We would like to invite you to the new and updated general bible study blog. We established this blog on Jan. 5th 2009 then as a mandated outlet for women to learn and vent. Since then God has established this ministry as a general bible study blog. We have a new look and a new agenda. We have also established other outlets for your growth and development. Visit our website for married couples and those that are in a relationship or for singles who are looking for a Godly way to love. Be a part of 2r1n Christ Marriage and Relationship Ministry  http://www.2r1nchrist.com the site is growing and soon will provide all of your amour needs. Sign up for the monthly loveazine and follow us on facebook and twitter. Also join us on our love journal at http://www.2r1nchrist.blogspot.com. For ladies 50 years and above who we would like to say are now in their vintage years we have a new website that encourages you to start living your life. Visit living 4 me and see how to change your old way of living and embracing the life that God intended just for you. Take a look at http://www.living4me.weebly.com this site has help many ladies who have lived their lives for others and now need to change their lives and start focusing on living their intended life. So you have many outlets to get what God has for you. Continue to visit with us and soon to come is our blog radio and podcast programs.

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