To continue on with our mini-series of witchcraft in the church, we will be talking about the three expressions of witchcraft in the flesh. When you read our scripture reference the last word sorcery is termed witchcraft in the King James Version of the bible. However regardless of which version we use the meaning is the same witchcraft is a work of the flesh. It is an expression of the unregenerate nature of the fallen man. It is what naturally comes out of our fleshly nature. We have witnessed that you never have to teach a child how to act negatively. They just naturally do it. Given a chance a child would lie without thinking about it or act selfishly when ever he/she sees fit. This is all a part of our fallen nature. In our fallen nature we desire to control other people. Our desire to get people to do what we want very often cause us to use illegitimate means to make that happen. In this operation of witchcraft there are three key words or expressions. They are dominate, manipulate, and intimidate. When these three activities are happening whether you realize it or not, it is an encounter with witchcraft. The end product is control or the need to dominate. To achieve this domination, depending on the situation a person will either use intimidation or manipulation to do it. Witchcraft  as a work of the flesh operates in every area of society. Now remember we are still talking about  witchcraft in the natural not the supernatural yet. Before we look at some examples of this let me again explain some things. We must remember whether we like it or not our GOD  has ordained a certain structure in the family. The husband is identified as the head of the wife (refer to Ephesians 5:23). No matter how people attempt to turn this around this is GOD’S order for the family, the father as head, then the mother and the children to the parents. Witchcraft plays into this by  either manipulation or intimidation  to disrupt GOD’S divine authorized order. The thing about this natural form of witchcraft is  that even a child can use it and we never really realize what’s happening. For this reason it has invaded our homes and churches and we are not really aware that it is dangerous or destroying our society. Simple examples of this are seen everywhere. We will start with how we see this in children. A mother has stated to her children that they can not have any more sweets. They obey and don’t ask for any thing else. Now that seems all well and good but the children know that their mother is having the women’s ministry over for a meeting and is setting up the house for the meeting. She is putting out sweet treats for her guest and as they watch they know that as soon as the ladies get there they will ask their mother in front of the ladies for a sweet treat. Knowing that their mother will not want to look bad in front of her guest she will allow the children to have the sweets. The moment she gives in the children have manipulated her and the divine order has changed. The children are now in control and have dominated her no matter how small this appears. Once this domination is done using manipulation then they are acting in the realm of  witchcraft. Mothers and fathers also use this form to dominate. The most common way for witchcraft to operate in a women is manipulation, and in men it is intimidation. Both the man and the woman have the same aim and that is to control the other. Example if the wife does not get her way, she throws a tearful fit, withholds affection and makes her husband’s life miserable. In the end he gives in and the domination of the divine order is changed. For the husband he may be a brute both physically or mentally. He takes control of his wife and children by keeping them on edge. The one thing they don’t want is to make daddy upset because they don’t want to hear his mouth or incur his wrath. Dad on the other hand just really wants his way and dominates the family because he can with intimidation. He doesn’t have to do this because he is the head of the household but according to GOD’S divine order if there is a problem in the household the couple should talk it out face-to -face. They should sit together and talk about whatever the issues are, then turn to the word of GOD, once that’s done they should pray. This is how GOD wants our family and our church to operate in peace and with his divine order. Now the samething goes on in our churches. There are leaders from the pastor on down that will use intimidation and manipulation to dominate or basicly have their own way in the church. They are using witchcraft to keep a stronghold on the church. They want to dominate the people of GOD and have their way to do the things that pleases them. The more this is done the more that intimidation and manipulation is used to dominate and guess what???….we now have witchcraft taking control over the church. The worse of it all is that its done in a way that no one is aware that witchcraft has taken over. Then when some of the wise find out about it no one belives them and even the wise can’t put their fingers on how witchcraft has entered into the house of the LORD. The thing with manipulation and intimidation is that it never faces the real issues. It goes behind the issues and  the real problems are never brought into the light. So the church begins to fall and the body can’t figure out why. Some of the greatest examples of witchcraft in the bible using manipulation and intimidation in GOD’S people for the sole purpose of domination were Delilah and Jezebel. When you read their stories we see witchcraft at its highest. So let’s sum this up…we see that witchcraft as a work of the flesh has three trademarks: manipulation, intimidation, and domination.  Whenever we encounter these activities, behind them is the power of witchcraft. These are real and relevant issues when we open our eyes to the reality of these factors operating in our churches and our homes it makes it easier to deal with and to put out. We can take authority of this type of witchcraft and change our ways and bring CHRIST BACK INTO OUR HOMES AND CHURCHES. Witchcraft never came to do any of us any good. We must remember what LORD JESUS SAID ” THE THIEF DOES NOT COME EXCEPT TO STEAL, AND TO KILL, AND TO DESTROY” John 10:10. If we entertain the thief, we can expect him to do exactly those three things….to steal our joy, to kill our church and to destroy our church and our homes. We have the power and now we know the problem. Witchcraft is real and we see its present in our churches and homes. We have taken a look at it in the natural. Our next post in this mini series will focus on witchcraft in the church in the supernatural. We can no longer just sit back and pretend that these things are not happening. Ladies we must learn for ourselves. We are the hand that rock the craddle. JESUS is depending on us to help him. The best way we can do this is by studying his word, seeking his face, developing a true realationship with him, establishing a prayer life and then giving all that we have learned to our mates, children and to the world. Time is short and we need to prepare for OUR LORD’S RETURN. We have to know for ourselves what’s of GOD and not. We must open our eyes and take this role we have seriously and be about KINGDOM BUILDING….remember JESUS IS COUNTING ON US!!!

This concludes us discussion on witchcraft in the church from the natural…but we are not done the next post will continue with this topic. We will then focus on witchcraft in the church from the supernatural.

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