AMEN!!!…COME LORD JESUS!!!….Bible Study Series


We are living in the last days and times. We are hearing many people saying this and some are not Christians. The writing is on the wall. We hear of wars and rumors of war. Fathers are against Mothers and children are defying their parents. The economy is horrible all over the world and most people are walking in fear. Even the churches and their leaders are not walking in strength. So to the naked eye we are living in some very terrible times and soon all of this should end. Oh but has any body read the last chapter of the great book??? Yes these are the signs of the times but before we get to the end there are some things that should happen. We should have an out pouring of the HOLY SPIRIT that will reach all people. The church should have a revival like none other. So saints of GOD before we throw in the towel we have work to do. We have an assigned job to do that is individual for each saint. We need to get off of our apathetic bottoms and find out what our assignments are and then just start doing them. There is no more time to play church. There is no more time to look the part and walk around without power. Now is the time for all good men and women of GOD to come to the aid of KINGDOM BUILDING. You see for those of us who have read the last chapter of our instruction manual, the bible, we see that our LORD JESUS IS COMING BACK!!! This time not as a suffering servant but the KING OF GLORY!!! HE’S COMING BACK WITH REWARDS. HE’S also coming back with some punishments for those who have not heeded the warnings. As we look at what CHRIST JESUS IS SAYING (and this is HIS OWN WORDS) HE SAYS I will give to everyone according to what he has done. Lets stop there. As believers we know that we will be judged. The judge is CHRIST. This judgment will occur when CHRIST returns for his church. All Christians will be subject to judgment, there will be no exceptions. At that time everything will be made public. In other words all will be revealed. LORD JESUS WILL examine and openly reveal, in its true reality, our secret acts. Our true character. HE WILL REVEAL our words, good deeds, our attitudes, and our motives. HE WILL LOOK AND SPEAK ON OUR work and ministry and even our lack of love. There will be nothing that HE WON’T EXAMINE AND REVEAL DURING THE JUDGMENT OF THE SAINTS. Now is the time while we still have time to examine ourselves. Have we been true to our calling? Are we walking and working in a way that will glorify GOD OUR FATHER? Do we really show love? Are we only doing busy work in our churches or are we evangelizing for the WILL of the KING? Are we studying to show ourselves approved and worthy to be the children of the MOST HIGH? Now is our time to change if we are not doing what we should do. Now is the time to stop the playing and acting as if we are children that have not been taught the proper way of living. The world can not accept CHRIST if they have our actions to go by!!! Personally I don’t want to sound as if I’m fussing all of the time however we need to wake up before its too late. There is still time to do good in and for this world. There is still time to represent our LORD well. We can not get around the fact that all believers will someday have to give an account at the JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST. Even as I write this I’m looking at myself. I do know that I try very hard to represent well, but I don’t always do what I know I should do. So while I teach about what should be done I too am learning that I have to step up my game as well!!! I do know that our faithfulness and or our unfaithfulness will be revealed and judged. Our deeds in light of the grace, opportunity and understanding will be made available to CHRIST. If we have done anything wrong or what can be considered bad that we must humbly repent now for these wrongs. We will be forgiven with respect to eternal punishment, but those deeds are still taken into account when being judged for repayment. As according to Col. 3:25 “ANYONE WHO DOES WRONG WILL BE REPAID FOR HIS WRONG, AND THERE IS NO FAVORITISM.” Likewise the believer’s good deeds and love are remembered by CHRIST and rewarded as according to Eph. 6:8 “THE LORD WILL REWARD EVERYONE FOR WHATEVER GOOD HE DOES”. The specific results of each believer’s judgment will be varied. There will be either the gain or loss of joy, divine approval, tasks and authority, position , rewards and honor. Saints of GOD this is very serious. This is not something that might happen but something that will happen no matter what. Its not just enough to say I said yes and sat down after that. Its just like accepting CHRIST on your death bed. Its great that you did do that but look at all the time you wasted by not serving him. There was so much you could have done but you waited to the very end and now you won’t have the chance to bring HIS LOVE AND GOODNESS TO ANYONE ELSE. I don’t know how many times or ways I can say it but now is the time to get in gear. There will be no getting around what we have or have not done. CHRIST GOES ON TO SAY….”I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA, THE FIRST AND THE LAST, THE BEGINNING AND THE END.” This statement lets me know that HE CLEARLY KNOWS IT ALL!!! There is no getting around it. 2 Co 5:10  states “FOR WE MUST ALL APPEAR BEFORE THE JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST, THAT EACH ONE MAY RECEIVE WHAT IS DUE HIM FOR THE THINGS DONE WHILE IN THE BODY, WHETHER GOOD OR BAD.” Don’t get discouraged saints…we are studying for a reason. OUR LORD WANTS US TO WIN!!! HE WANTS US TO KNOW THE ANSWERS TO THE TEST SO WE CAN SCORE 100%.  That’s why it is spelled out to us in our instruction manual. All that we would ever need is right there. Its just a matter of us sitting down and taking the time to read it. Taking some time daily to sit before the LORD ASKING QUESTIONS once we read it. Placing the task of KINGDOM BUILDING first. Putting time into developing into the true child of the KING. Knowing that the impending judgment of the saints is coming it should perfect in us the fear of the LORD, and cause us to be clear minded and self-controlled. This way we can watch and pray. We can live holy and GODLY LIVES. We can walk in love and show mercy and kindness to all. Studying this can place us back on tract so that we can stand with pride…not in pride before OUR LORD AT THE JUDGMENT SEAT, knowing that we gave it our very best!!! The bible ends with LORD JESUS MAKING A VERY SIMPLE STATEMENT “YES, I AM COMING SOON.” This is a promise made from the mouth of OUR LORD. It’s not saying that HE might come back, or we hope HE comes back. It’s just what is said as a fact…HE IS COMING BACK!!! Yet our responds just like John who received and wrote this book should be ” AMEN!!! COME, LORD JESUS!!!”. There is nothing more that can be said after that statement. We do want OUR LORD TO RETURN ASAP…but as I make that statement in my heart and say it with my mouth…I question myself …HAVE I DONE, DOING, OR WILL DO ALL THAT I CAN AS A CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH??? Personally I want to work on doing better starting today so that when OUR LORD RETURNS AND I STAND BEFORE HIM I CAN HEAR THOSE WORDS….”WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT”!!!!

This concludes our bible study for this month. As always study the scripture for yourself and see what THE LORD has just for you. Talk with your pastor and leaders seeking their advice. Find out from GOD WHAT HE WANTS YOU AND YOU ALONE TO DO TO BUILD HIS KINGDOM. Once you know what it is then just simply do it with all your heart. Don’t allow anyone to turn you around or attempt to lead you astray. Take your time and test the spirits. All who say that they are of THE LORD ARE NOT. You will know them by their fruits. Pray daily and just bask in HIS GLORY. Study your instruction manual, the bible. Then read what other true CHRISTian’s have to say. But most of all establish a relationship with LORD JESUS so that you will know HIS VOICE WHEN HE SPEAKS TO YOU. Be led by THE HOLY SPIRIT and when you mess up repent and keep doing GOD’S WILL. Continue to be an active reader of this blog. We welcome your comments both positive and negative. Share this site with others both male and female. Let them know if all they want to do is read and learn its fine with us. Continue to be a blessing for the KINGDOM OF GOD!!!

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