FALLING IN LOVE ……Matters of the Heart Series

Love is the highlight of being a woman. No matter what you may achevie in life nothing compares to being in love. We know that we are capable of doing anything. We can start and run our own business. We can handle a job,home, children and a man and not blink an eye. We can even run this country and the world if need be. However the one thing that gets us everytime is falling and staying in love. We have thought about this sense we were little girls. Our toys reflected our need to nest and be in love. We look at movies, read books, and sit in coffee shops with our girl friends and our favorite topic is love. How to do it, who to do it with, where to do it, and when to do it….but the point of the matter is to be in love. Today many woman are just frustrated with the lack of men to choose from. With our frustration we rush to reach our goal of loving we often make many mistakes. We take the first man with mistakes and faults and all. We lower our standards just to be with someone and then when it doesn’t work we beat ourselves up to wonder just what happened. Many of us make the big mistake of having children with the worlds worse thinking that this will change him. Only to find out that not only is he a looser but not even a real man. We think shouldn’t he know that he is a father and if we can’t make it then he should at least have a sense of responsibility for what he has created in this world. We look up and not only do we not have love but now we have a child to take care of and a big baby man that will not take on his responsibility. We don’t regret our children but we really regret not having love. We regret not being able to do what we want and need most and we just don’t know what to do about it. Well ladies this is a brand new day. We have instructions for love. There are things we can do and if they are done we will be given our hearts desires.

                         1. JESUS IS OUR FIRST LOVE!!!

Before we can love another we must first fall in love with him. JESUS is LOVE. We must study him. Learn all we can about him. Once we know him then we begin to understand the true meaning of love. We realize that love comes from him to us by the HOLY SPIRIT. We must seek GOD ask him for what we want. We must listen to what he has to say. Do what he asks us to do. Then wait for him to bring us the man of our dreams. We must never put anyone before the LORD. Once he has brought our love to us we must never forget HIM and always remember that HE IS OUR FIRST LOVE.

                      2. While waiting we must begin to love ourselves.

Not in a selfish vain way but to love who we are. Many of us don’t take the time to find out who we are and what makes us so great. Yes I said great!!! We all have been made in GOD’S IMAGE and HE MADE US GREAT. Before we can love another human being we must learn who we are and love the person that we are. The only way to learn who we are as a person is to spend time finding out just what kind of person we are. Then we must spend time with the LORD TO FIND OUT JUST WHO WE ARE SUPPOSE TO BE. We must be happy with our physical as well as our inner person. We can’t just speak negatively about ourselves all the time and expect to love the person that we are meant to be. There were times that I talked so bad about myself saying things that I would never say to another person. I would walk pass a mirror and call myself fat, or ugly ,or any nasty thing and then expect to like myself. It took JESUS to change my thinking and allow me to see myself as he does. HE TAUGHT ME HOW TO SPEAK KIND WORDS OVER AND ABOUT MYSELF. This changed my thinking and allowed me to treat myself as I would one of my best friends. During the time it takes to wait on the LORD to send the mate of his choice allows you time to meet yourself and love the person that you are. A person worthy of being loved and cherished by a righteous man.

                            3. Do not settle for anyone because you grow weary of waiting on the LORD.

Our GOD is orderly and patient. HE WILL NOT GIVE US JUST ANYTHING. HE WILL ONLY BRING US THE RIGHT MATE. HE WILL TAKE HIS TIME TO GIVE US THE BEST MATE. Sometimes we ask him for what we want and he knows thats not what we need. HE TAKES HIS TIME TEACHING US AND MOLDING US so we can see that what we asked for sometimes is not the best thing for us. If we allow him to do what he does best and ask him for strength during the wait HE WILL BRING US WHO IS BEST FOR US AND WE WILL BE GLAD TO RECEIVE HIM. While waiting we must ask GOD JUST WHAT OUR OWN PERSONAL MINISTRY IS AND THEN DO IT. Putting our time and attention to doing the work that he created for us to do will keep us from running out making mistakes. HE WILL GIVE US PERFECT PEACE as long as we seek his face and do our personal ministry with all our heart. Keeping our mind set on building his KINGDOM. Then when HIS time is right HE will present us with our Adam, Boaz, or David. We just can’t grow weary of doing GOD’S WILL WHILE WE WAIT.

         4.Beware just before our chosen mate arrives our enemy will send an impostor.

Longsuffering better known as patience is a fruit of THE HOLY SPIRIT. During this time of waiting pray daily for this gifting. It will take that fruit to keep you in place for the chosen mate. Remember you don’t have to help GOD. HE IS CAPEABLE OF DURING JUST WHAT YOU HAVE ASKED HIM TO DO. Abraham and Sarah thought they could speed GOD along and help him and that’s how they created Ishmael. Understand that just before your true mate arrives the enemy will send someone that will appear to be the one. Watch, listen, but most of all pray. Ask GOD out right if this is the one. HE WILL LET YOU KNOW. There will be signs and red flags going off everywhere. Don’t just say well its okay he will change. NO, NO, NO…never lower your standards. Understand this point MEN NEVER LOWER THEIR STANDARDS!!! They can be the world’s worse physically, emotionally and spiritually but they want the best looking, best shape, making great money, taking care of them, and a bag of chips. They will walk pass a woman that is not up to their standards. And what do we do??? You got it we change ourselves to come up to their way of thinking and really we should be walking away and never look back. A man must know that you will never lower yourself just because you are lonely and want to be loved. Remember that man must love you as JESUS LOVES HIS BRIDE–THE CHURCH. HE LOVED HER SO MUCH HE GAVE UP HIS LIFE FOR HER. HE PAID HER THE ULTIMATE PRICE. Ladies you must set the standards and if he can not walk holy, with you then he is not the one and keep going with your life. Again remember GOD IS THE AUTHOR OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP. HE WILL BRING THE CORRECT ONE WHEN YOU ARE READY TO RECEIVE HIM AND WHEN HE HAS HIM READY TO RECEIVE YOU.

                 5. When your mate arrives continue to seek the LORD’S FACE for direction and guidance.

Now here’s the hard part. You made it!!! You waited, did your ministry, loved yourself, saw the impostor, and now GOD HAS BLESSED YOU WITH YOUR ADAM,BOAZ, OR DAVID. Now you can relax and concentrate just on him. You don’t have to do all that you did before because now he’s here and all is well. You don’t have to continue to go to church and finally you can slow down on your personal ministry, because after all you have met your goal and its time to nest. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, AND WRONG!!! This is not the time to sit on GOD. First you must go back and seek THE LORD THANKING HIM FOR THIS WONDERFUL BLESSING. PRAYING OVER YOUR MATE AND FAMILY TO COME OR IS ALREADY THERE. You must make time to seek HIS GUIDANCE on how your family is to run. You still have to do your ministry and take the time to enjoy your new status as a couple. You must make GOD THE LEADER OF YOUR NEW FAMILY. You need to continue to study and fellowship with Titus women that can help you and guide you with their experience. You must PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. A lot of us when we have been blessed with our mates stop going to church and don’t encourage our mates to remain active in the building process of the KINGDOM OF GOD. Seek the LORD’S FACE AND LISTEN TO HIM AND HE WILL GUIDE YOU IN THE DIRECTIONS YOU SHOULD GO WITH YOUR MATE.

Ladies now being a Titus woman I can tell you that if you follow CHRIST HE WILL GIVE YOU LIFE AND GIVE IT TO YOU IN ABUNDANCE. I had to learn what I have written above the hard way, but once I got it and followed it GOD WAS SO FAITHFUL. I was blessed with my Adam, Boaz, and David all in one. We have raised our children and built our family on the ROCK OF CHRIST. Today we both continue to work for THE LORD and are closer now then we have ever been. We are each others best friend, love, and children of THE MOST HIGH. It took what I thought a long time to get the right mate, GOD’S CHOSEN, but I’m here to tell you it was worth it. Do we walk in wedding bless everyday??? Of course not but if there is a problem we come together and seek HIS FACE AND HE DIRECTS US AND LEADS US TO WHERE WE NEED TO BE.  WAIT ON THE LORD LADIES AND YOU WILL NOT ONLY FALL IN LOVE BUT YOU WILL STAY IN LOVE.


We welcome your comments. Let us know how you feel or if you have any questions this is why we are here.

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