God and Social Media The New Frontier

Who has not heard of Facebook or Twitter. They are the leaders in the ever-present social media. Now people of all ages, races, and walks of life are constantly checking their friendship on those medias. As a vintage lady even I can boast that I have over 600 friends on Facebook and Twitter and can’t really say how I have been blessed with so many virtual friends. So what’s the point of this blog post….simply this what I have found is that God has taken this form of fellowship as his own. Now more and more saints of God have found each other and are preaching, declaring, encouraging, mentoring or just simply talking about His Word and Ways. I look at it as Christ’s new marketplace. When we read the Gospels we find that Jesus was always in the marketplace teaching and serving the people there. Many of the leaders of His day felt that He was not doing what a Leader should be doing. He was claiming to be sent by God Almighty yet he was right there with the common people. Here again we find that Lord Jesus showed us that He came here just for us. During this season of our lives Lord Jesus is again in the marketplace of our lives. He wants us to spend time with him and allow us to fellowship with each other where we don’t have to physically be there or know the person in the flesh. All we know is that we love our Lord and want to let others know more about Him. So I say HALLELUJAH AND THANK YOU LORD. Again what satan may have attempted to corrupt for himself YOU TURNED IT AROUND FOR OUR SALVATION AND OUR HEAVENLY FATHER’S GLORY. So when you take the time out to visit your Facebook family or your Twitter family or both don’t forget to BRING LORD JESUS ALONG WITH YOU.


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2-R-1-N CHRIST Marriage and Relationship Ministry


I have been away from the blog for a while and for you my loyal readers I am very sorry, however I am back and plan to keep this blog going as before. What took me away you ask? As always a very good question. After over 30 years of marriage Father God has called my husband and I into a new ministry and it has taken a lot of our time just developing it. As with any new life it took time to grow, and develope in its different stages of growth and development. We looked at it as conception, pregnancy, delivery, and infancy…our baby ministry is now born and home from the hospital. So like every good parent we are introducing our newest member of the ministry family to the other children at home. With all of that said we would like to introduce you to the newest member of the family….it is  2-R-1-N CHRIST Marriage and Relationship Ministry. We have been called to bring new life to the body of Christ where marriage and relationships are concerned. This ministry mandated by Christ is not just for those who are married or currently in a relationship, but this ministry also includes singles who would like to know how God wants us to live together in Him. This is a teaching, interaction, social, mentoring group that just wants to bring back the love that was given to us in the Garden of Eden. The ministry offers workshops every two months. During these times we teach, play, dine, and fellowship. We have skits of all types. We have developed workbooks that you can order and work on at home with your husband or mate or if you are single you can work on and have a better concept of marriage God’s way. We offer information at each workshop that includes developing love, better communication and most of all how to develope your financial life. We have a social component that we call “My Lover, My Friend Date Night” based on the scripture from Song of Solomon 5:16. These are cost effective date nights planned with you in mind. We do all the work and you have all the fun. They have been developed so that you can attend with your spouse, mate or you can attend as a single person and not feel uncomfortable. We offer pre-marital counseling and will marry you if you so choose. At this early stage in our ministry we have two weddings coming up in May and one potential in early fall. We currently offer marriage and relationship mentorship to couples in need and our future plans are to offer a mentorship program where those who would like to mentor other couples and singles will learn via a course that would offer certificates allowing those who complete the course to be marriage and relationship mentors. This is just the beginning of what God has in store for his children. He wants us to return to the wonderful state that we were in as he gave us the marital relationship in the garden. This is our first and most important ministry. It is under attack and Christ who is waiting for His Bride -The Church wants us to become one together in Him as He is in Us. We want you to be a part of this great new move of Christ. Meet your new sister/brother ministry. Come and join us physically as well as via the internet. You will love what is being done in the Kingdom of God. Visit our new website: http://www.2r1nchrist.com see what we have to offer at this point and time and become a part of what’s to come. As always we have linked this wonderful blogsite to the new ministry and we promise not to leave the older child alone. This is our first baby who is now walking and talking but still needs love. We promise to continue with our bible study lessons and all the good things that you have come to love about this wonderful ministry of God. So for now bond with your new sister/brother ministry. Write to us and become a fan of ours on facebook/2r1nchrist . Plan to become a regular at all of the date night events. Now is the time to just take a moment to secure the rest of your life where marriage, relationships or to find out just what you need to know as a single person. As any good father our Heavenly Father wants us to be happy, healthy and receive an abundant life. He created us to be social loving beings and because of our sin nature and the ways of this world we have regressed somewhat and forgot what we had in the garden. Now is the time to become a part of this mighty move of Christ. We pray to see you soon and as always invite you to leave your comments and concerns here and on the new website.

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2010 is here at last and I for one am glad. To open up our blog sessions again I am just going to give some thoughts on the past decade. I for one am very happy to see that decade gone and in the dust. It started with 9/11 and ended with all of us broke and wondering how could two people of the same-sex be considered married? We threw away all the standards that this great country founded on GOD’S PRINCIPLES right out the window. Really in ten years we un-did things that took over 200 years to put in place. We allowed those who don’t love the LORD to make laws that stated that it was not right for CHRIST’S NAME TO BE USED at the time of our celebration of HIS BIRTH. Really in ten years we just became so complacent that evil didn’t really have to work hard to set us back to the stone ages where true values and the LOVE OF GOD IS CONCERNED. Looking back during this time we see that our corrupt leaders allowed evil to bankrupt the entire nation and then run to the hills with all of the money. They left this country in such a fiscal mess and then when a man of color takes over and attempt to correct all of the mess that they left like babies the ones who created the confusion sit around and complain and attempt to place the blame on him. They are so horrible that they would rather have the rich, lazy, do nothing but steal your money insurance companies continue to control health care allowing only those that they want to be taken care of. Those same fat cats who has our money could careless if we are well or not. This has been a decade that goes in the plus column for the enemy of the saints. But wait…just wait…one moment please…that was the last decade…NOW ITS OUR TURN!!! OUR LORD IS NOT WEAK AND HE DIDN’T LEAVE US WEAK!!! Now is our time to correct the wrong that has been placed on us by our own laziness. Yes we allowed it!!! The church has the power and the love and we have the sound mind now we must use it for the glory of KINGDOM BUILDING. Our enemy satan has really had a field day with this last decade and he has gotten so blatant that he feels as if he has it made. Poor baby when is he going to learn….he is only the created not the CREATOR…he has already lost. Now saints of GOD we have allowed things to get to this mess and its up to us to correct this mess. CALLING ALL LEADERS OF CHRIST!!! NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN AND WOMEN AND BOYS AND GIRLS OF JESUS THE CHRIST TO COME TO THE AID OF GOD’S KINGDOM!!! No more sitting around waiting for something to happen. Its time for us to use the talents that JESUS HAS GIVEN EACH AND EVERYONE OF US….its time for us to use our talents and skills. No longer should we just sit around and allow evil to take us down while we sit with our eyes close as if we are powerless. We need to get out of this mind-frame that we need a million people to do one thing that will help build the KINGDOM. All it takes is one person doing GOD’S WILL.  Don’t worry if nobody wants to be a part of your ministry…again just do it!!! In this New Year in the first year of the next decade let’s go back to CHRIST. Use the power that has been given to you and take back this country for the KINGDOM. I vow here and today on the very first day of this New Year and the very first day of the New Decade my time, attention and focus is on the WORKS OF GOD…DOING ALL I CAN….USING ALL THAT HE HAS GIVEN ME…TO DO MY SHARE OF THE WORK. The church will no longer sit around and allow evil to take over. Come with me saints and do your work for OUR LORD AND OUR COUNTRY. TO GOD BE THE GLORY AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

We at 4HIS WILL would like to thank you for continuing to be apart of this work of God. You have gotten our readership way over the 1000 mark and climbing. We are also in link with 2-R-1-N CHRIST Marriage and Relationship Ministry. This is a new work of CHRIST to bring back the love and peace that we as a couple obtained in the garden. This website is not just for those who are married or in a relationship but for those who would like to get a better understanding of a Godly relationship and marriage while they are still single. Please visit this website at 2r1nchrist.com or 2r1nchrist on Facebook. We will have many new things for Kingdom building this year and for the next decade. Don’t be afraid to step out and do GOD’S WILL. As always study and seek GODLY counsel with your quest to be all you can be in CHRIST. We love you and continue to visit with us often. Your comments are always welcome!!!

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At our last church bible study our pastor who was the teacher was attempting to make a point about how many people felt that Paul was contradicting himself in this book written to the Corinthians. In chapter 11 he mentions women prophesying and in chapter 13 he states a woman should be quiet in the church. If you take these verses out of context to the happenings of the day and time period in which Paul was speaking about you would come up with many different assumptions of what Paul was saying about women at that time. However during that time that Pastor was trying to make his point a controversy arose out of the above scripture and a slight debate occurred. It took us off the point that pastor was trying to convey to us and thus myself and another Elder of the church was given a written assignment to clarify the scripture for the knowledge of the whole body. So being the big mouth that I am and with little time to write another page I realized that September’s entry was passed do and so with that said I can do two things at once….(see I am getting smarter in my old age!!!) So our bible study series for this month will be on the “Propriety in Worship”. I highlighted the scripture that I needed to write on but as I started to study the passage I soon realized that we had to go back to the beginning. Just what is Paul attempting to convey to the people in Corinth. Paul begins with the following “FOLLOW MY EXAMPLE, AS I FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE OF CHRIST.” 1st Corinthians 11:1. Paul wanted all believers to follow Christ’s example and become a “Christlike person. He was telling them that they need to follow his example as he followed Christ’s example. By following Christ we become Christ like by becoming his likeness. To be Christ likeness is to first and foremost  have a true love for God and others. As believers our love for God motivates and directs our love for others. Just as our Lord Jesus’ love was always toward God our Father first and his love for others subordinate to and based on that love that he had for His Father. Next Jesus’ love for Father God was revealed in his concern for God’s Glory. We see this love for God by his williness to do his word, and will to carry out God’s plan by him sacrificing his life for our redemption. Last Christ’s love for us was seen in his compassion. These are the things that Paul was trying to get the people at Corinth to understand and incorporate. He went on with verse 2 “I PRAISE YOU FOR REMEMBERING ME IN EVERY THING AND FOR HOLDING TO THE TEACHINGS, JUST AS I PASSED THEM ON TO YOU” The teachings that Paul was talking about were instructions relating to doctrine, moral standards and codes of conduct that Paul delivered to the churches by the authority of Christ. These teachings were instructions of God’s will on such matters as outward dress, modesty, appearance and proper conduct. Paul did not want the Corinthians to be taught that God is concerned only with the inner attitudes and not with externals. He wanted them to understand God’s clear revelation in scripture. To dress properly and modestly is a biblical principle of lasting validity. Paul’s concern is  about the proper relationship between men and women, and he seeks to uphold that relationship as ordained by God. Verse 3-4 states “NOW I WANT YOU TO REALIZE THAT THE HEAD OF EVERY MAN IS CHRIST, AND THE HEAD OF THE WOMAN IS MAN, AND THE HEAD OF CHRIST IS GOD. EVERY MAN WHO PRAYS OR PROPHESIES WITH HIS HEAD COVERED DISHONORS HIS HEAD. ” Paul wanted the Corinthians to understand that in Christ there exists a perfect spiritual equality among men and women as heirs of God’s grace however it is an equality involving order and submission with respect to authority. Father God is the head of Christ, Lord Jesus is the head of man, and man the head of woman. What we must understand is that the word “Head” seems to express both authority and divine order. Paul bases the husband’s headship not on cultural considerations but on God’s creative activity and purpose in creating the woman to help the man. We are to understand that submission is not demeaning to one’s person, for it does not imply suppression or oppression. What it does mean is that the husband must recognize the worth God places on the woman and that his responsibility involves protecting and leading her in such a way as to fulfill God’s will for her in the home and the church.  Likewise Christ is not inferior or second-class because father God is his head. In God’s kingdom leadership never implies being “greater”. Servanthood and obedience are the keys to greatness in the Kingdom of God. Now last but not least Pastor I get to the verses that have me writing this paper in the first place!!! “AND EVERY WOMAN WHO PRAYS OR PROPHESIES WITH HER HEAD UNCOVERED DISHONORS HER HEAD…IT IS JUST AS THOUGH HER HEAD WERE SHAVED. IF A WOMAN DOES NOT COVER HER HEAD, SHE SHOULD HAVE HER HAIR CUT OFF; AND IF IT IS A DISGRACE FOR A WOMAN TO HAVE HER HAIR CUT OR SHAVED OFF, SHE SHOULD COVER HER HEAD. ” 1st Corinthians 11:5-6 We must always remember that Paul was talking to the people of his day. During that time in Hebrew history the woman covered their heads in order to show modesty and submission to their husbands. It also demonstrated their dignity. The veil meant that she was to be respected and honored as a woman. Without a veil she had no dignity and men did not respect women without veils because they were in effect flaunting themselves publicly and shamefully. Thus the veil served as a sign of the value and glory of woman hood as God created her. That is the reality of  Paul’s day however the principle behind the wearing of veils is still needed today. A woman of Christ should dress in a modest and careful way, with honorable and dignified attire that allows her to go anywhere with security and profound respect. When she dresses modestly and properly for the glory of God she enhances her own God-given place of dignity and worth. Moving on to verse 10-13 ” FOR THIS REASON, AND  BECAUSE OF THE ANGELS, THE WOMAN OUGHT TO HAVE A SIGN OF AUTHORITY ON HER HEAD. IN THE LORD, HOWEVER, WOMAN IS NOT INDEPENDENT OF MAN, NOR IS MAN INDEPENDENT OF WOMAN. FOR AS WOMAN CAME FROM MAN, SO ALSO MAN IS BORN OF WOMAN. BUT EVERYTHING COMES FROM GOD.” During Paul’s day the veil in public for a woman was a symbol of “authority” on her head. The phrase “because of the angels” may refer to the fact that angels are concerned with proper order and are shocked at conduct that is not in tune with God’s will. Paul also wanted them to know that according to our Lord man and woman were not independent of each other. He notes that woman did come from man (Eve was made from the rib of Adam)  however man was born of woman (women giving birth to male children) but the main point was and is that we all come from God. It is He that we must pay homage to in all our ways and deeds. ” DOES NOT THE VERY NATURE OF  THINGS TEACH YOU THAT IF A MAN HAS LONG HAIR, IT IS A DISGRACE TO HIM, BUT THAT IF A WOMAN HAS LONG HAIR, IT IS HER GLORY. FOR LONG HAIR IS GIVEN TO HER AS A COVERING.” 1st Corinthians 11:14-15. The physical differences between men and women is a desire of God that must be observed. At this time Paul is using hair as an example stating that the length of the hair of men and women should be such as to distinguish between one and the other. Really it’s not the length that’s important but the fact that you will be able to see the person and know that the person was male or female. Another important fact about the Corinthians during Paul’s day was that long hair on men was a sign that the man was a pagan male prostitute and short hair on a woman was a sign that she was a pagan female prostitute. These prostitutes stayed at the temples of the pagan gods and were used by the people for sexual favors. Paul wanted the Christians to represent Christ internally and externally. He wanted them and us now to understand that the ultimate head of all of us is God our Father and that we that are in Christ and being Christ like are his representatives. 

This concludes this months bible study. As always read these passages for yourself. Ask our Lord to lead you to all truth. Speak to your pastors and leaders to help you understand these verses. Also you can always leave a question or comment for us to answer. Continue to share this blog site with others. We thank you for your continued support and we are still climbing in our readership. As for my pastor this is my paper for bible study as well. I invite you to read this blog and see what your favorite minister is up to…ha,ha,ha…yes that was a good joke!!!

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There have been many deaths lately or so it appears. The world lost the king of pop Michael Jackson and the entire world moaned him as if he indeed was a king. This brought me grief because like everyone else I enjoyed the GOD GIVEN GIFT of his vocal talent. I grew up with his music and to this day I exercise to his songs because they do make you move, however I did not worship the man. I have heard many say that he was my idol…he was a genius….he brought peace to the world…..how will we live without him…and was indeed a king. Michael Jackson was just a man. In fact I feel so sorry for him because he was a very troubled man that needed mental health intervention since he was a child. He had been blessed with a GOD GIVEN ability to sing, dance and write beautiful songs. He did leave the world with music that we could listen to, dance to and sing to but he was only a man. A man with many flaws just like all the rest of us. While I felt sadden and cried for the man who did not live his life in a normal way I could not see the world worshipping him as if he was GOD. Poor Michael because he was blessed with a talent that many used to make money and to take advantage of a man who had mental health and drug dependency issues they put him so high up that all he could do was fall down and die. I wonder did he really have a real friend who didn’t care about his money and would let him know how dangerous his lifestyle was? I wonder if any body really shared JESUS THE CHRIST with him so he could receive the salvation of OUR LORD? I wonder if while asleep before his death that JESUS DID COME TO HIM AND HE TURNED HIS LIFE OVER TO HIM? These are things that I wonder. However aside from Michael Jackson I wonder how GOD OUR FATHER FEELS SEEING THE ENTIRE WORLD ADORE A MAN AND COMPLETELY FORGET ABOUT HIM? This is what grieves me. Why can’t we embrace the Creator instead of the created? The world will not take one day and give GOD THE GLORY…but every network in the world just about showed Michael Jackson’s memorial. Even those of us who know better don’t promote our LORD AS WE SHOULD. I too am guilty of this. I need to do my job more and attempt to reach others with the LOVE OF CHRIST. GOD OUR FATHER LOVED US SO MUCH THAT HE FIRST GAVE!!! We must remember that all that we have came from HIM. HE KNEW WHAT WE NEEDED TO LIVE SO WITH HIM BEING LOVE HE SIMPLE GAVE TO US. Looking at our scripture one that many of us are familiar with it simply states that “FOR GO SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONE AND ONLY SON, THAT WHOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM SHALL NOT PERISH BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE.” This verse truly reveals the heart and purpose of  our HEAVENLY FATHER. HIS LOVE is wide enough to embrace all people. HE  LOVES THE WORLD!!! HE BLESSED EACH AND EVERYONE OF US. We all have been blessed with gifts that are unique with each of us. No ones gift is more than anyone else. GOD GAVE HIS BEST GIFT OF ALL, HIS SON AS AN OFFERING FOR OUR SINS. LORD JESUS gave us eternal life so no matter how we see each other nothing and nobody should top HIM. We can’t place a crown on anyone above our LORD. GOD OUR FATHER gave us atonement for our sins. HE did this from his loving heart. What gets to me is that we are always throwing his love back at him as if its not good enough. Then we go and worship idols made up from our own human concepts. The next scripture really shows me just what love is. “FOR GOD DID NOT SEND HIS SON INTO THE WORLD TO CONDEMN THE WORLD, BUT TO SAVE THE WORLD THROUGH HIM”. JESUS did not come and give up HIS LIFE as a way to condemn us but to save us. When our HEAVENLY FATHER could have destroyed us, HE BLESSED US WITH A WAY OUT. THAT WAY COST JESUS HIS EARTHLY LIFE. A LIFE HE GAVE UP FOR US. Now looking at this in that respect how can any man do what OUR LORD DID? Man has many gifts but he can not save our souls. He can use what he has been blessed with to bring joy, peace and love to the world but he can not give us eternal life. HE DOES NOT ASK MUCH OF US BUT TO LOVE HIM BACK. We can’t do that!!! All we can do is act wishy-washy with our affections. One day we love HIM with all our hearts and then the next day HE is replaced with the latest so-called super star. When we should take our time out to do something that’s related to building the kingdom we find a million other things to do. CHRISTmas is no longer as it once was honoring the so-called birth of CHRIST. Although we really don’t know when HE WAS BORN ON EARTH we did take that day to honor and remember HIM. However now the haters of our LORD has made it so that we can’t even call it CHRISTmas. Retail people have to say happy holidays instead of merry CHRISTmas. America was founded on religious freedom. GOD IS THE ROCK THAT THIS COUNTRY WAS BUILT ON. Now we have the evils ones attempting to kill the 10 commandments and all forms of GOD FROM ANYTHING THAT’S IMPORTANT. So now we have turned to idols of all kinds. Mostly people with money obtained in a worldly way. We have put these these people in a category that have them thinking that they can do wrong and still be right. We who are GOD’S KIDS have even placed our preachers and leaders in this same super star category and began to worship them instead of who they claim to serve. JESUS MUST BE WEEPING FOR WHAT HE IS SEEING TODAY DURING THESE EVIL DAYS. Yes we were told by HIM that the signs of the times are coming and what to look for. Yes we know that once they begin HE WILL BE COMING BACK SOON. But still we have work to do. There are 8 billion people that need to know CHRIST JESUS AND CHOOSE TO MAKE HIM THEIR LORD AND KING. Our job is to focus on the gifts that we have been blessed with and use them for the building of THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Most studies of this scripture stop at this point but we are going a step further. Looking at verse 19 “THIS IS THE VERDICT: LIGHT HAS COME INTO THE WORLD, BUT MEN LOVED DARKNESS INSTEAD OF LIGHT BECAUSE THEIR DEEDS WERE EVIL.” GOD OUR FATHER sent HIS LIGHT INTO THE WORLD and we stepped on his gift and threw it back into his face. The wicked has one fundamental characteristic and that is that they love darkness, they find their pleasure in sin and immorality. On the other hand we the children of GOD should find our pleasure in love, righteousness, and we should  hate wickedness. We should grieved when we see the unrighteous acts of others. We should take no pleasure in the sensual entertainment or the expression of sinful conduct shown so openly in contemporary society. The next scripture in this study #20 states “EVERYONE WHO DOES EVIL HATES THE LIGHT, AND WILL NOT COME INTO THE LIGHT FOR FEAR THAT HIS DEEDS WILL BE EXPOSED. Evil people want to stay in the shadows. One of satan’s biggest tricks is to convince us that he does not exist. The other one is to make us lust after the things of the world because they appeal to our emotional senses. Our enemy wants our light to become dull so we cannot shine truth onto his evil. As I stated in the beginning of this study that the world turned to one man in death and put him on a level higher than GOD. This too was the trick of our enemy. He has always wanted us to go after things so we could become more like the ALMIGHTY. When we were made in the IMAGE OF GOD. We were already given what we needed to be like GOD. Then after he introduced sin into this world OUR HEAVENLY FATHER GAVE US HIS SON TO MAKE US CLEAN AGAIN AND ABLE TO STAND BEFORE THE THRONE WITHOUT SIN. Now our enemy wants us to look at this gift as if it was nothing and have us lust for the world. He stays in darkness so we can’t see what’s happening right in front of our eyes. He is afraid of the true child of GOD because we stand on the promises of CHRIST AND IN THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT. OUR LORD has given us all that we need to maintain our enemy because he has already been defeated. Our job is to let the world know who we are and walk in love,joy, peace, patience, meekness, humbleness, gentleness, kindness and self-control. We are to fight with power and be lead by THE HOLY SPIRIT THAT IS WITHIN US. We are not suppose to put man above CHRIST!!! Our last scripture in this study states the following “BUT WHOEVER LIVES BY THE TRUTH COMES INTO THE LIGHT, SO THAT IT MAY BE SEEN PLAINLY THAT WHAT HE HAS DONE HAS BEEN DONE THROUGH GOD.” Whatever is going on in the world we must always make a stand for CHRIST FOR ALL TO SEE. We should not be ashamed to do whats right. We must speak HIS WORD. We must stand boldly allowing all to see us. We must repent when we have done something that’s not of the LORD. We must not judge because OUR LORD DID NOT COME TO CONDEMN THE WORLD so how can we? Our job is to bring CHRIST to those who don’t know HIM. We are to teach and spread the GOOD NEWS OF CHRIST. We must remain in the light of the ALMIGHTY. We must study so that when asked we can explain who and what we stand for. We have to know the word so that we can teach it in such a way that we can relate it to all. We must pray for the affairs of our world and pray that our leaders be led by the WILL OF GOD. While we were still sinners GOD GAVE TO US. HE LOVED US BEFORE WE SHOWED HIM ANYTHING. HE PRESENTED US WITH HIS GREATEST TREASURE, HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, OUR LORD JESUS THE CHRIST. JESUS SAVED US AND GAVE US ETERNAL LIFE. Now its our turn to show HIM our love. Everyday from this time on we need to give HIM our love. Show him what we showed for Michael Jackson and some. LORD JESUS is walking the earth calling to his love. He wants us to return to our first love!!! Not just return but let the world know who our first love is!!! In case you don’t know who that is let me remind you once more…..OUR FIRST LOVE IS LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!

As always read and study this passage for yourself. Ask CHRIST what HE WANTS you to do. Speak to your pastor and spiritual leaders. Remember we are in the last days and times….there are things that need to be done. We all have a part to play. No matter what it is we need to do our part for KINGDOM BUILDING. I for one don’t want JESUS to return and find me not on my assigned task. Remember we welcome your comments and questions no matter positive or negative. We are here for you. Tell others about our blog…its time to learn and not play with what the world deems as important. Continue to be a blessing for all you come in contact with.

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If I was GOD I would be so disappointed

This time I’m not coming from a scripture I just want to speak from my heart. I would first like to say that I’m glad God is not me. I would like to go on record saying that I am so glad that he long suffering. That He is Love and that says it all. No matter what He sees us doing He still Loves us. I would love to think that sometimes He gets fed up with us. However on the other hand I really wouldn’t want Him to. I look around and what I see really gets to me and sometimes I just can’t understand it. I know all the theology behind everything and really I understand where God is coming from but really by now the people should be doing better with me included. We still would rather read, see, play with, enjoy and lust after evil than turning to the good. Even those of us that profess that we know and Love God don’t seek after His word, presences, relationship, or believe that He really is. There are many blogs on the net but the most popular ones have to do with something in the world. Be it sex, money, food, sports, or the latest celebrity gossip this is what we want to see and enjoy. Granted we church folks have not made it attractive to be around us. We are not happy, look like we are continually sucking on sour lemons with some lime juice added. We are not nice to each other much less to people from the world who might want to take a look at our Jesus. When they do take a look and see who represents him they run for the hills because some of us are worse than the world. Most will say “the world sucks but at least I can have some fun!!!” Sometimes when its time to write this blog I think “whats the point they won’t read it!!!” Then the Holy Spirit lets me know that obedience is better than sacrifice. We are asked to do something for our Lord. Its not about us but what He wants us to do. We have to do it no matter what and it should come from our hearts with love because we are doing something that only we can do asked by Him. That should be enough. For many with myself included sometimes its not and before we know it we are acting like the world again. We don’t want to do the job assigned to us because maybe its not as big or famous as someone elses ministry. Each of us are given an assignment that’s ours and ours alone. If we don’t do it then Our Lord will give it to someone else but it won’t be the same and it may add more to the one to take on yours as well as what was given to him/her to do in the first place. It is also our job to study, read, listen to the word, pray, and to renew our minds. Our goal in this life is to live and build the Kingdom of God. We are His Kids and some people will only know Christ by our example. From what I see we are not doing a good job. I too have come short of the mark and I’m disappointed in myself. However we are not to wallow in this feeling but to begin again each and everyday to be a Christ like example and a blessing to all we meet. This takes conscious effort. We have to set our minds to doing what is right and just. It should not be that way however it is. What I have notice that whatever we focus on or feed into our bodies we become. If you feed your body poor nutritional food you become sick. If you feed your body pornography you become addicted. If you feed your body drugs then you become a drug addict. If you feed your body junk foods you become obese. Now if we feed our bodies the Word of God we become holy. If we feed our bodies His love then we become loving. If we feed our bodies his wisdom then we become wise. If we feed our bodies his form of prosperity then we become wealthy in His riches and blessings. Its all about what we feed on!!! I will end this soapbox stand on an up note. Its never too late to change our ways and habits. Its hard and difficult but it can be done. Once we start feeding on the right stuff then it gets easier to do what Thus Says Our Lord. The good thing is just this….I may look and be disappointed but GOD OUR FATHER LOOKS AND SEE THE TRUE POTENTIAL IN HIS CHILDREN. HE LOOKS AND SEES THOSE WHO HAVE ACCEPTED HIS SON AND ARE COVERED IN HIS BLOOD AND NO LONGER SEES ANYTHING TO BE DISAPPOINTED BY!!! This is so good and I am glad that Our God is just Who He Is. So as for me and my house we will serve the Lord all the days of our Lives. We will not lean to our own understanding, but in all our ways we will acknowledge Him and He Shall Direct Our Paths. HALLEUJAH AND THANK YOU JESUS!!! There is no room for my little disappointed feelings. What’s needed is my loyalty, devotion, and obedience with faith to THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF HOST!!! So I thank You Lord for being You and as You have allowed me to vent, to let me see that I must be about My Father’s business and that’s all that matters.


As always we welcome your comment and continue to read and tell others about this blog. Presented to us from the Lord to enrich our bodies with the spiritual food for our growth and development.

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I like to watch TV late at night when everyone is in bed. As our children were growing up we did not have cable TV because we attempted to monitor what they looked at. So now that we are all alone we have discovered cable TV. I like to look at shows that are like contest. Some of my favorites are Project runway….America’s Top Model….Top Chef…well you get my drift. At any rate after working over 25 years night shift some nights I can’t sleep and find myself up switching channels. So I was so surprise to see what is showing on many of the cable stations after dark. After a certain time you find many pornographic shows. You see many shows that has sex as its theme. One show that really got my attention was a reality show about how people can go on line and have an adulterous affair. In fact they were talking about a site that allows married people to get with other people and have an affair. This really sadden my heart. I do realize that marriage today is in a sorry state of affairs, but this was really too much. What in the world would make you go on line with strangers to have an affair on your wife or husband. Yes I said husband…there were many wives doing this and was not ashamed. Marriage designed by GOD OUR FATHER has become the source of satan’s attack. This is not new you say!!! This is the same thing that satan did in the garden. So what is the big deal that you have to blog about this and do an entire bible study. The big deal is that we are now living in a society where sexual immorality is common place and an acceptable lifestyle. When this happened during the days of the apostles of CHRIST they did not compromise GOD’S holiness and truth. So with that in mind lets look at this from the WORD OF GOD. This scripture is coming from the writing of Paul as he taught the Thessalonians.  The Thessalonians were living during a time of great immorality. Just like what we are seeing today many things that should not have been was being seen as normal. As if nothing was wrong and no big deal. We see too much on the TV that has numbed our hearts to the filth of it all. We see a push for same sex marriage. We see a push for living together without a thought of being married. We see more and more children being born out of wedlock. We see a push for no fault divorce at anytime in the marriage and you can get out of it anytime you want. We see adultery as well its okay as long as you have consenting adults and you don’t get caught. Then when you do get caught oh well what’s really the big deal and the couple go on as before. Paul knew the times they were in and he did not allow the disciples of GOD to lower GOD’S  STANDARDS to accommodate the values or trends of the society where the believers lived. When Paul found low moral standards in some of the churches he rebuked and sought to correct them. What I see now from this is that in today’s prevalent low morals apostolic-type leaders are still needed to call the church back to GOD’S standard of righteousness. Looking at our study scriptures starting with verse 3″IT IS GOD’S WILL THAT YOU SHOULD BE SANCTIFIED: THAT YOU SHOULD AVOID SEXUAL IMMORALITY.”  It is GOD’S WILL that we should be sanctified. What really does that mean??? According to Webster’s dictionary sanctified means: 1. to make holy: consecrate…2. to free from sin. Consecrate means: to make or declare sacred. So from just looking up this word we find out that GOD OUR FATHER wants us to be made holy, free from sin, and declared sacred. GOD has done many things for us but his biggest sacrifice was giving us his son LORD JESUS to die for us to make us free from sin. So we can not allow satan and his kingdom to pull us back into  the filthy ways of this world. By doing that then we throw back into GOD’S FACE the gift of HIS ONLY SON’S SACRIFICE. One of the ways we can stop this is by reading and living HIS WORD. Like Paul we must really maintain the standards that have been placed before us. Those in leadership must maintain the standards in their everyday lives and thus instruct others not just by lip service but in their very walk. The next verse is plain but oh so true vs. 4 “THAT EACH OF YOU SHOULD LEARN TO CONTROL HIS OWN BODY IN A WAY THAT IS HOLY AND HONORABLE.”  As I watched the show where married couples went on line and found the person that they were going to cheat with I could understand so well why GOD OUR FATHER asked us to maintain our standards and control our bodies. The biggest thing about sexual immorality is that it wrongs another person. To wrong in the Greek is the word “pleonokteo” this means to go beyond what is right…to transgress, to overreach. All sexual activity or play outside of marriage is an act of terrible injustice against another individual. Adultery violates the rights of another married person. Sexual looseness before marriage defiles and robs another person of the holiness and chastity that GOD DESIRES for him or her. It destroys the purity and virginity that must be brought into a marriage. Jesus requires all believers to live by the high standards of purity and sanctification with regard to sexual matters. Thus he gives us the HOLY SPIRIT to help us with his fruits and one of the biggest ones is self control. We can control our bodies no matter what we may think. Our bodies most of the time acts like a very spoil child. It will pull a tantrum when it does not get its own way. For example: I am trying to loose weight. My body is always crying for something sweet or more of some food that will cause my weight to go up higher. Before I would just give into it. I would eat what I wanted and said that I could not help myself. Then I gave my weight problem to GOD, and began to read the word to strengthen my faith. I said that I can do this. I begin to allow my spirit man to guide me. It was really hard and still is, but now I can push the plate away….I can take small portions…and I go to the gym at least two days a week and work with a trainer. I haven’t lost that much weight yet but I do see a difference. Its a little bit at a time. And I still keep beating up my body to keep it from acting like a spoil brat. Each time its getting easier and easier. I do have my times when I just give in and then I don’t beat myself up but get back to the beginning and allow my spirit man to lead. So controlling our bodies is hard however this is something that we really have to do. Sexual immorality is difficult if you are already caught up in it but you must get a hold of it and give it to GOD. If you have never gotten caught up in it don’t start and attempt to live the GODLY LIFE. Now that we are children of the KING we can not act like the heathens of this world and act in a passionate lustful way. We now know GOD we don’t have an excuse, for GOD did not call us to be impure. HE HAS GIVEN US HIS WORD FOR A COMFORT AND A GUIDE. In short if we reject this word we reject GOD and not man. It is GOD’S WORD that we live by, no matter what man has to say. Man will say left is right and right is left but if GOD says left is left and right is right then that is what we go by. Many people think that we are wiser and smarter now and the rules can change. However we didn’t make the rules in the first place…GOD DID. HE set the standard and HE HAS NOT CHANGED NOR DO WE. Once we have become man and wife we are suppose to work together to become one. If there are problems then the couple are sit together and pray, study the word or seek the advice of one of the elders. A married couples first ministry is to their marriage and they need to look at it from that perceptive. To go on line and obtain a person to have an affair with is just out the question and should never be done. During these difficult times we must cling closer to the WORD OF GOD. We must not lean to our own understanding but in all our ways we must allow GOD TO DIRECT OUR PATHS. People are searching for happiness in all the wrong places. Happiness will only be found in JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. Once there we can see what needs to be done and how we are to live. We must stay at the foot of the cross so we do not get caught up into falsehood. We are told from the scriptures that during these end times even the elect will be fooled. So we have to watch and stay alert. Marriage is under attack and satan wants to destroy something so beautiful. Since the garden he has been jealous of the married couple. He knew that he could not have what GOD HAD GIVEN THE MAN AND WOMAN so he tricked them then and is still doing the same thing now. We should be wiser. We must study harder and must teach those who don’t know the truth. It is GOD’S WILL that we should avoid sexual immorality. Unless HIS WILL CHANGES THEN THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE TO DO….IT’S JUST AS SIMPLE AS THAT!!!

As always read this word for yourself and consult with your pastor, elders, or other Titus women in your church. Study daily so you will stay fed. These are not the times to be weak in your spirit. Many things will sound innocent when they are not. The Internet is a wonderful tool when used for the good of man, but could be as deadly as a snake when used for evil sake. Don’t be fooled!!! When in doubt go to GOD AND HE WILL MAKE IT CLEAR TO YOU. We welcome your comments, questions, and your opinions good or bad. We are here for you as a study, mentoring, and encouraging blog in the WORD OF CHRIST. Continue to visit with us and tell others.

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AMEN!!!…COME LORD JESUS!!!….Bible Study Series


We are living in the last days and times. We are hearing many people saying this and some are not Christians. The writing is on the wall. We hear of wars and rumors of war. Fathers are against Mothers and children are defying their parents. The economy is horrible all over the world and most people are walking in fear. Even the churches and their leaders are not walking in strength. So to the naked eye we are living in some very terrible times and soon all of this should end. Oh but has any body read the last chapter of the great book??? Yes these are the signs of the times but before we get to the end there are some things that should happen. We should have an out pouring of the HOLY SPIRIT that will reach all people. The church should have a revival like none other. So saints of GOD before we throw in the towel we have work to do. We have an assigned job to do that is individual for each saint. We need to get off of our apathetic bottoms and find out what our assignments are and then just start doing them. There is no more time to play church. There is no more time to look the part and walk around without power. Now is the time for all good men and women of GOD to come to the aid of KINGDOM BUILDING. You see for those of us who have read the last chapter of our instruction manual, the bible, we see that our LORD JESUS IS COMING BACK!!! This time not as a suffering servant but the KING OF GLORY!!! HE’S COMING BACK WITH REWARDS. HE’S also coming back with some punishments for those who have not heeded the warnings. As we look at what CHRIST JESUS IS SAYING (and this is HIS OWN WORDS) HE SAYS I will give to everyone according to what he has done. Lets stop there. As believers we know that we will be judged. The judge is CHRIST. This judgment will occur when CHRIST returns for his church. All Christians will be subject to judgment, there will be no exceptions. At that time everything will be made public. In other words all will be revealed. LORD JESUS WILL examine and openly reveal, in its true reality, our secret acts. Our true character. HE WILL REVEAL our words, good deeds, our attitudes, and our motives. HE WILL LOOK AND SPEAK ON OUR work and ministry and even our lack of love. There will be nothing that HE WON’T EXAMINE AND REVEAL DURING THE JUDGMENT OF THE SAINTS. Now is the time while we still have time to examine ourselves. Have we been true to our calling? Are we walking and working in a way that will glorify GOD OUR FATHER? Do we really show love? Are we only doing busy work in our churches or are we evangelizing for the WILL of the KING? Are we studying to show ourselves approved and worthy to be the children of the MOST HIGH? Now is our time to change if we are not doing what we should do. Now is the time to stop the playing and acting as if we are children that have not been taught the proper way of living. The world can not accept CHRIST if they have our actions to go by!!! Personally I don’t want to sound as if I’m fussing all of the time however we need to wake up before its too late. There is still time to do good in and for this world. There is still time to represent our LORD well. We can not get around the fact that all believers will someday have to give an account at the JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST. Even as I write this I’m looking at myself. I do know that I try very hard to represent well, but I don’t always do what I know I should do. So while I teach about what should be done I too am learning that I have to step up my game as well!!! I do know that our faithfulness and or our unfaithfulness will be revealed and judged. Our deeds in light of the grace, opportunity and understanding will be made available to CHRIST. If we have done anything wrong or what can be considered bad that we must humbly repent now for these wrongs. We will be forgiven with respect to eternal punishment, but those deeds are still taken into account when being judged for repayment. As according to Col. 3:25 “ANYONE WHO DOES WRONG WILL BE REPAID FOR HIS WRONG, AND THERE IS NO FAVORITISM.” Likewise the believer’s good deeds and love are remembered by CHRIST and rewarded as according to Eph. 6:8 “THE LORD WILL REWARD EVERYONE FOR WHATEVER GOOD HE DOES”. The specific results of each believer’s judgment will be varied. There will be either the gain or loss of joy, divine approval, tasks and authority, position , rewards and honor. Saints of GOD this is very serious. This is not something that might happen but something that will happen no matter what. Its not just enough to say I said yes and sat down after that. Its just like accepting CHRIST on your death bed. Its great that you did do that but look at all the time you wasted by not serving him. There was so much you could have done but you waited to the very end and now you won’t have the chance to bring HIS LOVE AND GOODNESS TO ANYONE ELSE. I don’t know how many times or ways I can say it but now is the time to get in gear. There will be no getting around what we have or have not done. CHRIST GOES ON TO SAY….”I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA, THE FIRST AND THE LAST, THE BEGINNING AND THE END.” This statement lets me know that HE CLEARLY KNOWS IT ALL!!! There is no getting around it. 2 Co 5:10  states “FOR WE MUST ALL APPEAR BEFORE THE JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST, THAT EACH ONE MAY RECEIVE WHAT IS DUE HIM FOR THE THINGS DONE WHILE IN THE BODY, WHETHER GOOD OR BAD.” Don’t get discouraged saints…we are studying for a reason. OUR LORD WANTS US TO WIN!!! HE WANTS US TO KNOW THE ANSWERS TO THE TEST SO WE CAN SCORE 100%.  That’s why it is spelled out to us in our instruction manual. All that we would ever need is right there. Its just a matter of us sitting down and taking the time to read it. Taking some time daily to sit before the LORD ASKING QUESTIONS once we read it. Placing the task of KINGDOM BUILDING first. Putting time into developing into the true child of the KING. Knowing that the impending judgment of the saints is coming it should perfect in us the fear of the LORD, and cause us to be clear minded and self-controlled. This way we can watch and pray. We can live holy and GODLY LIVES. We can walk in love and show mercy and kindness to all. Studying this can place us back on tract so that we can stand with pride…not in pride before OUR LORD AT THE JUDGMENT SEAT, knowing that we gave it our very best!!! The bible ends with LORD JESUS MAKING A VERY SIMPLE STATEMENT “YES, I AM COMING SOON.” This is a promise made from the mouth of OUR LORD. It’s not saying that HE might come back, or we hope HE comes back. It’s just what is said as a fact…HE IS COMING BACK!!! Yet our responds just like John who received and wrote this book should be ” AMEN!!! COME, LORD JESUS!!!”. There is nothing more that can be said after that statement. We do want OUR LORD TO RETURN ASAP…but as I make that statement in my heart and say it with my mouth…I question myself …HAVE I DONE, DOING, OR WILL DO ALL THAT I CAN AS A CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH??? Personally I want to work on doing better starting today so that when OUR LORD RETURNS AND I STAND BEFORE HIM I CAN HEAR THOSE WORDS….”WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT”!!!!

This concludes our bible study for this month. As always study the scripture for yourself and see what THE LORD has just for you. Talk with your pastor and leaders seeking their advice. Find out from GOD WHAT HE WANTS YOU AND YOU ALONE TO DO TO BUILD HIS KINGDOM. Once you know what it is then just simply do it with all your heart. Don’t allow anyone to turn you around or attempt to lead you astray. Take your time and test the spirits. All who say that they are of THE LORD ARE NOT. You will know them by their fruits. Pray daily and just bask in HIS GLORY. Study your instruction manual, the bible. Then read what other true CHRISTian’s have to say. But most of all establish a relationship with LORD JESUS so that you will know HIS VOICE WHEN HE SPEAKS TO YOU. Be led by THE HOLY SPIRIT and when you mess up repent and keep doing GOD’S WILL. Continue to be an active reader of this blog. We welcome your comments both positive and negative. Share this site with others both male and female. Let them know if all they want to do is read and learn its fine with us. Continue to be a blessing for the KINGDOM OF GOD!!!

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“Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the LORD out of a pure heart. Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. And the LORD’S  servant must not quarrel; instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in the hope that GOD will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth, and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.” 2nd Timothy 2:22-26 NIV

As I was sitting and studying the word I saw the above statement as the author of a reference book I was using along with the bible explained the last supper. He stated that LORD JESUS asked his disciples to perform the ritual of the communion supper as a sign of remembrance of HIM. He went on to say that the disciples were ask to eat and drink the symbol of CHRIST’S  broken body and HIS shed blood as a remembrance that they choose to follow JESUS. That by following JESUS it would take every part of us both flesh and blood. I stopped right there in my reading because when I sat down to study I was grieving in my spirit. I was trying not to be discourage and depressed. I was trying not to be judgemental or a know it all. I was fighting off hurt feelings and I just didn’t want to bring this type of foolishness to the foot of the throne. So I decided to read the word and to find out all about my ALMIGHTY FATHER. LORD JESUS BEING WHO HE IS MET ME AT THE DOOR OF MY HEART. HE KNEW just what I was going through having been there HIMSELF, and because HE KNEW I needed comfort right then HE JUST LET ME BAST IN HIS GLORY. I soon begin to feel better and was no longer feeling sorry for myself or allowing what some fellow church members and so called Christian friends attempted to put me through. HE LED me to the above statement and then walked me to the teachings of Paul. Dear Paul was writing to his friend and son in the ministry Timothy. He was trying to instruct him as well as comfort him for the work of ministry. Pastor Timothy would be facing many things and many people who were not as they appeared. He was giving Timothy warning about things to come when he (Paul) would no longer be there to instruct him. He wanted Timothy to understand that once he chose to serve and follow JESUS THE CHRIST that it would not be easy. That he had to take control of himself and learn how to allow the word of GOD to renew his mind and to change him. Looking at verse 22 he tells him that he most put down the evil desires of youth. As an adult many times things happen to us and before we know it we are acting just like children. My recent dismay had me reverting to childish behavior in the fact that I just wanted to cry because some church person said something that was not nice. After what I thought was a good job in a program I presented to the church group all I heard was gossip about the affair. While most stated that it was wonderful I was still hurt by what was being said. But as Paul states to Timothy we should not listen to the negative but pursue righteousness, faith and I’m adding true faith, love and peace. Most of all associate ourselves with those of us who call on OUR LORD OUT OF PURE HEARTS!!! Paul goes on to say in verse 23 Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. I really needed this word because still acting in my adult childish way I wanted to confront those that I was told did the talking. I wanted to give them a bit of my mind. I didn’t care if it started an argument or not. However as I am instructed by Paul as he instructs Timothy it would not be in my best interest or help in building the KINGDOM OF GOD for me to act on “she say” mentality. I would fall into the trap that satan is trying to make me trip on and then needless quarrels will transpire and GOD WOULD NOT GET THE GLORY. The good work that I did with the event would be in vain. Then satan would be sitting somewhere laughing at the so called saints of GOD. The next verse sums it up in a nutshell vs. 24″ And the LORD’S servant must not quarrel; instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful.” This verse shocked me back to my senses and allowed me to see who I am as a ministry for CHRIST. If I had allowed myself to confront these people…if I had listen to the one passing the gossip…if I had allowed this mess to fester like an infected sore then I would not be able to represent the one I profess to serve. Thank GOD for my hesitation!!! THANK YOU LORD FOR ALLOWING ME TO FEEL HURT AND WITHDRAW THEN TO ACT ON MY NORMAL NATURE AND CONFRONT!!! If I had done any of the things that people were attempting to provoke me to do then I would not be able to teach GOD’S WORD IN THAT CHURCH AGAIN. Without knowing really what I was doing I just continued to love those who was suppose to have started the tale and those who were bringing me the tale. I never showed any resentment towards anyone and now I don’t have any ill feelings about the entire incident. As long as I know that I did the work assignment that LORD JESUS HAD ME TO DO IN A WAY THAT WOULD BRING FATHER GOD GLORY THEN NOTHING AND NOBODY CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME…PRAISE THE MIGHTY NAME OF OUR GOD!!!….Now as these tales are brought to me I will do as Paul tells Timothy. I will gently instruct them in the hope that our FATHER GOD WILL GRANT THEM REPENTANCE SO THEY WILL HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH. I will pray that as GOD WORKS WITH THEM THEY WILL COME TO THEIR SENSES AND ESCAPE FROM THE TRAP OF THE DEVIL WHO HAS TAKEN THEM CAPTIVE TO DO HIS WILL!!!  I thank you LORD JESUS for loving us so.  I thank faithful servants of CHRIST as with Paul for writing down the teachings needed for those of us who are given the assignment to help with Kingdom building. Most of all I know that to follow LORD JESUS it will take all that I have inside of me…body and blood. Along with sweat and tears!!! I would like to be that kind of servant that Paul speaks of in Verse 15-16 “DO YOUR BEST TO PRESENT YOURSELF TO GOD AS ONE APPROVED, A WORKMAN WHO DOES NOT NEED TO BE ASHAMED AND WHO CORRECTLY HANDLES THE WORD OF TRUTH. AVOID GODLESS CHATTER, BECAUSE THOSE WHO INDULGE IN IT WILL BECOME MORE AND MORE UNGODLY.” So to those who had something negative to say about the work that I did, do, and will do for the LORD…I thank you and I pray for you. May GOD WORK WITH YOU TO BE A BETTER SERVANT. ALL I KNOW IS THAT BECAUSE OF YOUR NEGATIVE WAYS IT HAS TAUGHT ME TO BE A BETTER SERVANT!!!

As always we ask that you leave a comment. But if you don’t just remember when you feel down no matter what the reason is you can always find comfort in the lap of the LORD!!!

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What a great day we experianced on Jan. 20th as we witnessed the swearing in of our 44th president Barack Obama. This was a day that many people of color felt they would never see but as we who know and love the LORD knew that this day was for a time as this. For in the fullness of time we get to step into the destiny that OUR LORD HAS PROVIDED FOR HIS PEOPLE. This bible study is to show us just how all of this has been put into place since the days of the prophet Joel. Our study scripture just happens to be one of my favorites. This scripture was used the day of my ordination to allow the baptist world to see that we (ladies of CHRIST) are called to preach as well as the men. Taking our study scripture by scripture we begin with verse 28th: “AND AFTERWARD, I WILL POUR OUT MY SPIRIT ON ALL PEOPLE. YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS WILL PROPHESY, YOUR OLD MEN WILL DREAM DREAMS, YOUR YOUNG MEN WILL SEE VISIONS. The prophet Joel during the possible years of 835-830 wrote during a time in the history of Israel when they were faced with two recent natural disasters and the imminent potential of a foreign military invasion of Judah. He spoke and wrote with a threefold purpose. 1. To bring the people together before the Lord in a great sacred assembly. 2. To exhort the people to repent and humbly return to the  Lord God with fasting, weeping, mourning and intercession for God’s mercy. 3. To record God’s prophetic word to his people on the occasion of their sincere repentance. When we take a look at the times that Joel was faced with it looks like our present times. Joel during that time predicted a day when GOD would pour out his SPIRIT on everyone who calls on the name of the LORD. Those of us who witnessed the election of our current president are feeling just that. We are feeling the presence of the LORD.  Joel predicted that this outpouring of GOD’S SPIRIT would result in a charismatic flow  and prophetic manifestations of HIS SPIRIT among HIS people.

As we watched with hope and a sense of peace our 44th president take office we felt the SPIRIT OF THE LORD FLOW TO ALL OF HIS PEOPLE. We watched all people come together no matter what their back grounds were. It didn’t matter if they were black, white, red or yellow we just knew that we were Americans and people of THE MOST HIGH GOD. The beauty of Joel’s prophecy is that it is an ongoing promise to all who accept CHRIST AS LORD. All believers can and should be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT. Joel could see that GOD’S SONS AS WELL AS HIS DAUGHTERS SHOULD PROPHESY. In other words this is our time to get out and allow the SPIRIT OF THE LORD TO LEAD US TO ALL TRUTH. This is a time to do WHAT THUS SAYS THE LORD. Following the lead of President Obama who really didn’t stand a chance in the world on the natural to be president of the United States stepped into the GLORY OF GOD. By one man taking a step for the WILL OF GOD caused the entire world to become united. Only the SPIRIT OF THE LORD COULD ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN. We are GOD’S CHILDREN and now is the time to allow HIS SPIRIT TO GOVERN US. The gifts of THE HOLY SPIRIT is the primary results of this outpouring. As we start walking in the gifts of THE HOLY SPIRIT we will see manifestations of OUR LORD IN THE WORLD.

GOD IS SAYING NEVER AGAIN WILL HIS PEOPLD BE SHAMED. This is our time and we are the generation that he prepared for a time such as this. GOD is really among us and we have to show the world that HE IS HERE. The DAY OF THE LORD is coming however right now the church most show the strength that has been given to us by LORD JESUS. We must utilize the gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT. Each of GOD’S PEOPLE has an assignment. We all have something to do. Now is the time to do it. As president Obama has done its our time to do the same. Yours may not be to be president but yours maybe to simply  to tell one person about OUR LORD. The point is that now is the time as GOD POURS OUT HIS SPIRIT to do HIS WILL. I for one have been given many assignments that until now I have just not stepped into them. No longer will I just sit around dreaming or wishing. I will now study and learn the things that will allow me to do my given assignment. I will not allow anyone or anything to stop the move of THE LORD in my life at this time.

When we look at our last verse it states “AND EVERYONE WHO CALLS ON THE NAME OF THE LORD WILL BE SAVED; FOR ON MOUNT ZION AND IN JERUSALEM THERE WILL BE DELIVERANCE, AS THE LORD HAS SAID, AMONG THE SURVIVORS WHOM THE LORD CALLS…verse 32. GOD HAS NOW POURED OUT HIS SPIRIT on all people. Jews and Gentiles alike. This is a time of great calling on the name of the LORD in the earth. The goal and purpose of the end-time outpouring of HIS SPIRIT is a great end-time out pouring of HIS SPIRIT TO ALL. We should be out obtaining the  great end-time harvest of  salvation among the nations. We should be doing and living the word instead of just talking and giving lip service. There are many that are ripe for the picking. They are looking for something or someone to complete them. That is why evil has attempted to make its ugly mark on our children and unsaved love ones. Evil can feel the SPIRIT AND MOVE OF OUR LORD and knows that their time is short. We have no more time to be involved in things that will take our focus away from the LORD. HE IS DEPENDING ON HIS TRUE FAITHFUL CHILDREN TO GROW UP AND WALK. James said that you can’t just have faith and no works. Its time for the children of THE MOST HIGH to stop their foolishness and walk in their destiny. No matter what that destiny is. We need to take the lead from our current leader our President and see that it was not easy for him and it won’t be all smooth sailing but he was called to do a great work and he has stepped into his destiny with the SPIRIT OF THE LORD LEADING HIM AND HE WILL NOT LOOK BACK. He and his family are moving forward and only listening to THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD. Its time my friends. Ask FATHER GOD WHAT YOUR ASSIGNMENT IS AND THEN JUST DO IT. Take that first step into HIS WILL AND THEN WALK IN YOUR DESTINY.

This concludes our bible study. As always continue to read the verses on your own. Take the time to fellowship with JESUS and ask him to lead you to all truth. Then find out your assignment and do it. As all ways we are here if you have any questions or comments.

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