If I was GOD I would be so disappointed

This time I’m not coming from a scripture I just want to speak from my heart. I would first like to say that I’m glad God is not me. I would like to go on record saying that I am so glad that he long suffering. That He is Love and that says it all. No matter what He sees us doing He still Loves us. I would love to think that sometimes He gets fed up with us. However on the other hand I really wouldn’t want Him to. I look around and what I see really gets to me and sometimes I just can’t understand it. I know all the theology behind everything and really I understand where God is coming from but really by now the people should be doing better with me included. We still would rather read, see, play with, enjoy and lust after evil than turning to the good. Even those of us that profess that we know and Love God don’t seek after His word, presences, relationship, or believe that He really is. There are many blogs on the net but the most popular ones have to do with something in the world. Be it sex, money, food, sports, or the latest celebrity gossip this is what we want to see and enjoy. Granted we church folks have not made it attractive to be around us. We are not happy, look like we are continually sucking on sour lemons with some lime juice added. We are not nice to each other much less to people from the world who might want to take a look at our Jesus. When they do take a look and see who represents him they run for the hills because some of us are worse than the world. Most will say “the world sucks but at least I can have some fun!!!” Sometimes when its time to write this blog I think “whats the point they won’t read it!!!” Then the Holy Spirit lets me know that obedience is better than sacrifice. We are asked to do something for our Lord. Its not about us but what He wants us to do. We have to do it no matter what and it should come from our hearts with love because we are doing something that only we can do asked by Him. That should be enough. For many with myself included sometimes its not and before we know it we are acting like the world again. We don’t want to do the job assigned to us because maybe its not as big or famous as someone elses ministry. Each of us are given an assignment that’s ours and ours alone. If we don’t do it then Our Lord will give it to someone else but it won’t be the same and it may add more to the one to take on yours as well as what was given to him/her to do in the first place. It is also our job to study, read, listen to the word, pray, and to renew our minds. Our goal in this life is to live and build the Kingdom of God. We are His Kids and some people will only know Christ by our example. From what I see we are not doing a good job. I too have come short of the mark and I’m disappointed in myself. However we are not to wallow in this feeling but to begin again each and everyday to be a Christ like example and a blessing to all we meet. This takes conscious effort. We have to set our minds to doing what is right and just. It should not be that way however it is. What I have notice that whatever we focus on or feed into our bodies we become. If you feed your body poor nutritional food you become sick. If you feed your body pornography you become addicted. If you feed your body drugs then you become a drug addict. If you feed your body junk foods you become obese. Now if we feed our bodies the Word of God we become holy. If we feed our bodies His love then we become loving. If we feed our bodies his wisdom then we become wise. If we feed our bodies his form of prosperity then we become wealthy in His riches and blessings. Its all about what we feed on!!! I will end this soapbox stand on an up note. Its never too late to change our ways and habits. Its hard and difficult but it can be done. Once we start feeding on the right stuff then it gets easier to do what Thus Says Our Lord. The good thing is just this….I may look and be disappointed but GOD OUR FATHER LOOKS AND SEE THE TRUE POTENTIAL IN HIS CHILDREN. HE LOOKS AND SEES THOSE WHO HAVE ACCEPTED HIS SON AND ARE COVERED IN HIS BLOOD AND NO LONGER SEES ANYTHING TO BE DISAPPOINTED BY!!! This is so good and I am glad that Our God is just Who He Is. So as for me and my house we will serve the Lord all the days of our Lives. We will not lean to our own understanding, but in all our ways we will acknowledge Him and He Shall Direct Our Paths. HALLEUJAH AND THANK YOU JESUS!!! There is no room for my little disappointed feelings. What’s needed is my loyalty, devotion, and obedience with faith to THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF HOST!!! So I thank You Lord for being You and as You have allowed me to vent, to let me see that I must be about My Father’s business and that’s all that matters.


As always we welcome your comment and continue to read and tell others about this blog. Presented to us from the Lord to enrich our bodies with the spiritual food for our growth and development.

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