It’s a most wonderful time of the year!!! This is the beginning of a Christmas song that I like to hear sung by Johnny Mathis. Although I like the song what I love most is the reason why this is the most wonderful time of the year….no matter what the world wants to say now the reason is that at this time the entire world stops to acknowledge the BIRTHDAY OF LORD JESUS CHRIST. Some of the stores have informed their employee’s that they are not to say “MERRY CHRISTmas” but they are to tell their clients happy holidays. Again there would not be any holidays if it was not for GOD COMING TO EARTH IN THE FORM OF MAN TO BRING SALVATION TO A DYING WORLD. When my husband and I were raising our children it got to a point where the children forgot who’s birthday it was. They were so busy wanting everything they saw on TV and becoming upset if they could not get the latest must have toy. We looked at the direction they were going in and realized if we didn’t change their focus and place it back on CHRIST they would be lost and so would our someday grandchildren. So we made a rule that they could get four gifts…three they could keep and one would go to a child that would not have anything for CHRISTmas. We also put the day’s focus on JESUS by actually having a birthday party for him with our dinner and setting the table with a place at the head for him. We gave them the example that how would they feel if it was their birthday and everyone except the birthday girl/boy got something? That on their birthday they had to give the gifts and everybody else got a wonderful party. Just how would they feel? Our children to their credit understood and gave lovingly and with joy to others during the holidays. They appreciated what they got and really got into the dinner birthday party and stepped to another level knowing that JESUS was at the table at his own birthday party. Now that they are grown adults and have families of their own they still continue with the focus on CHRIST. We as a family give to each other all year and now at CHRISTmas time we celebrate HIM BY GIVING TO OTHERS. We do give of ourselves during the year but during this wonderful holiday we focus more than ever on others needs and on those that we love in our church and community. JESUS IS LORD AND THE ENTIRE WORLD KNOWS WHO HE IS AND THAT HE STILL LIVES. This is why this holiday is so important. During this time of the year I personally love to read the account of his birth from the book of Luke. Dr. Luke did not walk with Christ as Matthew and John did, and for that matter even Mark. Mark was not a disciple but he was around as a young man during that time and he was able to watch and see for himself. But Dr. Luke was not there at all so he had to interview those who were there. One of the many that he spoke with was Mary herself. When you read his account of the birth you can feel this mother recounting all that happened to her from start to finish. Its so personally and loving. It speaks from a mother’s heart. One of my favorite verses is found in Luke 2:19 “BUT MARY TREASURED UP ALL THESE THINGS AND PONDERED THEM IN HER HEART.” Those of us that are mothers never forget our first pregnancy. There are things that even if we have others that we just can never forget. Mary gave birth to the KING OF GLORY how could she not remember everything that took place? As she pulls it back for Luke to record you just feel all that she felt and saw. Sometimes I just like to read the first three chapters of Luke and see OUR LORD AS ONLY A MOTHER CAN SEE HIM. It makes him more real to me than any other time. During this busy season remember why you are so busy!!! Your family is important but what’s more important then anything is THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!!! Put HIM FIRST!!! Let the world know if they can’t put CHRIST BACK IN CHRISTmas that you won’t spend your money in their stores. Only shop where that business acknowledges WHO HE IS!!!  You will be surprise how things would change when the business community sees that we are not going to tolerate the slight. Take the time to sit down and read the first three chapters of the book of Luke for yourself. Its great!!! Then share the birth chapter with your family and friends when they come together to celebrate this holiday season. Once you put CHRIST on your mas you will find that your life will change for the better in the next year to come. In fact don’t just stop at CHRISTmas include HIM IN YOUR NEW YEAR CELEBRATION AS WELL. BRING IN THE NEW YEAR ON YOUR KNEES AT YOUR LOCAL WATCH NIGHT SERVICE. We have a difficult year coming and our nations needs all the prayers that we can put up. As our core scripture states ” GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST, AND ON EARTH PEACE TO MEN ON WHOM HIS FAVOR RESTS” Luke 2:14 NIV

Spirit of Abba International thank you for being a part of our ministry by blogging with us and attending our mini-retreats. We ask that GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU and that at this time of the year you KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTmas. Bless your family with reading the birth of LORD JESUS as found in Luke 2. As always we welcome your comments and questions. We send love out to each and everyperson that visits our site and their is so much more to come in the new year from us. Please keep watching and participating as we continue on 4hiswill!!!

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