Wolves in the church….ladies beware


Its hard to think that after leaving the evil world behind and giving your life to CHRIST that you would find wolves in the church. You think now I’m with people who will love me and treat me right because they love the LORD just as I do. In thinking this way Ladies we let our guard down and before we know it the wolf has jumped out and taken our heads off. Well he didn’t look like a wolf. You say. He didn’t talk like a wolf, nor did he act like a wolf but low and behold he is a very big wolf. The worse kind in fact. You see while in the world you knew who the wolves were. They were the low life men that lived off of women. Those who didn’t want to work. Who looked good but was no good. You could see them coming from a mile away. So how did you missed this church wolf you ask? Easy you did not follow the directions of CHRIST. JESUS lets us know in this scripture who these wolves are and how to recognize them. Reading further in the verse 16-17 states: “YE SHALL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS. DO MEN GATHER GRAPES OF THORNS, OR FIGS OF THISTLES? EVEN SO EVERY GOOD TREE BRINGETH FORTH GOOD FRUIT; BUT A CORRUPT TREE BRINGETH FORTH EVIL FRUIT.” Ladies the key is to watch and pray. Don’t take anyone totally at their word. Study them and ask GOD to show you their fruit. You will know if this man is a true man of GOD or a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Remember this man can be any leader in the church including the pastor himself. We are in some dark and evil times. Christ however has seen this before it happened and left his word to show us the way. Ask him first about any new or old person that’s in your life as your possible love interest or your spiritual guide. Don’t perish from lack of knowledge read your bible and obtain understanding. Listen to the HOLY SPIRIT he will guide you to all truth. Don’t allow the church gigolo to add you to his list. Look at his fruit it will tell you the truth about the man. Now just one more thing….there are also some ladies who are wolves in sheep clothing in the church….but that’s for another topic.

What do you think about wolves in the church?

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One thought on “Wolves in the church….ladies beware

  1. Rev. LaWaughn Rouse

    Ladies please read the comment By Min. Tilla Hall in Hello Women of Christ…its really good!!!

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