Seatbelt of Faith By Autumn Rouse

When the world gives you lemons you should throw them back to the world and yell “suck it world”. Life has a way of giving you a big plate of hectic salad with a side of crazy to wash it down with. Often I find my self on the edge of “I can’t take it anymore Cliff “. Wobbling away from the Cliff I abruptly turn and get smacked with the wall of “Surprise” where there is often a new bill that needs to be paid and of course they all say final notice. Life is definitely a rollercoaster ride but the secret of getting through the ride with your sanity is to wear your “Seatbelt of Faith”. Here are some of the ways to keep your seatbelt of faith in tacked and ready for the ride

1.     Don’t press “ignore” on God. When the lord is trying to tell you something listen. Simple as that!

2.     When in doubt pray. Every time you think about something that is negative about your life counter act that thought with a prayer.

3.     When you are facing hard times remember its okay to cry. God created your emotions; but he did not create the spirit of despair. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Look for the silver lining.

4.     Know that God will lead you to the person or persons who will give you the lift you need. Even if it’s not a physical connection. It could be a song on your iPod or a book “remember there is always the bible that is filled with pick me ups.”

5.     The road to success is not a one lane one way street. No matter what your idea of success is know that you were born with the key and his name is Christ.

6.     God created pleasure for a reason. As long as it is in the perimeters of Christianity enjoy life’s gifts. There is nothing wrong with a shopping trip or a spa day. Most of the time our main focus in life are surrounded on the problems in the world instead of the pleasures.

7.     The last but defiantly not lease keep the faith just know that God will lead you to the place where you need to be. He will lead you to the person that you need to talk to. He will lead you to the career that will help your finances. He will lead you to the diet or workout program that will help you loose weight. He will lead you to the motivation that will keep your children focus on the right path. God will lead you just let him lead “keep the faith”.  Just remember he promised he will take care of your needs wants and desires; and remember God is not deceptive he always keeps his promises.

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One thought on “Seatbelt of Faith By Autumn Rouse

  1. 4hiswill

    I am very proud to add this wonderful person to the blog site. Not only is she my youngest child, she is in herself a true young lady of CHRIST. When she said that she wanted to be a part of this project I said THANK YOU JESUS we did something right. Well I have enjoyed reading this post and I love her take on things and the freshness of her insight….so full of youth and wonder. I have asked her to continue to blog with us as the LORD guides her and her college classes allows her. Now for the personal Autumn I am so very proud of you but most of all I love the CHRIST IN YOU…keep being you and keep your hand in GOD’S HAND HE WILL CONTINUE TO LEAD YOU INTO ALL TRUTHS….EVEN WHEN I CAN’T…..MOM!!!

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