In the image of GOD… just where do we fit


As a woman I often wonder how we can be made in the image of GOD? Everything lets us know that GOD is a spirit but if he was to have a gender his physical would be male. Many say that if we wanted to know just what GOD looks like all we have to do is look at JESUS. History tells us that JESUS was male, and many have said that he was not a very attractive male at that. Now personally I find that very hard to believe. I have met people who are very plain in the physical but has that anoniting of GOD on them and they appear beautiful. So if a regular person with a Godly anointing can appear in that way then really JESUS who is GOD and man has got to look totally awesome!!! Ok I’m getting off of the subject. Most men feel that they can relate to GOD because of their gender, physical power and strength. Their role in the church as leaders and the head makes them feel and act all powerful and knowing. The fact that as wives we are asked to submit to them… really I’m going to leave that subject alone…gives them this GOD LIKE QUALITY. So then if we are made in the image of GOD then what image are we? Good question ….so I went to the source to get the answer. I asked ABBA FATHER just what part of his image were we. He lovingly held me in his arms and told me the following. He said “DEAR DAUGHTER YOU ARE MY INSIDES. THAT SOFT SWEET SIDE OF ME. THAT SIDE THAT KEEPS THE OUTSIDE WORKING. THAT SIDE THAT HOLDS ALL OF THE VITAL ORGANS. YOU ARE MY HEART, MY EMOTIONS, MY FEELINGS AND YES EVEN MY BRAIN. YOU ARE MY STRENGTH THAT REACHES OUT FROM WITHIN. YOU ARE MY LOVE IN HUMAN FORM!!! IN OTHER WORDS DAUGHTER I GAVE YOU ALL THE BEST PARTS OF ME!!!” So ladies as you look at yourself and wonder so just where do I fit in where GOD IS CONCERN….know that he reached inside of himself and formed you!!!

So how do you feel about this?  Please share your comments

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One thought on “In the image of GOD… just where do we fit

  1. This is an interesting question. In Bible Study, we are discussing the book of Genesis. A recent discussion we had was about Adam and Eve. In this disussion, I pointed out that women have a strong power of influence. We have the power to influence men to do things they thought they would and/or could not do. You know – bat your eyelashes, talk in a sweet, sexy, charasmatic way. Yeah, I am woman – so I know you feel me here.

    Now I believe that Adam had every intention of obeying God and not eating from that tree. But when he looked at Eve in all her beauty, when he heard her sweetly ask him to eat, he could not resist her urging and he did eat. Nevermind that God told him, not Eve, not to eat from that tree. Never mind that he was suppose to be the voice of reason and correct the current situation. Adam let the sexiness of woman entice him into sin.

    Well this being said. It is established that we have a strong power of influence. But let’s use it for the GLORY OF GOD not for ourselves. When we speak sweetly, let it be to encourage the lost, sick, and downtrodden. When we bat our eyelashes, let it be to hold back tears of comfort for the derived or tears of joy for one who has found God. We when move our bodies to and fro let it be during a time of praise to God for all He has done.

    We are woman made in the image of God so let us worship Him with our entire beings. AMEN.

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