We have made it to the end of this series at last!!! However we have only looked at witchcraft in reference to the flesh, we must now look at witchcraft in the church in the supernatural. The New Testament warns us that witchcraft is going to infiltrate the church (Revelation 2). So as always our LORD gives us warnings and solutions in his word. As true believers its our job to study his word, receive the information and act on it. Sometimes its things that we really don’t want to know about, but as I said before we can not continue to worship as usual its time to change and begin Kingdom building. We must recognize that not all supernatural manifestations come from GOD. A lot of them come from satan. As far as we know there are only two sources of the supernatural available to men: GOD or satan. Any supernatural power that does not come from GOD  does in fact, come from satan. Our FATHER GOD’S KINGDOM IS A KINGDOM OF LIGHT. In HIS KINGDOM, WE ARE AWARE OF WHOSE WE ARE AND WHAT GOD IS DOING BECAUSE IT OCCURS IN THE LIGHT. The illegitimate kingdom of satan is a kingdom of darkness. In that kingdom, we are not aware of what is manipulating us, what is controlling us, what is driving us because we can’t see it. Why you ask??? It occurs in the dark!!! There are three main branches of the supernatural aspect of witchcraft. They are witchcraft, divination, and sorcery. These three cover the whole field of the satanic supernatural. Witchcraft is the power branch. Its product is power, and it operates through such activities as curses and spells. Curses is the single most powerful weapon of the two and its a very old practice. We see it many times in the bible. In Numbers 22 we find the story of Balaam who we might refer to him as a witch doctor. In verse 10 Balaam is actually explaining to GOD the proposition he got from Balak (refer to Numbers 22:10-11). The thing that gets to me is the fact that this was standard practice in the cultures of the bible. It was no big deal for a king who was going into war to seek the assistance of the supernatural to help him win the war. They would simply go and get their witchdoctor to curse their enemy. So in a certain sense ancient warfare was not just a conflict between nations but it was viewed as a test of power between the gods of those nations. The second branch is divination or fortunetelling. Divination is the knowledge branch of witchcraft. The product is not power but knowledge. Believe it or not it was this branch that led man into sin. This is what Paul and Silas encounter when they first arrived to preach the gospel in Philippi (refer to the story in Acts 16:16-17). Paul was no longer dealing with just satan’s kingdom on the natural,physical plane but consequently satan’s kingdom in the heavenlies. The third branch is sorcery. Sorcery operates through objects such as potions or charms.  This basically would include anything that is called lucky, such as a horseshoe, a rabbit’s foot and all things that people carry to bring them luck. Sorcery also operates through love potions which is very common. Believe it or not sorcery also operates through drugs. The Greek word for sorcery is directly formed from the Greek word for a drug. We see an entire generation affected by drugs today and this culture is a clear example of sorcery at work. Looking at our scripture we see that sorcery goes with sexual immorality and violence. Just looking at what’s going on in America today is a direct result of sorcery. We have extreme violence, sexual immorality and drug addictions of all kinds. The sad part is that all of this and more is in our churches to a point that we look just like the world or worse. Witchcraft in the church puts the carnal over the Spiritual. In old Testament terms this is like putting Ishmael over Isaac. Anything that we do of our own initiative that is not initiated by GOD through the HOLY SPIRIT will be an Ishmael. Our LORD JESUS never did anything by HIS own initiative. HE SAID IN JOHN 5:19 “THE SON CAN DO NOTHING OF HIMSELF, BUT WHAT HE SEES THE FATHER DO”. The moment we try to do something that isn’t started and initiated by GOD, we are going to produce an Ishmael. We are still dealing with this problem today from the choices that Abraham created and the supernatural world keeps problems coming between the seeds of Abraham as we see in the Middle East. Witchcraft produces theology and sets it over the revelation that has been given to us by GOD. This is one of the major problems of the church. Most of our problems in the church result from exalting human thinking above divine revelation. This is found in our churches and sadly also in many of our seminaries. Witchcraft in our church exalts education above discipling. Becoming a student in many of today’s bible colleges or seminaries we would receive a whole lot of head knowledge. For three or four years receiving this type of knowledge would just allow us to be puffed up thinking more of ourselves then of CHRIST. Our LORD didn’t do that. What he did was allow his disciples to follow behind HIM and serve. HE knew that the combination of teaching, training and serving was the only way to safeguard against giving people knowledge that would puff them up above the MOST HIGH GOD. Witchcraft exalts psychology above discernment. Basically what it does is place psychological treatment over a legitimate word of GODLY knowledge. A good example of this is when JESUS was speaking with the women at the well. He told her certain truths about herself that only she would know. She knew that HE spoke a word of knowledge. In other words a word of knowledge eliminates a whole lot of psychology. Witchcraft exalts reasoning above the walk of faith. Our GOD leads us step-by step in a walk of faith. HE does not lead us by reasoning. HE does not tell us the whole plan of where we are going, just as he did Abraham. Nor does HE tell us whats going to happen. What HE does do is simply say THIS IS YOUR NEXT MOVE…and as we walk in faith we have the supernatural attestation of the HOLY SPIRIT with us. However witchcraft exalts reasoning thus allowing us to rely on our own self and all we receive is what reason can produce. Last but not least witchcraft exalts legalism above love. Haven’t you ever noticed that most legalistic, religious people are very unloving. We try to stay away from them. They come up with all of these unrealistic rules and are very critical of others who can’t keep them. What they don’t seem to realize is that what really  matters most is faith working through love. Not the theological kind of faith nor a faith that majors on doctrinal hairsplitting. It is a JESUS KIND OF FAITH THAT OPERATES THROUGH LOVE. This entire mini series of the true nature of witchcraft allows us to open up our eyes which have been blinded by  our enemy satan. It is satan’s diabolical strategy to obscure JESUS’ CRUCIFIXION. Once the church loses sight of the cross and what was accomplished there it will no longer administer JESUS’ VICTORY OVER satan. Ladies witchcraft has blinded the eyes of our churches to miss this essential, fundamental truth. LORD JESUS HAS GIVEN US THE VICTORY AND HIS POWER AND WE HAVE TO USE IT. We must make a determined effort to throw off the veil of witchcraft and fix our gaze on the work of the CROSS. Continue to STUDY THE WORD OF GOD, PRAY AND DEVELOPE A RELATIONSHIP WITH LORD JESUS, ALLOW THE HOLY SPIRIT TO LEAD US TO ALL THAT IS TRUE, STAY ON THE BATTLE FIELD AND FIGHT TO DEVELOPE KINGDOM BUILDING. During these evil times we must stay focus and be alert. We all have a job to do. The time for sitting back and resting is over the harvest is plenty and the workers a few. Its time to work on behalf of GOD’S KINGDOM!!!

 This concludes our mini-series on the true nature of witchcraft. As we have seen this evil has invaded our churches and we must open and eyes and hearts to the wisdom knowledge of GOD. Let us know how you feel about this post and the entire series. We welcome your comments

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