I had been reading a really good book and there was a question asked that made me stop in my reading and really think.  The question asked was :WHERE ARE YOU RIGHT NOW? ARE YOU HANGING AROUND ON THE BRIDGE? OR ARE YOU REIGNING IN LIFE WITH JESUS? Now I had to stop right there and look at just where I was at this moment in my life. I know I am saved and love THE LORD WITH ALL MY HEART, but am I reigning in life with JESUS at this time in my life or am I still just hanging on the bridge. Before I get to where I am let me talk about the process. Looking at our scripture it states that by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners. Let’s look at that statement. We all know what was done in the Garden. But do we really understand how man found himself in this situation? When satan was the archangel Lucifer GOD HAD BLESSED him with being perhaps the wisest and most beautiful of all GOD’S creatures. However scripture tells us that Lucifer’s heart was lifted up. After growing prideful of his wisdom and beauty he began to hatch his planned rebellion against THE MOST HIGH. For his disobedience he and those angels he corrupted were cast down from the presence of GOD. He lost his status as an archangel and thus became satan our enemy. So why is he our enemy? We didn’t cast him out of heaven. Good question? To counteract the effects of Lucifer’s rebellion our FATHER GOD devised an alternative plan. Since pride had been the root of Lucifer’s rebellion, GOD’S RESPONSE was to make a different kind of creature. This new creature was destined to take Lucifer’s place. This new creature devised for this purpose was man. GOD created Adam unique from any other creature. Adam was made special by the mode in which GOD CREATED him. Adam was made from a source different from any other created being that we  know of. He was the very lowest, the very humblest yet GOD made him capable of becoming the very highest. If we look at the creation of Adam in Genesis 2:7 ” AND THE LORD GOD FORMED MAN OF THE DUST OF THE GROUND, AND BREATHED INTO HIS NOSTRILS THE BREATH OF LIFE; AND MAN BECAME A LIVING BEING.” GOD MADE man to have person to person fellowship with him, by imparting himself into man. HE BREATHED HIS VERY OWN DIVINE BREATH INTO THAT BODY OF CLAY KNOW AS MAN. With his new creation GOD has established his alternative plan to the created fallen cherub satan. To undercut the tendency toward pride GOD created man from another kind of source which was the earth and then breathed HIS OWN DIVINE LIFE INTO HIM. Now I know you are saying still why are we the enemy? I’m getting to that!!! Along comes satan who is now the enemy of GOD. He has a particular enmity against man for two reasons. First of all he really wants to attack GOD but can’t. So he can attack GOD’S IMAGE which is man. As he attacks GOD’S man he feels that he is getting to GOD. The second reason he’s our enemy is that we were created lower than him but the fact remains that we were created to replace him. Our destiny is to take the place of the greatest archangel ever created in heaven. So from the very moment of our creation satan saw us as a rival whom he needed to eliminate. His way so he thought was by causing us to fall in the sameway he did. Pride was the first and worse sin that was done in heaven by satan before he was ever cast down to earth and it was pride that he tripped Adam and Eve with. He caused then to reach up to try to be like GOD and not need GOD. By reaching up they fell just like him. There satan was wrong. He thought that by stealing what was Adam’s he would cause GOD to abandon man. GOD IS GOD AND HE ALWAYS HAS A PLAN!!! Man had fallen and was alienated from him a rebel. Our enemy satan sat back waiting for GOD TO ABDONDON man, but in HIS MERCY AND GRACE HE DID NOT ABANDON MAN. HE KNEW WHO CAUSED ALL THE PROBLEMS. So GOD DID ONE THING TO SOLVE THE ENTIRE SITUATION. HE SENT LORD JESUS WHO BECAME GOD AND MAN AND WITH ONE SACRIFICE REDEEMED US BACK TO GOD. And the good part was that was all it took just one act by THE LORD. HE DID IT AND THEN JESUS WENT BACK TO HEAVEN AND SAT DOWN. He sat down because it was done. Nothing else was needed after that act…..HE SAID IT…IT IS FINISHED….DONE. Then it was time for JESUS TO TAKE HIS SEAT AND WAIT FOR US. He created that bridge for us to walk across. That bridge that took us from the side of darkness into the LIGHT OF GOD.  By crossing that bridge we can live and reign with CHRIST RIGHT HERE ON EARTH AS WE LIVE NOW. So after all of that I get back to my original question, where am I now. See the majority of us accepts JESUS AS OUR LORD AND SAVIOR and we walk onto the bridge. The problem is that we get on that bridge and just stay there. We don’t continue the walk to the other side. This is the side that JESUS died for to allow us to get to the kingdom of light. He said that he came so that we would not just have life but have it more abundantly. He doesn’t just want us to stay on the bridge he wants us to go over into the kingdom and reign with him. That is our destination to cross that bridge and go into the kingdom of light thus becoming kings and priests to rule with LORD JESUS. So after over 900 words I have to say that I am no longer standing on the bridge just happy to be saved. I have crossed over into the kingdom of light and my plan is to learn how to live each day to build that kingdom. He didn’t want us to wait until death to live in his kingdom. He wanted us to cross that BRIDGE OF CHRIST AND TO BUILD THE KINGDOM HERE ON EARTH. People of GOD its time to get off of that bridge and go into the kingdom to claim our destiny. Its time for us to  live with, fellowship, rule with, and become as CHRIST LIKE as we can while we are here. Its time for kingdom building and that can’t be done as long as we stand on the bridge. We have to keep walking into the kingdom now and start our true work of building that kingdom here on earth. The other part of our scripture states that by the obedience of one many shall be made righteous. CHRIST HAS DONE JUST THAT. The bridge is made and its time to not just step on and stay but to keep walking into the kingdom. Once we have done just that we will enjoy the rest of our lives here with more abundance as we live, rule, and work along side our LORD. Now I ask you the same question…..WHERE ARE YOU RIGHT NOW…..ON THE BRIDGE OR WALKING ON TO THE OTHER SIDE INTO THE KINGDOM OF LIGHT?

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