too much. Material things don’t mean anything and they don’t earn anything. They lie, cry, steal, and fight to have their own way. Parents give in because its easier. Parents are already beat down by the world and so when they get home from work the last thing that they want to deal with is a disobedient child. So its just easier to allow the child to have his/her way and the so called peace is kept in the household. Meanwhile the child is growing up developing all sorts of neurosis. Many of the students that come to see me are not sick. Most just need some real parental guidance with limits set. Most just need a real hug. Many just need a rest and allow the burden of being a child/parent taken off of their shoulders. The majority just want a responsible adult to guide them so all they have to do is follow and learn. As parents we do try very hard. This job is not easy. Many times you second, third and even fourth guess yourself. You fight for your children as best you can. However many times you are fighting for the wrong things. You are being guided by the standards of the world and don’t realize that we have to raise our children according to our instruction manual. Good grades are wonderful but once you have your children centered in the WORD OF GOD and walking in HIS DIRECTION they will get good grades and then some. So now that we have diagnosed the problems lets move on to the solutions. First thing first…open up your bible. Read what OUR LORD HAS TO SAY ABOUT BRINGING UP YOUR CHILDREN. Then pray individual over each and everyone of your children and ask GOD TO SHOW WHAT’S NEEDED AND HOW TO ACHIEVE IT. ASK HIM TO WORK WITH YOU TO SHOW YOU THE EARRORS  OF YOUR WAYS. ASK HIM TO SEND PEOPLE TO YOU THAT CAN HELP STRENGTH YOU WHERE YOU ARE WEAK OR CAN NOT SEE CLEARLY WHERE YOU CHILDREN ARE CONCERN. Once you have done that then just simply follow the WORD OF GOD. Understand things won’t change over night and it won’t be easy. Beginning with our scripture lets look at what we need to do. I say we because I will be with you every step of the way with this blog and many other ministries that LORD JESUS HAS ASSIGNED FOR ME TO DO TO SUPPORT OUR WOMEN.The very first thing we need to teach our children is Deuteronomy 6:5 “LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL AND WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH.” By teaching your children to abide by the first commandment of LOVING GOD it will allow them to develop a personal relationship with HIM. They will know that HIS LOVE HIS STRONG AND POWERFUL. They will be able to over come anything because their pure love is innocent enough to understand the LOVE OF THE FATHER. They will see your love for HIM AND HOW YOU PUT HIM FIRST. They will want to follow your lead, and because of the LOVE THAT IS GIVEN TO HIM GOD OUR FATHER WILL WATCH OVER HIS OWN AND WILL GIVE THEM THAT PEACE THAT GOES BEYOND UNDERSTANDING. Your children might not understand why they feel the way they do but they will recognize a love from on high. Once your children know who GOD IS and THAT HE LOVES THEM, then you should teach them that HE IS ALWAYS THERE WITH THEM. That HE IS ALWAYS observing and evaluating what they do and think, that HE IS ALWAYS protecting them, and most of all that HE IS ALWAYS LOVING THEM NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO OR SAY. However you want to impress upon them that they should study his word and learn. Now remember that children should learn at their own grade level so that’s why its important to allow them to attend children’s church, Sunday school, vacation bible school, and any church based summer program so they can be placed with children their own age and level of learning. Many of the values that I have now and the bible teachings that are the base of my ministry is what I learned growing up as a child. It was mandatory for us to be in church each week and bible study during the week. We had bible study at home with my grandparents and we had a bible teacher that came to the house every Friday. We were an active part of all the youth activities where we learned the importance of service to the church and community. Even in my youth there were certain things I did not do because I had a FEAR OF GOD. That’s something that all children should learn at an early age. They must understand what the FEAR OF GOD IS. We don’t want a child afraid of GOD. The FEAR OF GOD is to give HIM THE UTMOST RESPECT. Certain things you just don’t entertain because you have such RESPECT FOR GOD OUR FATHER. A child should never be taught that GOD IS BAD or if he/she does something wrong GOD WILL GET THEM. In doing that it puts THE ALMIGHTY ON THE SAME LEVEL AS the boogie-man. Children should understand that its an honor to walk up right in the SIGHT OF OUR LORD. They need to understand how GOD feels about sin and how important it is for them to turn away from evil, and to hate sin. They need to love righteousness. You can do this by instilling in them an awareness of GOD’S attitude and judgement toward sin. Understand that you will have to bring it to them on a level that they can receive it. It is very important that you set the example. They are always watching what you do so you must make sure that you are actively working for the church that GOD HAS ASSIGNED YOU TO BE IN. Your walk with CHRIST MUST BE A DAILY . Instruct you children everyday in the WORD OF GOD both in conversation and family devotions. As you feed their spiritual you must also make sure that you feed their bodies properly. You must give them living food. Vegetables,  fruits, lean meats and fish, whole grains, and dairy. Make sure they get exercise and just don’t play video games all evening and on weekends. They must have a good nights rest. This way they will be able to deal with the enemies of this world. Going back to our scripture verse 6 states: “THESE COMMANDMENTS THAT I GIVE YOU TODAY ARE TO BE UPON YOUR HEARTS.” Help and encourage your children to memorize and learn scripture. One of the most important ones is the 23rd Psalm. This is one of the ones I learned as a child and whenever I am afraid or in a difficult situation I repeat this scripture out loud. It has given me peace in many ways since I was a child. Let your children know that even if the mind forgets the heart never does and all they have to do is ask THE HOLY SPIRIT TO BRING IT BACK TO THEIR MIND and they will be able to say the words that will provide them with peace. Our next verse #7 informs us:”IMPRESS THEM ON YOUR CHILDREN. TALK ABOUT THEM WHEN YOU SIT AT HOME AND WHEN YOUR WALK ALONG THE ROAD, WHEN YOU LIE DOWN AND WHEN YOU GET UP.” this word is telling us that its important to impress GOD’S COMMANDMENTS on our children. As a youth growing up in our church it was important for us to know the ten commandments. Many children today have never been introduce to them much less attempt to follow them. However what’s worse is that most parents don’t know them as well. These ten guidelines are a good starting point for your children to learn. As they grow you can incorporate GOD’S WORD into their everyday life. This does not mean that you beat them over the head with the bible to the point that they want to vomit. We should keep GOD’S WORD AND WAYS with our children in a way that would come easy with them. We should allow them to grow up and experience all the things of youth without prejudice but show them the difference between GOD’S WAY and the world’s way. When they want to go to a popular movie or hear a rock/rap/go-go (okay I really don’t know what’s popular any more) but allow them to do so once you have checked it out yourself and if its age appropriate. Let your children dance and enjoy themselves but instill upon them GOD’S STANDARDS AND MORALS that way they will be able to handle themselves in any situation and know what’s right and wrong. Give them credit if they are taught the correct way and see it being lived each day even when they are in that troubled teenage stage they will still make the right choices. GOD’S WILL AND WAYS SHOULD BE SOMETHING THAT IS AS COMMON PLACE AS EATING EACH DAY. Let it become a good habit to want to do what’s right before OUR LORD. Don’t act like you are holier than Thou…let your children know that you had, have, and will make mistakes but when you do what is needed to repent and begin again. Most of all children want honesty. Don’t have them do as you say instead of doing what you do. Children watch us more than they listen to us. When they see that our actions line up with our talk then they put them both together and are able to walk in peace. Last but now least  CHURCH FOLKS ACT NICE AND BE KIND….AND LAUGH!!! Some of the meanest people in the world are church folks. Our children see how we act towards each other and they don’t like it. They can’t wait to grow up and run as far away from us as possible. We must study to show ourselves approved and walk in love no matter what. As I  said you will make mistakes but you want to make least amount as possible. You hold your children’s lives in your hand. The best way to prevent this is by opening that hand and giving those children to GOD. HE AND HE ALONE WILL GUIDE YOU AND THEM TO ALL TRUTH. As parents you must come together as one if you are married and if you are a single parent you must seek sound advice for directing your children’s growth and development. One of the things that really helped my husband and I as we raised our children was reading. We went first to the WORD OF GOD and then other spiritual leaders that gave sound advice on child rearing. We prayed as one on decisions that concerned the family. We presented ourselves as a united front even when we individually didn’t agree on everything. We attempted to maintain GOD’S FAMILY ORDER as per Ephesians 5. I don’t want to say our children are lost. I just want to send out the alarm that we need to stop being complacent and put our focus on the family. We must go back to square one and begin again. We must remember that our children are counting on us to lead them. We must remember that OUR GOD IS COUNTING ON US TO FOLLOW HIM. We must stay on our knees in prayer for guidance and we must help one another. Those of us like myself must not just sit on our knowledge and talk about how bad the state of affairs are, but we must teach those who will listen about what we know. Our hindsight might be just the thing that will save someone else from falling down from lack of knowledge. As I close this page I just want to add the hope of seeing our children happy, healthy and wise with the wisdom of OUR LORD within them. We can do this!!! We can raise our children properly!!! It really does take a whole village to raise a child. Just make sure that village is part of the KINGDOM OF GOD.

As always we as that you pray on what you have read here and then go back to the bible and see what GOD HAS TO SAY DIRECTLY TO YOU. Find time to study and talk to LORD JESUS. Give your children your time not just a lot of activity. Remember they are not your friends, not at this time in their lives that will come later when they are adults. At this stage they depend on you to give them the pieces to the puzzle of life so they are able to put it together properly. If they don’t receive the pieces then what they do wrong is on you…however if you have given them the pieces of the puzzle that has been GOD INSPIRED and they put the puzzle together wrong then its on them. Now the good thing about that is if they do put it together wrong the first time they will be LEAD BY CHRIST to put it together the right way because they have the right pieces in the first place. We welcome your comments so if you want to just let us know your thoughts, opinions (positive or negative), and questions. We are here to help aid you in this walk called life.

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