We find ourselves in the last days and times. Our LORD is coming back. I personally feel that he is walking earth now seeing how his bride the church is doing. Sadly I don’t think that we will get a good report. There is too much of the world in the churches at this time. Our enemy satan knows he can’t win so he decided to invade the house of the LORD. He came in as the angel of the dim blue light. Most could not see him until some of the wise noticed that there were many things going wrong in our churches. We have been given great power by LORD JESUS however the church is very weak. We can’t seem to get ahead. We are not spreading the word and saving souls. We are acting like a bunch of separate cults instead of one united family or body. We are fighting against each other within denominations and fighting each other in our own home churches. So being the LORDS appointed detective I just had to find out why we are the way we are. I want to know why we are looking so much like the world that even the world does not want any parts of us. So what did I do…you ask? You know you really do asks very good questions. I went to the source of course….I prayed and went to the word. What ABBA showed me was simply witchcraft in the church. No this can’t be in our churches you declare!!!  Oh yes its true!!! This subject of witchcraft in the church is one that can not be done in just one post so we will do a mini series on this subject until we have full understanding. Witchcraft has two aspects, a natural and a supernatural. This first part of the series will focus on the natural aspect. Looking at our scripture it comes from 1st Samuel 15:23 in these words the prophet Samuel is speaking to King Saul, he makes two comparisons addressing two very sinful attitudes. They are rebellion and stubbornness. In this scripture it reveals GOD’S evaluation of them both. To GOD rebellion is a twin of witchcraft and stubbornness is a twin of idolatry.  We will look at stubbornness first. The verse says stubbornness is a form of idolatry. Looking at this in our churches how does this occur? Now sit down and listen to this!!! THE STUBBORN PERSON MAKES IDOLS OUT OF HIS OWN OPINIONS. Ouch!!! Let’s just shine the light of GOD on that so we can really see and consider our attitude on this in our church today. As a body of CHRIST we will not accept drunkards or openly immoral people in our church. We would have a fit if that person sat on the pews and pulled out a bottle of wine and began to drink. He/she would be kicked out at once. Likewise we would not have a couple fornicating on the pews as well, but take a look at this… many stubborn people do we have in the church??? But that person is just stubborn what’s the big deal??? IN GOD’S EYES THOSE STUBBORN PEOPLE ARE IDOLATERS!!! Well its not like that person brought in a wooded idol and fell down and worshiped it in front of everyone…if they did the church would not stand for this at all….no way!!! That person is just stubborn….no big deal right???…WRONG!!! WRONG!!! WRONG!!!…..THE BOTTOM LINE IS JUST THIS…..IN THE SIGHT OF GOD THOSE STUBBORN PEOPLE ARE THE SAME AS IDOLATERS.!!!! THEIR VERY OWN OPIONIONS ARE THEIR IDOLS AND THEY WORSHIP THEM RIGHT IN FRONT OF US AND WE TOLERATE IT.. TO GOD THIS IS WRONG AND ALLOWS EVIL TO DOMINATE IN OUR CHURCHES….Still sitting down?…Now lets look at rebellion. In the scripture it indicates that the root of witchcraft is rebellion. We must face it wherever you find rebellion you can anticipate witchcraft. What does rebellion do? Simply stated rebellion rejects GOD’S LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY. We cannot exist in life for long without authority. So if we don’t have GOD’S LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY, we replace the void with illegitimate authority. Where we have illegitimate authority, it has to be supported by wrongful power. This illegitimate power that supports rebellion is none other than old witchcraft. So wherever we find illegitimate authority being exercised, we need to be prepared to deal with witchcraft. It is almost impossible to be deeply involved in rebellion without coming sooner or later under the power of witchcraft. When you read 1st Samuel you see that King Saul in that story was disobedient and did not slaughter all the animals that he had captured. Instead, he kept the best to offer to GOD. This was not what GOD wanted him to do. GOD told him that  ” I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR SACRIFICE, BECAUSE IT COMES OUT OF DISOBEDIENCE”….and what is disobedience??? You said it REBELLION. As the king of Israel, Saul had actually put out all of the witches from that land…(1st Samuel 28:3)…..Now look at this….when he could no longer hear from GOD because of his disobedience or rebellion….he himself sought a witch out of desperation. That was no accident; simply cause and effect, wherever there is rebellion, sooner or later there will be witchcraft. Now this is really a lot of food for thought so we will stop here. We will continue with this subject in the next post. My eyes opened up when just this aspect was revealed to me. We must study and focus on CHRIST. HE will lead us to all truth. The days have gone by when we can just sit in the church and act like church as usual. We can’t allow any one to dictate to us their take on the WORD OF GOD….we must study for ourselves and build a relationship with THE LORD so we will be able to know the truth for ourselves. Even with this blog read, pray, develop your own walk and ask him what he wants you to do. Once you know just do it. Stay alert….don’t let satan rob you of your joy, peace and love. So ladies remember what has come into our churches and vow not to allow anything to to dirty or soil THE BRIDE OF CHRIST-THE CHURCH.

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****Next in the series of the natural aspect of witchcraft in the church….the three expressions of witchcraft in the flesh*****

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  1. Rev. Kat

    Thank you for sharing this very critical information. We are living in the times the Bible prophesied when even the very elect would be fooled. Therefore, the need for Truth is greater than ever before! I always say that it’s no shame to have a problem, but it is a shame to know you have a problem and do nothing about it. Self-inspection is required for each of us in this hour. Only God knows what lurks in the hearts of men and women. Our hearts have been described as deceitfully wicked and no man knows what’s in it. God is well able to show us what’s in our hearts and how to be delivered from the wickedness that exists in it.

    The reality of witchcraft has been addressed by the world as a fun thing. A world of witches & warlocks who ride on brooms and cast spells over boiling pots. The idea of their existence has been taken so lightly that people enjoy dressing up in these costumes for Halloween. The greatest deception of our enemy is that witchcraft is not found in the outward appearance. In fact, the seed of rebellion which spawns witchcraft resides in the hearts of humankind! If only it were as simple as looking at another person to recognize their true nature. Thank God for the Holy Spirit who is our counselor and who leads us into all Truth! The seed of rebellion is often born through a hurt or disappointment. Many times, we are hurt by the enemy of our souls yet we blame God for not coming to our rescue. Unknowingly, we can begin to build up resistance to the Word of God by developing defenses against being hurt again by people. The enemy uses our lack of knowledge to deceive us into thinking that we need to guard ourselves against people rather than principalities, powers, a spiritual wickedness in high places. The end result is that believers develop thoughts and behaviors that are elevated above the Word and Will of God! Like Saul’s example, God rejects those who reject the word of the Lord!

    Oftentimes, these strongholds last throughout a person’s entire lifetime. The presence of any kind of stronghold limits the ability of a believer to experience the oneness with God that s/he was designed for. A rebellious spirit negatively impacts our worship, our relationships with God and others, and our ability to line up with the will of God for our lives. It is a slippery slope that begins with a thought and ends in mental, spiritual, and/or physical death. God’s covenant with His people is not to be taken lightly! How would a beliver know if s/he is operating in rebellion? Rebellion exists where believers do not follow the commands of God. It is a simple matter of asking God to reveal to each of us the true condition of our hearts. As believers, we must keep the Word of God before us both day and night so that we know what our God requires of us. God keeps His promises to those who keep His commandments. “Know therefore that the Lord thy God, he is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments to a thousand generations.” Deut. 7:9. Be encouraged, saints, and allow God to cleanse and purify the tablet that is your heart in this hour.

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