2010 is here at last and I for one am glad. To open up our blog sessions again I am just going to give some thoughts on the past decade. I for one am very happy to see that decade gone and in the dust. It started with 9/11 and ended with all of us broke and wondering how could two people of the same-sex be considered married? We threw away all the standards that this great country founded on GOD’S PRINCIPLES right out the window. Really in ten years we un-did things that took over 200 years to put in place. We allowed those who don’t love the LORD to make laws that stated that it was not right for CHRIST’S NAME TO BE USED at the time of our celebration of HIS BIRTH. Really in ten years we just became so complacent that evil didn’t really have to work hard to set us back to the stone ages where true values and the LOVE OF GOD IS CONCERNED. Looking back during this time we see that our corrupt leaders allowed evil to bankrupt the entire nation and then run to the hills with all of the money. They left this country in such a fiscal mess and then when a man of color takes over and attempt to correct all of the mess that they left like babies the ones who created the confusion sit around and complain and attempt to place the blame on him. They are so horrible that they would rather have the rich, lazy, do nothing but steal your money insurance companies continue to control health care allowing only those that they want to be taken care of. Those same fat cats who has our money could careless if we are well or not. This has been a decade that goes in the plus column for the enemy of the saints. But wait…just wait…one moment please…that was the last decade…NOW ITS OUR TURN!!! OUR LORD IS NOT WEAK AND HE DIDN’T LEAVE US WEAK!!! Now is our time to correct the wrong that has been placed on us by our own laziness. Yes we allowed it!!! The church has the power and the love and we have the sound mind now we must use it for the glory of KINGDOM BUILDING. Our enemy satan has really had a field day with this last decade and he has gotten so blatant that he feels as if he has it made. Poor baby when is he going to learn….he is only the created not the CREATOR…he has already lost. Now saints of GOD we have allowed things to get to this mess and its up to us to correct this mess. CALLING ALL LEADERS OF CHRIST!!! NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN AND WOMEN AND BOYS AND GIRLS OF JESUS THE CHRIST TO COME TO THE AID OF GOD’S KINGDOM!!! No more sitting around waiting for something to happen. Its time for us to use the talents that JESUS HAS GIVEN EACH AND EVERYONE OF US….its time for us to use our talents and skills. No longer should we just sit around and allow evil to take us down while we sit with our eyes close as if we are powerless. We need to get out of this mind-frame that we need a million people to do one thing that will help build the KINGDOM. All it takes is one person doing GOD’S WILL.  Don’t worry if nobody wants to be a part of your ministry…again just do it!!! In this New Year in the first year of the next decade let’s go back to CHRIST. Use the power that has been given to you and take back this country for the KINGDOM. I vow here and today on the very first day of this New Year and the very first day of the New Decade my time, attention and focus is on the WORKS OF GOD…DOING ALL I CAN….USING ALL THAT HE HAS GIVEN ME…TO DO MY SHARE OF THE WORK. The church will no longer sit around and allow evil to take over. Come with me saints and do your work for OUR LORD AND OUR COUNTRY. TO GOD BE THE GLORY AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

We at 4HIS WILL would like to thank you for continuing to be apart of this work of God. You have gotten our readership way over the 1000 mark and climbing. We are also in link with 2-R-1-N CHRIST Marriage and Relationship Ministry. This is a new work of CHRIST to bring back the love and peace that we as a couple obtained in the garden. This website is not just for those who are married or in a relationship but for those who would like to get a better understanding of a Godly relationship and marriage while they are still single. Please visit this website at 2r1nchrist.com or 2r1nchrist on Facebook. We will have many new things for Kingdom building this year and for the next decade. Don’t be afraid to step out and do GOD’S WILL. As always study and seek GODLY counsel with your quest to be all you can be in CHRIST. We love you and continue to visit with us often. Your comments are always welcome!!!

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