Lately I have to admit I have been watching a show on HBO called True Blood. At the same time I have been reading a four book series known as Twilight. Now why am I telling you about these two fictional issues you ask??? As always good question!!! The thing is both are suppose to be love stories. So since I’m writing about love I felt I should speak on these love stories that are so popular at this present time. Now what the two have in common other than the fact that they are suppose to be tales of love is that both are about vampires….yes vampires. Never thought in my wildest fantacies that I would be seeing that people would romantices about loving and belonging to a evil creature of the night. True blood takes place in a small town in New Orleans. Vampires are coming out of the closet (no pun intended) and letting the world know that they exsist. They are immortal and have super skills and ablities. Not only that it has been found by many of the people that associate with the vampires that if their blood is ingested by a human that the person who takes it becomes strong and has a beautiful trip just like taking LSD. Not only that their blood is addictive. The reason the vampires can let the world know that they exsist is because somewhere they have invented a synthetic blood known as true blood and so if the vampire takes this true blood he/she does not have to kill humans to live. Most of the women start falling for the vampires because they are suppose to be such good lovers and can make a women feel loved. The main character who was a virgin saving herself for the right person falls in love with the vampire and gives herself to him. Likewise in the Twilight series again we have a virgin teenage girl who falls in love with a teenage vampire who is really about 90 years old. He is handsome and possesses superhuman abilities. Unlike True Blood these vampires still require human blood but they choose to feed on animals because they have a soul. Why again in the world should I be reading and watching these things and yet blogging about it on a Christian blog site??? First of all its important to see what is being presented to our children and to the world. Second of all both the TV show and the books are done well. Third as females we are always looking for love. The sad part is that now we are being told that the only way to fine a true man is to be with some mystical man that is not alive. Many people are running around taking these productions serious. Not looking for a vampire but looking at evil sources to bring us happieness. Both the TV show and the books focus on the fact that the true life source is in the blood. However its not the blood of humans that will make an evil vile make belive creature of the night a source to be desired and loved. We should not be fanticizing about giving up our lives to live with a dead creature of the night and this is the only way we as women can find love or immortality. For those of us that love CHRIST we know that HIS BLOOD IS OUR SOURCE OF IMMORTALITY….that by his blood we will rein and live forever with HIM. As I watched the show and read the books I thought to myself why is this such a big deal??? It’s just make belive. It’s just something to entertain us….we can’t be serious all the time. Really this is not a big deal so why am I making it such….Now I know why. We are living in a world where there is so much evil that everyone is looking for love and peace. Most can’t turn to the church because we have become so worldly and mean in our behavior that the world does not want to be a part of us. Really to some people we are the only CHRIST they will ever know. For most of the ladies they want to have a true mate. Someone who will put them first and love them unconditionally. At this point and time they can’t find that man in the world and when they turn to the church we look down on them if they come with any baggage or if they don’t then they run into the church wolf. So what do they have left??? …you are right the world of make belive. The beauty of being a woman is the fact that we have a vivid imagination. We see things in our mind’s eye and we attemp to live that way. Many of us read romance novals and attempt to find that person somewhere out there who will ride on that white horse and take us away to live happily ever after. Growing up we had the knights in shining armor to contend with now we have abnormally handsome immortal super vampires who will make us want to give him our life force of blood to keep him with us to show us love. LADIES THIS IS JUST ANOTHER FAIRY STORY..TO KEEP US WANTING SOMETHING THAT’S NOT REAL!!! This is just another trick of satan the very same one that he tricked Eve with in the garden. Do this and you will be just like GOD!!! We can not look to hollywood or the warped imagination of black magic to give us the peace and love we need.  We have to fall in love with JESUS. That’s the only way that we as women will be able to fine true love. It is the SHED BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST THAT IS TRUE!!!….You can’t go looking for some evil source to bring you happiness. Blood is our true life source. It is what keeps us alive. We should never in anyway think or want to drink the blood of any source animal or human. Not even in our imagination. We should not think that something drinking our blood is romantic or loving. There are women reading this story thinking what a man…sorry a dead cold make believe man. These stories are aimed at our teenage young ladies who are at a very tender time in their lives. They act on things to try and see if they are real or not. They become twisted in their belief. They will attempt to experiment with things such as drugs, gothic wear and make-up, even joining so called vampire clubs where they play with each other’s blood. These things are extremely dangerours because true our blood is our life force it also holds deadly diseases that one must be careful  not  to contaminate themselves with. Our true blood is the BLOOD OF CHRIST!!! Its HIS BLOOD THAT WE NEED TO BECOME CONNECTED WITH. Taking communion with your church is a way to stay connected with this life source. Reading about HIM attempting to allow HIM TO GUIDE OUR LIVES WILL ALLOW US TO MEET THE MAN OF OUR DREAMS. GOD has already picked out our mates. We just have to know where to position ourselves to meet him. The only way to know this is by listening to GOD’S WORD. As we do the assigned work that is ours alone to do we will not have time to worry about Mr. Right. As we place our focus on HIM OUR LORD WILL place us in the position that we need to be so HE CAN PLACE HIS CHOICE FOR US IN OUR PATHS. We will be busy doing OUR FATHER’S WORK and look up and there standing before us will be the Adam to our Eve, the Boaz to our Ruth, the Joseph to our Mary. Ladies read whatever you want to….watch whatever you feel you want to see…but remember this is make believe and you should never want a part of evil in any way. JESUS IS OUR ROCK AND OUR FOUNDATION. Turn to HIM and HE will provide the love that you need. As for me I will continue to watch and read what’s out here that might appear innocent but indeed hurt us in the long run. I will report on this and blog on this and teach all who will listen. Part of my job is to see what’s in the world that could harm us and give it to all so that we are not hiding our heads in the sand. Or secretly wanting the subsitutes that the world has to offer us. Not only that we can’t just only watch and read the religious stations and attempt to hide out and not see. Really we are not of this world but we live in this world. We have to first grow strong in CHRIST so that we have the right foundation so we can build our house on the rock. This way whatever comes our way we will be ready. I will continue to look at and read what the LORD leads me to… always looking for HIS TEACHINGS IN EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED TO DO. Am I telling you not to look at True Blood or read Twilight…no not really!!! What I’m saying is that you must know JESUS so that you can see and recognize what you are watching and reading. You must know that you know who HE IS AND WHO YOU ARE IN HIM. YOU MUST NEVER TURN TO HOLLYWOOD’S FANTASY TO FORM WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IN YOUR NEED FOR LOVE. GOD IS LOVE AND ONCE YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH HIM YOU WILL NEVER NEED ANYTHING ELSE. ONCE HE KNOWS YOU ARE READY THEN AS HE DID WITH ADAM HE WILL PRESENT YOU WITH THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. IT IS ALL ABOUT LOVE AND HIS TRUE BLOOD!!!

As always spend time with JESUS so you know what he wants you to do with your life. Remember to put more of HIM IN YOU then what’s offered out here in this world. As ladies we need and want love more than anything. But as ladies we can not get caught up in someone else’s concept of love. We must know who’s love we need first and that is OUR LORD JESUS. Spend time with your pastor and elders. Talk about things with your Titus women. But most of all spend time with LORD JESUS and he will direct you in all of your paths and will give you the understanding to deal with all that’s around you. As always leave a comment or ask a question. We are here and offer all that we have to enlighten you to the truth of GOD. We don’t pretend to have all of the answers but we will offer what has been given to us so that we can become closer to CHRIST. In this New Year determine to come closer with the will and way of OUR LORD…TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!….its all 4hiswill.

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